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Published on December 25, 2013

Author: toystorybr0


Isha Shah Postmodernism is what we would describe as the movement in the set of cultural tenderises associated with cultural movement of what is now seen to be modern. Its main purpose is to emphasize on the role of power relations in which it uses to classify labels, goths, chavs. Stereotypes on males and females and also moral queries on homosexual people. This has also been described by Fredric Jameson as the “Dominate cult of late capitalism.” Its main roots come from trends found in literacy criticism, anthropology, linguistics, psychology, philosophy, feminism and the arts. For my case study I am studying "The Dope Show" by Marilyn Manson, released in September 1998, from the album "Mechanical Animals" produced by Marilyn himself along with Michael Beinhorn. The postmodern theses explored here are heavily based on narcissism, alienation, dehumanisation and consumerism, as they all play a important role in many of Manson's music videos. Many of the modern music videos you see today will in fact be postmodern, as they show explicit scenes in which we still may be shocked at. For example, top artist like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna show the extreme forms in postmodernism as they covey it the best for a wider audience. Their videos contain a lot of sexual connotations, gestures and hidden meanings throughout, making it postmodern. However there is more than just this way to make a music video postmodern. Another good example as well as Manson, is Placebo and Nirvana. Slightly older bands, however their videos convey a sense of confusion and alienation in which it does not actually make sense when watching it, however a clear narrative is shown throughout. We may not connect with them because they show, quite random and graphic pictures in which we find ourselves uncomfortable viewing, however the themes provided in them prove to be postmodern, gripping the audience. Now my case study chosen, Marilyn Manson's "The Dope Show" video, directed by Michael Beinhorn, utilises abstract and non-linear narratives which differ from each verse and chorus to disconnect from another, in order to create a disorientated frame, emphasising on moral emptiness . The intertextual references of various icons, and media references evoke a relation with the audience, to feel more connected and entertain with, an example shown would be the "SPUN" magazine appearing as "SPIN" creating a sense of parody in the video, yet still keeping you slightly in touch with the real world, despite its abnormal structure of a narrative. With the main focus on the lead singer, Marilyn appearing in a deserted place in a white latex suit, appearing to have breast and wearing red lipstick portraying a sense of diss-morality and alienation as he then appears towards the end of the video as the main focus, highlighting his costume of red high heeled boots and women's make up, with a series of extreme close ups tells that he is the main focus creating metaphors for isolation as well. This links in with part of the post-feminism theory in which gender is not all biological but most of it is your social construction, which the person builds up themselves to give off a certain statement. Here Manson is proving that he may biologically be a man, however that doesn't stop him from wearing, and dressing like a women, portraying a split persona, thus providing a postmodern theme in the music video. Because of Manson's hybrid genres of gothic, metal, rock, alternative core, the representation he is also portraying links into this. Every last bit of costume and mise-en-scene depicts the genre he is portraying. Because there is such a hybrid link going on, his music video also then follows this, as we can tell from the mixed narratives, all coming together in the end, displaying one big finale. Again relating back to their audience, certain elements in the video are placed entirely on them, for them to relate to and understand with thus clearing their representation. TV can relate to postmodern as a medium as it provides a constant turnover of images and symbols. Tv is seen as a central explosion of the consumer culture as everyday millions of people tune into it, Tv often focuses on ideologies such as authenticity, originality and goes against capitalism. Jim Collins said that T"V is frequently referred to as one of the main kinds of postmodern culture." A heavy layer in TV and postmodernism is its use of intertexuality. TV is the best source as well as

Isha Shah movies for this, as in a show you will find them references another, typically found in the Simpsons, family guy and many other comedy shows, thus enhancing its genre of comedy, producing further laughs from the audience. A perfect example of a TV show, showing postmodernism is Modern Family. This is a new show, created by Christopher Lloyd, and is a sitcom produced in the US in the late year of 2009. The way in which this show is postmodern is that it actually makes fun on it. taking the modern family, and placing it into a show for all to view, with the focus on laughter and comedy, this show does it perfectly. We have one big family, shown through a series of separate narrative threads as each person is related in a way. The newly adapted gay couple, who have an adopted Chinese baby called lily, who's dad is old, datining a young beautiful Mexican lady called Gloria, and share an ugly son called Mannie. Then we have a hint of home ground with the fathers daughter, having a necular family of three kids, however there is a postmodern twist on this. One daughter is the typical geek, and nerd, whilst the other is the totally opposite, girly girl into fashion and boys, dating an older guy, and finally their weird and abnormal, or could be said to be retarded son, make up the final set of family. A lot to taken in, as each family has separate threads, however in each episode they all intertwine together, crossing paths for further humour, typing in with their audience and genre of comedy, the shows main basis is on making the audience laugh, thus providing many intertextual themes and hints of other well known celebrity's and TV shows, targeting their audience who seem to be young teenagers all the way through to young adults. An episode in particular which shows this postmodernism is in season two called "Halloween" as the typical Americans take Halloween very seriously, this show portrays their obsession with Halloween with a twist of humour. "Snoop dog" is referenced, again proving their views (mainly populated in America) with an artist they are familiar with. For a sickcom drama, the narrative which follows alters slightly, as at certain points it pauses and cuts to the characters talking in front of a camera, (directly at you) about what has just previously happened. This new technique proves to provide this series as a postmodern TV show, as it differs from the stereotypical norms. Te episode also focuses on Gloria's many speech incorrectness as many hidden jokes Americans have with understanding how Spanish people speak and what they are saying due to their different accent, it has been highlighted and picked out here for the dramatic effect of humour, knowing their audience will find this funny. The reason in why Modern Family is so successful at being postmodern is that it talks about modern day situations and occurrences that happen to many people, thus making it easily relatable to them. Being an American TV reality show, it target their views 100%, as each references which makes the view laugh has been styled to the American humour of things, in which fails when some British or Europeans may find offensive, and given a totally different view on its humour. The main pleasure in which the audience gets it to laugh at themselves and a sense of irony, as a lot will find that they have previously witnessed these events in their life as they are constantly being surrounded by them. Modern Family, highly associates its views to be highly involved with the media literate and therefore will understand the intertextual references, as it then also assumes that there is a general attitude towards nudity, violence's and lack of clear narrative.

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