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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: MUHAMMADHaseeb5


Essentials in learning and processing Nature of speech environmental input. and

Presented To: Ma’am Bushra Saeed Presented by: Ayesha javaid Sunila Akhtar Mahpara Sadaf Asif Hussain

Chomsky’s theorizing about innate language knowledge. Language was not learned but mysteriously acquired

The speech of parents and others was not thought to be special. Not simplifified shortened or emphasized

Immediate environment Ungrammatical sentences are found to occur but rarely

Chomsky’s claim that children learn language despite exposed to a high proportion of “degnerate”sentences.

With regard to simplification adults general use short simple sentences

For example,mama instead of mother simplified phonology and structure e.g word pattern such as wa-wa and bye bye are used rather than the more complex sound of water and good bye..

Repetition and expansion also assist the child in this same regard. Expansions such as a child: mommy lunch.mother:yes.mommy is making lunch,or child:give daddy mother:give it to daddy,undoubtedly serve to promote learning

Acquisition of language The question remains as to whether simplification is essential for language learning to occur.

Imitation, rule learning and correction. In learning language,childern acquire much through imitation.

The child’s production of certain novel single but morphologically complex words and sentences cannot be explain through imitation

 The child actually does imitate a multitude of words and phrases,and even a number of sentences.

The child will seek to revise a previously formulated rule so that the output will match that of the mature speaker output

 Two types of functions, 1. Through the direct copying of speech. 2. Through motivating the child to make rule adjustment

Consider the anecdote by MACNILL in this regard.  Son:nobody don”t like me,  Mother : nobody likes me  Above sequence repeated eight times  Mother ( in dispiration) now, listen carefully. Nobody likes me  Son oh ! Nobody don’t likes me

The desire of children to approximate“ mature speakers”utterences along with their remarkable intellectual ability.



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