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Published on August 5, 2012

Author: budmelchor



Developing essential 21st Century Skills will accelerate the Philippine ascent in the Global Knowledge Economy. Here are the first 3 essential skills we recommend.

Essential 21st Century Skills to Fuel the Philippine Ascent in the Global Knowledge Economy Part I—the First 3 Essential Skills August 5. 2012Alejandro P. Melchor IIIDeputy Executive DirectorInformation & Communications Technology OfficeDepartment of Science & Technology Mt. Mayon in Albay, Bicol Region

SUMMARYDeveloping essential 21st century skills will help fuelthe Philippine ascent in the Global KnowledgeEconomy. This study highlights the first 3 essentialskills:• Critical thinking and problem solving• Collaboration across networks and leading byinfluence• Effective written, oral and multimediacommunicationWe provide access to free online resources forcommunity leaders to initiate skills development.This is the first module of the new i-TalentDev.PHprogram. A follow up study will highlight 3 moreessential skills.

The path to the summit of the 21st century Global Knowledge Economy is steep and fraught with uncertainties…Filipino mountaineers climbing Mt. Amuyao in Mountain Province, Philippines.According to, the view from the peak isbreathtaking, overlooking the high mountains of the Cordilleras to the west andthe Sierra Madre to the east. The sunrise and sunset amidst a sea of clouds isan unforgettable experience.

The mist of outmoded ways of thinking and the thick pea-soup fog of a school system built for the 20th century Industrial Economy obscure the view.Kiltepan Viewpoint, Sagada, in Mountain Province.The most popular spot to catch the famous Sagadasunrise, and the magnificent rice

But the rewards are well worth the effort.And the trek up the challenging path willcondition us to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Filipino mountaineers ascend to the peak of Mount Apo in Davao, the highest mountain in the Philippines. There is a stunning panoramic view from the summit. Mt. Apo is considered Mindanao’s center for biodiversity. It is home to 272 bird species, including the country’s national bird, the Philippine eagle. Davao City, like other Philippine ICT hubs, has top shelf tourist attractions like Mount Apo.

Jobs may evolve rapidly. The amount of information in the world doubles every two years, so curriculum may change and new textbooks may become obsolete quickly. But there is a global consensus on the vital importance of 21st century skills. We advocate for a focus on the most essential 21st century skills to fuel the Philippine ascent to the summit. This study is about the first 3 essential skills.Mt. Pulag is the 3rd highest mountain in the Philippines. Tourists come from all over the country andthe world to witness its vibrant sunrise and famous dramatic sunset amidst a “sea of clouds.”Scientists, researchers and mountaineers love Mt. Pulag for its biodiversity. The mountain hosts 528documented plant species, including the Dwarf Bamboo and the Benguet pine. Among its nativewildlife are 33 bird species and several endangered mammals such as the Philippine deer. Themummy burial caves are another tourist attraction. The temperature at the peak may drop to 0degrees, so bring your thermals.

“Knowledge Workers with 21st Century Skills for the GlobalKnowledge Economy” is the first component of thei-TalentDev.PH Program, which is still under construction.We invite stakeholders to give us your feedback on the structure of theoverall iTalentDev.PH Program, as well as on the first module, the 21stCentury Skills.View from the summit of Mt. Dulang-Dulang, or “D2,” in Bukidnon, Mindanao. According, Mt. Dulang-Dulang is surrounded by one of the most impressive forestsin the Philippines. Visitors compare it to the elven forest of Rivendell in “Lord of the Rings.” Philippinemountains are increasingly attracting foreign and local tourists. The climbs are manageable, there is nodanger of avalanche, the cold is bearable, the forests, flora and fauna are enchanting , and the sunrisesand sunsets amidst the clouds are breathtaking.

IT’s more fun in the Philippine Mountains! Mt. Apo Mt. Pulag Mt. Dulang-Dulang, D-2 Mt. Kitanglad Mt. Tabayoc Mt. Napulak Mt. Mayon

In the 21st century workplace, most repetitive functions will be automated. Knowledge workers will be in short supply and high demand. Employers will value workers for their abilities to synthesize information, think critically, solve problems, and be innovative.Banff, in Alberta, Canada

Innovation and value will be created byknowledge workers who have technical skillscombined with business understanding andthe ability to adapt and continually learn. Mount Shasta, California

As the 21st century workplace becomes increasinglyglobal, Filipinos will need aglobal perspective, a high degree of culturalawareness and the ability to work with colleaguesfrom other countries. Half Dome in Yosemite National Park

