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Published on March 11, 2008

Author: Oceane


Slide1:  An Introduction Engineering Student Societies’ Council of Ontario Agenda:  Agenda Purpose of E.S.S.C.O. 2007/08 Executive Directorships and Committees History Member Services Purpose of E.S.S.C.O.:  Purpose of E.S.S.C.O. What is E.S.S.C.O?:  What is E.S.S.C.O? E.S.S.C.O. is the provincial organization of member engineering societies. Slide5:  E.S.S.C.O. Members 13 member schools across Ontario Representing Approximately 28,000 undergraduate engineering students. York and UOIT currently working on becoming members Host E.S.S.C.O. Events Set E.S.S.C.O. mandates What does E.S.S.C.O. do?:  What does E.S.S.C.O. do? Communication Facilitate communication between Ontario Engineering Schools: Through Engineering Society’s President and VP External Communicate with other student engineering organizations in Canada: Through Ontario Ambassador to the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES) With other Canadian regional organisations What does E.S.S.C.O. do?:  What does E.S.S.C.O. do? Representation Maintain official representation with Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) Liaise with the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) on matters concerning the Engineering profession in Ontario What does E.S.S.C.O. do?:  What does E.S.S.C.O. do? Events E.S.S.C.O. President’s Meeting October 12 – 14, 2007 University of Ottawa, Ottawa Ontario First conference of the academic year Review AGM mandates through accountability sessions Plenary Session What does E.S.S.C.O. do?:  What does E.S.S.C.O. do? Events PEO Student Conference (PEO-SC) November 2 – 4, 2007 University of Toronto, Toronto Ontario Joint conference with the Professional Engineers Ontario Discuss topics relative to the profession of Engineering in Ontario What does E.S.S.C.O. do?:  What does E.S.S.C.O. do? Events First Year Integration Conference (FYIC) February 2008 University of Windsor, Windsor Ontario A chance to introduce first year engineering students to other Ontario engineering students Exchange school traditions and ideas for new events What does E.S.S.C.O. do?:  What does E.S.S.C.O. do? Events E.S.S.C.O Annual General Meeting June 2008 Ryerson University, Toronto Ontario Review mandates of outgoing Executive Elect new Executive Bid for locations of E.S.S.C.O. events Plenary Session E.S.S.C.O. Executive 2007/08:  E.S.S.C.O. Executive 2007/08 2007/08 Executive :  2007/08 Executive President Ruth-Anne Vanderwater University of Waterloo (A) Computer IV Former President for Waterloo Engineering Society “A” 2007/08 Executive:  2007/08 Executive VP Communications Dan Taylor University of Waterloo (B) Computer II Engineering Society “B” Director 2007/08 Executive :  2007/08 Executive VP Services & Development Justin Kaufman Ryerson University Mechanical III Former VP External for Ryerson Engineering Society 2007/08 Executive:  2007/08 Executive VP Finance Mike Orr McMaster University Materials & Management III Former ESSCO Outreach Coordinator E.S.S.C.O. Directorships and Committees:  E.S.S.C.O. Directorships and Committees Directorships and Committees:  Directorships and Committees Directorships National Engineering Week Women in Engineering Outreach Coordinator (including Engineering and Physics Day at Canada’s Wonderland) New Initiatives director L.I.A.C. Lobbying Investigations Actions Committee Works with VP Services and Development Researches Engineering Student Issues Publishes findings in Annual Report for member schools Financial Review Committee Works with VP Finance Accountability duties Reviews E.S.S.C.O. expenditures E.S.S.C.O. History:  E.S.S.C.O. History History:  History E.S.S.C.O. was formed in 1987 Established to convince the PEO to create a student membership to promote the P.Eng. License to undergraduate engineering students Today E.S.S.C.O. works with the PEO to improve the Student Membership Program E.S.S.C.O. Culture:  E.S.S.C.O. Culture Pink shall be the official colour of E.S.S.C.O. The official mascot shall be the Pink Flamingo. Ric Flair shall be the official companion of ESSCO. The official songs of E.S.S.C.O. shall include but not be limited to: Da Funk, Daft Punk Hockey Night in Canada We’re not Gonna Take It , Twisted Sister The Gambler, Kenny Rogers The ‘Ric Flair’ and ‘Anti-Ric Flair’ shall be the official gestures of E.S.S.C.O. The Pink Flamingo shall be the official beverage of E.S.S.C.O. The goat shall be the official farm animal of E.S.S.C.O. Due to the purchase of a goat for the outgoing President for $85 at the 1998 ESSCO AGM, no ESSCO activity may take place within one mile of a livestock auction if at all possible. E.S.S.C.O. Services:  E.S.S.C.O. Services E.S.S.C.O. Services:  E.S.S.C.O. Services Services E.S.S.C.O. Provides: Conferences ESSCO AGM, OESP, FYIC, PEO-SC Travel Bursary Program Online Teleconferences – Any topic – email Contact Information of Engineering Societies and their Publications (Newspapers, Handbooks) Online document library Executive Updates Email List National Engineering Week Math and Physics Day at Canada’s Wonderland Feedback:  Feedback Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

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