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Information about Esther

Published on September 14, 2007

Author: Eagle


Slide1:  Tribe Unknown, possibly Masai Country/Region East Africa Slide2:  This story is about this two friends that wanted to grow taller because, they wanted to eat the green sweet leaves from the acacia trees. Slide3:  Then Rhino had an idea. He told Giraffe to speak to the Herbalist. They started there way to herbalist home. They were very tired and hungry, so they stopped and ate some green sweet leaves. Slide4:  Then they started on their way again. When they got there it was morning. The Herbalist was building a fire when they walked in. Slide5:  Then the giraffe told everything about them growing taller to eat the acacia trees. Then the Herbalist told them he knew of a magic herb. He told the two friends to arrive back by sunrise. Slide6:  Rhino got hungry from the excitement, so he went in search of food. It was almost sunrise, so Giraffe waited by the Herbalist’s home. The Herbalist came and they both waited for Rhino. He didnot come, so the Herbalist gave the magic herb to the Giraffe. Slide7:  The Herbalist gave the magic herb to the Giraffe to let her eat it, so she did and then she felt strange and she grew. Her legs and neck grew. She was very happy! She took off to eat the sweet green leaves from the acacia trees. It was the sweetest thing she had ever tasted. Slide8:  Then when Rhino was eating the grass he remembered that he was suppose to go to the Herbalist home and he took off. But when he got there he was too late. He saw his friend eating the acacia trees. He got mad and chased the Herbalist into the bush.

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