The 21st century skills will allow us to develop our own domestic knowledge industriesKnowledge Industries Knowledge-Intensive Industries Knowledge itself is the product or service High level of knowledge is embedded in the products or servicesSOFTWARE MEDIA ENTERTAINMENT CONSULTING ELECTRONICS COMPUTERS PHARMACEUTICALR&D ADVERTISING REAL ESTATE INFRASTRUCTURE MANU-SERVICES Ilocos Mountain Range

I. The First Essential 21st Century Skill: CRITICAL THINKING AND PROBLEM SOLVING “Critical thinking is a desire to seek, patience to doubt, fondness to meditate, slowness to assert, readiness to consider, carefulness to dispose and set in order; and hatred for every kind of imposture.” - Sir Francis BaconCastle Strecno, in the Carpathian Mountains, North Slovakia

Based on ICTO’s research and dialogues with expertsand stakeholders, CRITICAL THINKING AND PROBLEMSOLVING is the first and foremost essential 21st centuryskill. In the Global Knowledge Economy, Filipinoknowledge workers will need to sift through mountainsof data and information and figure out what’s importantand what’s not. To do so, they will need to thinkcritically. In today’s rapidly changing environment, ourknowledge workers will be called upon to face new andunexpected problems, on an almost daily basis. Theywill have to master systems thinking, understand howall the moving parts interact, get to the root cause ofthe problem, and devise innovative solutions on the fly.

“Corporations have changed dramatically in the lasttwenty years in terms of the way that work isorganized…the organization has been flattened. Theway work is organized now is lots of networks ofcross-functional teams that work together onspecific projects. Work is no longer defined by yourspecialty; it’s defined by the task or problem you andyour team are trying to solve or the end goal youwant to accomplish. Teams have to figure out thebest way to get there—the solution is not prescribed.And so the biggest challenge for our front-lineemployees is having the critical thinking and problemsolving skills they need to be effective in theirteams—because nobody is there telling them exactlywhat to do. They have to figure it out.”- Karen Bruett, manager for strategic business development in K-12 educationat Dell Computer Corp., and past president of the Partnership for 21st CenturySkills, quoted in The Global Achievement Gap by Tony Wagner

KEY ENABLING TECHNOLOGIESNANOTECHNOLOGYMICRO & NANOELECTRONICSINDUSTRIAL BIOTECHNOLOGY PHOTONICSADVANCED MATERIALSADVANCED MANUFACTURING Critical thinking and problem solving underpinned scientific inquiry and the Scientific Method originated by Sir Francis Bacon during the Scientific Revolution. Emphasizing critical thinking and problem solving will also enable us to develop S&T-based knowledge industries.The Grand Teton, viewed from the summit of Table Mountain

HP Catalyst InitiativeFor Science-Technology-Engineering-Math (STEM) Education

Harvard uses a computer gaming simulation to teach scientific inquiry and 21st century skills Harvard’s River City Project How about a science grant to local game developers to create a Philippine setting 19th century historical simulation to teach scientific inquiry in Philippine Science High Schools?

Online guide to resources that develop critical thinking & problem solving:The Foundation for Critical Thinking Online learning

Online resources for problem-based learning:Illinois Math & Science Academy’s Problem Based Learning Network

In partnership with NASAs Glenn Research Center, Lunar Outpost explores the challenges of establishing an outpost on the moon.

Online resource for problem-based learning:The University of Delaware’s Problem-based Learning Resources and Clearinghouse

Research conclusively shows that chess improves critical thinking and problem solving skills

Recommended free online resources for chess Encourage your kids to learn and play chess with this easy to use program! Free and easy to use online chess game with beautiful 3-D interfaceStart a chess club at school or a chesstournament at work!

The Oracle Education Foundation’s Think Quest helps students develop critical thinking skills and other 21st Century Skills

HARNESSING THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND AS A PROBLEM SOLVER Print out color pictures from the Internet of your favorites among these majestic mountain ranges. Before going to sleep, clear the mind and calm the emotions. Then think about the problem you are trying to solve. Look at your pictures and admire the grandeur of the mountains. Imagine yourself there to the extent that you can feel the cold and the thin air. When you wake up in the morning, you may have a creative solution to the problem. Make a note of it. This technique really works! Island of the Sun, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

II. The Second Essential 21st Century Skill: Collaboration Across Networks and Leading by InfluenceSunrise view of Kanchenjunga Range from Tiger Hill in Darjeeling, India

As Filipino firms expand around the country andinternationally, their knowledge workers willwork in networks of virtual teams.Global collaboration will be an essential skill.Companies will increasingly utilize global workforces. A project team could include researchscientists in New York, software developers inBangalore, graphic artists and designers inManila, and engineers in Munich.Managers will have to learn to lead virtually.This will involve a paradigm shift for manymanagers, who are used to being in control.They will have to learn to lead by influenceand empower people to achieve results.

