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Information about eSIM Russia for Easy Russian Translation

Published on December 10, 2019

Author: esimfortravel


slide 1: The expansion of eSIM at unique locations around the world Many of us travel to different parts of the world for business and pleasure almost every year. One of the leading problems we face is the problem of connectivity. The team at have brainstormed the perfect data service plan which provides travelers with a worry-free policy. These plans are ideal for any type of traveler whether they are budgeted solo travelers business travelers or simply relaxed tourists. Let’s find out a few reasons why you should opt for the eSIM for your next trip abroad. International Connectivity provides data services in over 230 countries across the globe including Greece Russia and Australia. All of which are listed on the official website. Simply select the place you want to go and select the most suitable data plan according to the duration of your stay and desired GB availability. Then pay the amount and scan the QR code sent to your email address. Thereafter download the program and activate the plan by simply turning on the mobile data setting. Compatibility in New Devices With the recent modifications on the mobile devices the eSIM feature is currently available on Google Pixel 3 iPhone XS iPhone XS Max or iPhone XR. However we expect the upcoming manufacturers to install this feature in all their upcoming mobile phones. slide 2: Reduction in Plastic Waste The concept of reducing plastic waste has been on the radar for quite some time now. What many of us don’t realize is the plastic which is so easily discarded without thinking about the consequences. Traveling to a different country lead travelers to purchase a whole new SIM card for less than 15 days of use and just like that there are millions of people doing the same. After the trip is done that specific SIM card is of no use and is simply thrown away. To prevent this the technological advancements have completely digitalized the entire process. Thus saving and preventing over 10 tons of SIM card plastic waste. Traveling across the globe can burn a hole in our pockets. The combination of transportation costs living expenses and of course the food expenses lead to a high amount for a secure trip. The team at has figured out how to save the hassle and shave off a few zero’s from the expenses receipt.

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