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Published on July 17, 2014

Author: russellfsm


Introduction Hashtag #NPcontent Schedule Introductions: Main Content: Wrap Up: Questions / Answers:* 5 Min. 30 Min. 5 Min. 10 Min. *Submit Questions via Chat Window Who’s In Attendance? Twitter Names: @Blackbaud @FusionSpark @CMIContent

Presenters Russell Sparkman CEO, FusionSpark Media Kevin Sparkman VP, FusionSpark Media Frank Barry Program Manager Blackbaud Kim Barnes Producer, FusionSpark Media Moderator #NPcontent

FusionSpark Nonprofit Clients

FusionSpark Nonprofit Clients

Content Marketing What Is Content Marketing? Why Is It Important? Content marketing is an approach to creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of building community, driving support and actions. Nonprofits of all sizes are competing for attention and financial support. Strategic, engaging content can put an organization at the center of the digital universe for its area of focus to achieve nonprofit goals. #NPcontent

Content Strategy

Nonprofits & Content Marketing 92%Percent of Nonprofits reported that they do content marketing. #NPcontent

Nonprofits & Content Marketing 25% Percent of Nonprofits who do content marketing, and have a written content strategy. #NPcontent

Nonprofits & Content Marketing 52%of Nonprofit professionals with a written content strategy rate themselves as highly effective. 14%of Nonprofit professionals without a written content strategy rate themselves as highly effective.

Nonprofits & Content Marketing Being effective or not at Nonprofit Content Marketing depends upon having a written content strategy. (BTW, also true of B2B and B2C content marketing.)

Nonprofits & Content Marketing Why is that?

#NPcontent The Same, Few Media Outlets for Decades

#NPcontent Then along came the Internet ... (First person to tell us Month and Year of Netscape Navigator launch will get a Starbuck’s Gift Card!)


Introduction #NPcontent

The Good News ... Nonprofits have unprecedented opportunities to tell their own story, to engage with constituents and to drive conversions.

But, it comes with a dose of reality ...

Nonprofits & Content Marketing Essentials focused upon are: •A Written Content Strategy • Marketing Technology Tactics #NPcontent

Written Content Strategy "If you don't know where you are going, you will wind up somewhere else." ~Yogi Berra, NYYankees Manager #NPcontent

Written Content Strategy "Without strategy, content is just stuff." ~ Arjun Basu,VP of Content Strategy, Spafax #NPcontent

Written Content Strategy Problems Addressed by a Written Content Strategy: • Not Knowing Where or How to Start • Lack of Guidance, as in Specific Organizational Goals • Too Many Experts, i.e.Too Many Chefs in the Kitchen • Not Enough Time to Get It All Done • Generational and /or Experience Gaps • No Funding for Content • Not Knowing What To Measure, Having a Plan to Measure • Not Knowing How To Structure Roles & Responsibilities

Written Content Strategy Essentials of a Well-Written Content Strategy: • Budget the Plan, Plan the Budget • Perform a Content Audit • Include All Stakeholders (Directors, Staff, Board) • Research and Listen to Interests of Target Audiences • Define Calls to Action, Align Content with Actions • Plan Content Not for Content’s Sake, But For Outcomes • Define Editorial Tone • Define Editorial Calendar • Identify KPIs to Measure, Report and Adjust • Specify Marketing Technology Requirements • Capture Ideas For Later Implementation ! !

#NPcontent Great Websites are Table Stakes It’s your digital storefront. The first impression.

#NPcontent 98% of GenY and 86% of GenX use a mobile as their only phone and 62% / 47% would give a donation to a nonprofit on a mobile device.



#NPcontent Mobile, mobile, mobile ... You might even be watching this webinar on your tablet!


#NPcontent Mobile, mobile, mobile ... 98% of GenY and 86% of GenX use a mobile as their only phone and 62% / 47% would give a donation to a nonprofit on a mobile device.

#NPcontent Landing Pages = Secret Weapon Delivering a personalized and tailored experience.


#NPcontent • Branded + Personalized ! • Info capture ! • Custom ask amounts / giving levels, monthly and honor giving ! • Social proof ! • Tailored confirmation (web page + email) ! • Segmentation & Triggers

#NPcontent Email is Still King But “batch and blast” is a thing of the past.

#NPcontent Engage Thoughtfully from Day 1 Relevance Curve 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 1 month 2 to 3 months 4 to 6 months 7 to 12 months Year 2 Year 3 Time on Housefile EmailOpenRate The honeymoon period to engage new subscribers is greatest in the first 45-60 days.

#NPcontent Put Out the Welcome Mat • Automated ! • Targeted ! • Multi-part ! • Trigger based

#NPcontent Action +7 Days Action +14 Days Action +21 Days Thank you & Orientation Ask for support/ value-propositionGet involved & update profile The Anatomy of a Welcome Series

#NPcontent Takeaways ! •Great Website + 
 Mobile Ready •Landing Pages + 
 Smart Donation Forms •Automated Email 
 Welcome Series * * None of this works well without 
 a great content marketing strategy.

Wrapping It Up Thank You for Attending! In follow up, you’ll receive:! • Link to the recorded webinar • A link to this slide deck on Slideshare • Links to relevant blog posts • Several book recommendations ! As well as ... • An invitation to schedule a 30 minute consultation with FusionSpark Media

Questions & Answers Your Questions!

#introduction #npcontent presentations

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