“Kids just out of school have an amazing lack ofpreparedness in general leadership skills andcollaborative skills. They lack the ability to influenceversus direct and command…They don’t understandthe complexities of an organization—that boundariesare fluid, that rarely does one group have everythingthey need to get a job done. How do you solve aproblem when people who own what you need areoutside your organization or don’t report to you, or thetotal solution requires a consortium of people? Howdo you influence things that are out of your directcontrol?”- Mike Summers, Vice President for Global Talent Management at DellComputers, quoted in The Global Achievement Gap by Tony Wagner

Multinationals use computer online games for leadership development Leadership development has been identified as a priority requirement for the growth of the Philippine ICT Industry. Computer gaming is increasingly viewed as an effective tool to develop 21st century business leaders. Millions of computer gamers interact in massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs). These virtual environments mirror the 21st century business environment to a surprising degree, and the skills required to succeedFree download from are similar to the leadership skills coveted by the 21st century business enterprise.

Local companies may wish to consider contracting our talented local game developers to create a custom learning game or simulation for leadership

National Model United Nations students develop leadership by influence skills by simulating United Nations Council meetings to resolve an international crisis

How to Smile.org How to is an online network of educators that have vetted over 3,000 engaging, hands-on interactive STEM activities which are sure to get students involved.

“Leadership is influence.”-John C. Maxwell“ A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way,and shows the way.”-John C. Maxwell“Leadership is based on inspiration, not domination;on cooperation, not intimidation.”-William Arthur WardTHIS STUDY PROVIDES MANY OPPORTUNITIES FORLEADERS TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THEIRCOMMUNITIES. AS WILL THE WHOLE i-TALENTDEV.PH PROGRAM.

III. The Third Essential 21st Century Skill: Effective Written, Oral and Multimedia CommunicationGrand Teton Mountain Range, Wyoming

Both local and foreign surveys underscore theimportance employers attach tocommunication skills. A major surveyconducted by the University of Pittsburgh’sKatz Business School pointed out thatcommunication skills, including written andoral presentations, as well as an ability to workwell with others, are the main factorscontributing to job success. In the Katzsurvey, recruiters from companies with morethan 50,000 employees cited communicationsskills as the single most decisive factor inchoosing managers.

You can have brilliant ideas, but if you cant get them across, your ideas wont get you anywhere. — Lee Iacocca "The art of communication is the language of leadership." — James Humes "Regardless of the changes in technology, the market for well-crafted messages will always have an audience." — Steve Burnett, The Burnett Group "The basic building block of good communications is the feeling that every human being is unique and of value." — UnknownShigatse Mountain Range, Tibet

Recommended site for communications and other essential skills MindTools

How-to videos to learn Web 2.0 technologies for the Digital Classroom Learn It in 5

Vialogues Vialogues enables you to create and upload a video to the Internet and invite participants to discuss or comment. Ideal teaching tool for a media literacy course.

Companies may also commission our talented local animators to create custom multimedia communications

ANNEXESI. Partnership for 21st Century Skills (P21)II.P21 Academy ProgramsIII.P21 Professional Development Programs for educatorsIV. i-TalentDev.PHV. Smarter Philippines Mt. Everest and the Himalayan Mountain Range

The Partnership for 21st Century Skills

Partnership for 21st Century Skills: Members

P21 has outlined eleven 21st Century Skills

Learning and Innovation Skills (3)Learning and innovation skills increasingly are beingrecognized as the skills that separate students who areprepared for increasingly complex life and workenvironments in the 21st century, and those who arenot. A focus on creativity, critical thinking,communication and collaboration is essential toprepare students for the future. Learning and Innovation Skills – Creativity and Innovation Skills – Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills – Communication and Collaboration Skills

Information, Media & Technology Skills (3)People in the 21st century live in a technology andmedia-suffused environment, marked by access to anabundance of information, rapid changes in technologytools, and the ability to collaborate and make individualcontributions on an unprecedented scale. To beeffective in the 21st century, citizens and workers mustbe able to exhibit a range of functional and criticalthinking skills related to information, media andtechnology. – Information Literacy Information, Media & Technology Skills – Media Literacy – ICT Literacy (Information, Communications & Technology)

