Esophagram or Barium Swallow

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Information about Esophagram or Barium Swallow

Published on November 10, 2008

Author: lbrady0001


Esophagram : Esophagram Barium Swallow Or Swallowing Test Leslie Brady Esophagram : Esophagram Purpose of Esophagram Indications Anatomy Preparations Positioning Structures Shown Purpose of the Esophagram : Purpose of the Esophagram To study the pharynx To study the proximal esophagus To assess the swallowing process Indications : Indications Dysphagia Odynophagia Heartburn Chest Pain Globus Sensation Cough Aspiration AnatomyAlimentary Canal : AnatomyAlimentary Canal Oral Cavity Pharynx Esophagus Stomach Duodenum and small intestine Large intestine Anus AnatomyOral Cavity : AnatomyOral Cavity AnatomyAccessory Organs in the Mouth : AnatomyAccessory Organs in the Mouth AnatomyOral Cavity : AnatomyOral Cavity AnatomyPharynx : AnatomyPharynx Posterior to the oral cavity About 12.5 cm (5 in.) long Consists of three parts Nasopharynx Oropharynx Laryngopharynx AnatomyPharynx : AnatomyPharynx Slide 11: The act of swallowing is termed Deglutition Anatomy Esophagus : Anatomy Esophagus AnatomyEsophagus : AnatomyEsophagus Peristalsis : Peristalsis Preparations Patient : Preparations Patient Patient is Gowned Take Patient History Explain Procedure PreparationsRoom : PreparationsRoom Prepare the Room Gather Equipment High Density and Fizz Low Density PositioningRoutine : PositioningRoutine RAO Lateral AP (or PA) LAO (Special) Technical Factors 14x17” lengthwise 100-110 kV range PositioningRAO : PositioningRAO Shield Pelvic Region Rotate 35° to 40° Center CR to T5 or T6 Collimate Expose as Patient Swallows PositioningLateral : PositioningLateral Shield Pelvic Region Place Shoulders and Hips in True Lateral Center CR to T5 or T6 Collimate Expose as Patient Swallows PositioningSwimmer’s Lateral : PositioningSwimmer’s Lateral PositioningAP : PositioningAP Shield Pelvic Region Supine Center CR 1” Inferior to Sternal Angle Collimate Expose as Patient Swallows PositioningLAO : PositioningLAO Shield Pelvic Region Rotate 35° to 40° Center CR to T5 or T6 Collimate Expose as Patient Swallows Structures ShownRAO : Structures ShownRAO Esophagus between vertebral column and heart Entire esophagus filled with contrast Upper limbs not superimposed Structures ShownLateral : Structures ShownLateral Esophagus between thoracic spine and heart Entire esophagus filled with contrast Superimpositon of posterior ribs Structures ShownAP : Structures ShownAP Esophagus is superimposed over thoracic spine and heart Entire esophagus filled with contrast Symmetry of SC joints shows no rotation Structures ShownLAO : Structures ShownLAO Esophagus is between hilar region of lungs and thoracic spine Entire esophagus filled with contrast Upper limbs are not superimposed Structures ShownRAO vs LAO : Structures ShownRAO vs LAO

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