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Published on October 22, 2007

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Essential Questions for American Imperialism::  Essential Questions for American Imperialism: How did the US practice Imperialism in the late 1800’s? Should America be more imperialistic or isolationist? Baird- 2003 Isolationism:  Isolationism Noninvolvement in world affairs Isolationism:  Isolationism US foreign policy was to avoid conflicts with other countries Expansionism:  Expansionism Late 1800’s- US started to take land & influence others Imperialism:  Imperialism When a country exercises control over weaker nations Imperialism-Why it was practiced:  Imperialism-Why it was practiced Countries practiced it for gold, god & glory Imperialism- Why US practiced it:  Imperialism- Why US practiced it Japan, Trade, & Matthew Perry:  Japan, Trade, & Matthew Perry Japan was isolated until Perry made them sign the treaty of Kanagawa & trade with the US Matthew Perry Purchase of Alaska:  Purchase of Alaska Seward purchased Alaska from Russia for $7.2 Million Alaska pipeline Gold & oil was found in Alaska Monroe Doctrine:  Monroe Doctrine US told Europe not to establish new colonies in N. or S. America & we would not get involved in their affairs US policy towards Latin America:  US policy towards Latin America American businesses influenced those nations. Pan American Union was established to work together on problems but LA nations were cautious of the US. Hawaii & Queen Liliuokalani:  Hawaii & Queen Liliuokalani American planters with help from US military, overthrew the Queen Spheres of influence:  Spheres of influence Chinese ports were taken over by foreign nations & they had special rights there Open Door Policy:  Open Door Policy China The US wanted all nations to be able to trade in other nations’ sphere of influence & keep China one country Boxer Rebellion:  Boxer Rebellion Secret societies rebelled against foreigners, but were crushed Great White Fleet:  Great White Fleet Roosevelt US ships were sent around the world to show our power Spanish American War Causes :  Spanish American War Causes Fight for independence /Spanish brutality Spanish American War Causes (2):  Spanish American War Causes (2) Explosion of the Maine Yellow Journalism Dewey takes the Philippines:  Dewey takes the Philippines Rough Riders & Theodore Roosevelt:  Rough Riders & Theodore Roosevelt Roosevelt & his men took San Juan Hill & became famous Rough Riders & Theodore Roosevelt (2):  Rough Riders & Theodore Roosevelt (2) Roosevelt Spanish American War Results:  Spanish American War Results US wins- gains Guam, Puerto Rico & Philippines Platt Amendment:  Platt Amendment The US gave Cuba its independence but limited their right to make treaties or borrow money. “Uncle Sam teaches the art of self government” Foraker Act:  Foraker Act Puerto Rico Supreme Court Gave Puerto Rico a limited say over their own affairs Emilio Aguinaldo:  Emilio Aguinaldo Led a revolt against the US in the Philippines US soldiers fighting in Philippines Aguinaldo Panama Canal- Why we got it:  Panama Canal- Why we got it It took too long to go around S. America Panama Canal – How we got it:  Panama Canal – How we got it US helped Panama revolt against Columbia Panama soldiers USS Nashville was sent to Panama Panama Canal- problems building it:  Panama Canal- problems building it Panama Canal- problems building it (2):  Panama Canal- problems building it (2) Patient with yellow fever Eradicating the mosquito Big Stick Policy- US policy towards Latin America under Roosevelt:  Big Stick Policy- US policy towards Latin America under Roosevelt Roosevelt said- “speak softly and carry a big stick” (US military action to solve their problems) Big Stick Policy (2):  Big Stick Policy (2) Roosevelt Corollary:  Roosevelt Corollary Addition to Monroe Doctrine- US could intervene in Latin America to preserve law & order Dollar Diplomacy:  Dollar Diplomacy Taft believed in using “dollars instead of bullets”- He encouraged Americans to invest in L.A. countries Pancho Villa & John J. Pershing:  Pancho Villa & John J. Pershing Pershing was sent to capture Villa in Mexico after he killed Americans. Pershing couldn’t find him Pershing Villa Villa

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