Life and Career Skills (5)Today’s life and work environments require far morethan thinking skills and content knowledge. The abilityto navigate the complex life and work environments inthe globally competitive information age requiresstudents to pay rigorous attention to developingadequate life and career skills. – Flexibility & Adaptability – Initiative & Self-Direction – Social & Cross-Cultural Skills – Productivity & Accountability – Leadership & Responsibility Life and Career Skills

Hi-tech companies who are members of the Partnership for 21st CenturySkills have been making substantial global philanthropic investments inACADEMY PROGRAMS to attract students to hi-tech careers and trainand certify them in technical skills.These ACADEMY PROGRAMS provide teachers with the training,technology tools, and curriculum resources to bring students tocertification-level competence in a variety of technical and businessfields.Following are the websites for some notable ACADEMY PROGRAMS byP21 members which we recommend: Grand Teton Mountain Range, Wyoming

Microsoft IT Academy

Cisco Networking Academy

Hi-tech companies who are members of the Partnership for21st Century Skills are also making philanthropic investmentsglobally in the PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT of teachers.Their programs train teachers to integrate technology toolsand 21st century skills into their teaching methods. Here aresome prominent teacher development programs by P21members:The Ancohuma and Illampu mountains soar majestically over Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

Intel Teach Program

Microsoft Partners in Learning

i-TalentDev.PH 1- Knowledge Workers7- Global Perspective with 21st Century Skills 2- 21st Centuryand Global Networking for the Global Curriculum andand Collaboration Knowledge Economy Professional Development of Teachers6- Computer Gaming and 3- Innovation andMultimedia Arts for Creativity in Education,Training, Education and and Education forLeadership Development Innovation and Creativity5- Online Learning and 4- Learning Organizations,Transformative Knowledge Management 2.0,Education Technologies Knowledge Networking, and Sharing of Best Practices and Free Resources

Smarter Philippines--a DOST-wide project--by transforming systems of governance,education, health, etc. nationwide, will create a vibrant domestic knowledgeeconomy, accelerate technopreneurship, and boost domestic knowledge industries. 1- iGovPhil 4- Smarter Transportation -- i-Business Permit Lic. System and Green Technology -- Gov’t e-Services Portal -- Eco-Jeep (DOST NCRP) -- e-LGU -- UP Monorail (DOST MIRD) -- Community e-Centers -- National Information Infra -- CIO Forum & gCIO Training 2- i-TalentDev.PH 5- Smarter Healthcare -- Knowledge Workers with (PCHRD) & Nutrition (FNRI) 21st Century Skills -- Phil Health Research Registry -- Industry-driven curriculum -- Public health surveillance & -- Computer Gaming health intelligence systems -- Learning Technologies -- Sulong Pinoy anti-malnutrition -- Global Collaboration -- Nutritious brown rice 3- Smarter Industry 7- Smarter Cities 6- Smarter Disaster -- Global Leadership in IT-BPO -- Digital Ecosystem Mitigation -- $50 B ICT Industry -- Smarter Local Government Svcs -- Project Noah (DOST-PAGASA) -- i-CreativePhil -- Smarter Buildings -- Earthquake & Tsunami Early -- Smarter Agribusiness -- Smarter Environment Warning (DOST- PHIVOLCS) -- Makinariya at Teknolohiya -- Smarter Energy & Utilities -- 3D LIDAR Mapping (DOST & UP para sa Ekonomiya -- Smarter Public Safety Geodetic Engineering)

“Smarter Philippines” is the brainchild of Science & Technology Secretary Mario G. Montejo Sec. Montejo is an inventor, a trained engineer, and a successful businessman who knows how to commercialize scientific inventions. A member of the Top 100 Graduates of the University of the Philippines College of Engineering, his vision is to create a vibrant domestic knowledge economy in which Filipino technology companies and Filipino technopreneurs deliver indigenous technologies to solve the problems that beset ordinary Filipinos. iGov, is the brainchild of the DOST Information & Communications Technology Office’s Executive Director Louis Casambre. His focus is all-out support for President Aquino’s promise of a transparent, equitable and effective government service, through ICT.

Knowledge creation, sharing of free resources and continual learning--Resources posted on Facebook Thank You • The i-CreativePhil Program • The Perfect Storm and the Next Wave Cities Program •Seeding the Digital Ecosystem to Fuel the Philippine Renaissance •Computer Gaming for Leadership Development • The DOST ICT Office’s Initiatives for the ICT & BPO Industry • The Next Wave Cities Program: Get Ready for the Next Wave of Growth and InvestmentPlease e-mail feedback & suggestions to improve • Seven Global Shifts: Trends and Opportunities ini–TalentDev.PH to ICT & BPO Department of Science and Technology- Information and Communications Technology Office

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