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Published on March 23, 2009

Author: erdmannt


Slide 2: Thank you for this Opportunity to share Slide 3: What we feel is........ Slide 4: The Essence of Life Flight Slide 5: Photo by Chris Slide 6: Photo by Chris Serving our Community Slide 7: Photo by Chris Since 1986 Slide 8: Photo By Matt House Completed over....... Slide 9: Photo By Matt House 17,000 Patient Missions Slide 10: Photo By Matt House For those in ...... Slide 11: Photo By Matt House In their time of need Slide 12: Photo by Tom Horner Slide 13: Photo By Matt House Slide 14: Photo By Matt House From the time of dispatch........ Slide 15: Photo By Matt House And Beyond.... Slide 16: Photo By Matt House We will always be there! Slide 17: Photo By Matt House The working enviroment Slide 19: Photo by Susan Gidding Slide 20: Photo By Matt House Slide 21: Photo By Matt House Slide 22: Photo By Matt House Slide 23: Photo By Matt House Slide 24: Photo By Matt House Slide 25: Photo by Tammye Erdmann Slide 26: Photo By Tammye Erdmann Slide 27: Photo By Matt House Slide 28: Photo By Matt House Slide 29: Photo by Steve Sandmeyer Slide 30: Photo by Steve Sandmeyer Slide 31: Photo by Steve Sandmeyer Slide 32: Photo by Steve Sandmeyer Slide 35: Photo by Susan Gidding Slide 36: Photo by Tammye Erdmann Slide 37: Photo By Matt House Slide 38: Photo By Matt House Slide 39: Photo By Matt House Slide 40: Photo By Matt House Slide 41: Photo By Matt House Slide 42: Photo By Matt House Slide 43: Photo By Matt House Our City Slide 44: Photo By Matt House Slide 45: Photo By Matt House A view from the roof Our primary base Slide 46: Photo By Matt House Satellite Bases Twin Falls Slide 47: Photo by Tammye Erdmann Home of our 2nd Helicopter Slide 48: Photo By Matt House Since 1998 Slide 49: Photo By Carol Pfieffer And...... Slide 50: Photo by Carol Pfieffer Home of our fixed wing operations Slide 51: Photo By Matt House And our 3rd Helicopter Base Slide 52: Photo by Chris Slide 53: Photo By Matt House PR'S Slide 54: Photo By Matt House Focus on community education Slide 55: Photo By Matt House About the services we provide Slide 56: Photo By Matt House As well as....... Slide 57: © NEN Education for other EMS Agencies Slide 60: Photo by Flight Crew Slide 64: And some are ...... Slide 65: Down right Fun! Slide 66: Photo by Carol Pfieffer Slide 67: Photo by Steve Sandmeyer Slide 68: Photo By Matt House Slide 69: Photo by Flight Crews Slide 70: Photo by Flight Crews Slide 71: Photo By Flight Crews Slide 72: Photo by Flight Crews Slide 73: Photo by Flight Crews Slide 74: Photo by Flight Crews Slide 75: Photo by Flight Crews Slide 76: Photo by Flight Crews Slide 77: Photo by Steve Sandmeyer Slide 78: Photo by Flight Crews Slide 79: Photo by Susan Gidding Slide 80: Photo by Tammye Erdmann Slide 81: Photo by Susan Gidding Slide 82: Photo by Susan Gidding Slide 83: Photo by Tom Horner Slide 84: Photo by Steve Sandmeyer Slide 85: Photo by Steve Sandmeyer Slide 86: Photo by Steve Sandmeyer Slide 87: Photo by Tammye Erdmann Slide 90: Photo by Steve Sandmeyer Slide 91: Photo by Steve Sandmeyer Slide 94: Photo By Tammye Erdmann Slide 95: Photo by Tammye Erdmann Slide 96: Photo by Tammye Erdmann Slide 97: Photo by St. Al's Slide 98: Photo by Carol Pfieffer Slide 99: Photo by Matt House Slide 100: Photo by Matt House Slide 101: Photo by Susan Gidding Slide 102: Photo by Susan Gidding Slide 103: Photo by Flight Crews Slide 104: Photo by Tom Horner Slide 105: Photo by Tom Horner Slide 106: Photo by Tom Horner Slide 107: Photo by Tom Horner Slide 108: Photo by Tom Horner Slide 109: Photo by Tom Horner Slide 110: Photo by Tammye Erdmann Slide 111: Photo by Tammye Erdmann Slide 112: Photo by Tammye Erdmann Slide 113: Photo by Tammye Erdmann Slide 114: Photo by Tammye Erdmann Slide 115: Photo by Steve Sandmeyer Slide 116: Photo by Tammye Erdmann Slide 117: Photo by Susan Gidding Slide 118: Photo by Steve Sandmeyer Slide 119: Photo By Matt House Slide 120: Photo By Matt House Slide 121: Photo By Matt House Slide 122: Photo By Matt House Slide 123: Photo By Matt House Slide 124: Photo By Matt House Slide 125: Photo By Matt House Slide 126: Photo By Matt House Slide 127: Photo by Steve Sandmeyer Slide 128: Photo By Matt House Slide 129: Photo By Matt House Slide 130: Photo By Matt House Slide 131: Photo by Steve Sandmeyer Slide 132: Photo by Steve Sandmeyer Slide 133: Photo by Steve Sandmeyer Slide 134: Photo by Steve Sandmeyer Slide 135: Photo by Steve Sandmeyer Slide 136: Photo by Steve Sandmeyer Slide 137: Photo by Steve Sandmeyer Slide 138: Photo by Steve Sandmeyer Slide 139: Photo by Steve Sandmeyer Slide 140: Photo by Steve Sandmeyer Slide 141: Photo by Steve Sandmeyer Slide 142: Photo by Tammye Erdmann Slide 143: Photo By Matt House Slide 146: Photo by Steve Sandmeyer Slide 150: Photo by Tom Horner Slide 151: Photo by Tom Horner Slide 152: Photo by Tom Horner Slide 153: Photo by Tom Horner Slide 154: Photo by Steve Sandmeyer Slide 155: Photo By Matt House Slide 156: Photo By Matt House Slide 157: Photo By Matt House Slide 158: Photo By Matt House Slide 159: Photo By Matt House Thank you ...... And Always Be Safe! Slide 160: Music: Forrest Gump Suite By: Alan Silvestri Created by: Tammye Erdmann Inspiration provided by: The Life Flight Team

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