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Information about Escape

Published on February 14, 2009

Author: lemurboy12


Slide 1: 2 ` That’s my rug. Ew… It looks kinda dirty. I’m not touching that thing… That’s my pet goomba. It looks like he’s asleep. It’s locked. That’s my bed. I wonder if anything is under it.` Hey! It’s my alarm clock! Now I can wake up my goomba! Hey look, he found a key. Do you think it will open the door? I’m too big to go into that mouse hole. Maybe my goomba can get in there. What?!?! It’s not the key to this door?!!? Maybe it’s the key to that drawer over there next to the bed. What?!?! It isn’t the key for the door? Maybe its for something else.. Eww… it’s all dusty in here… Hey, what’s that? Journal An old journal? Umm… maybe there’s something useful it says in here. Slide 2: In October 1994, I put an axe under the carpet for some reason. I’m not sure why but I just did anyway. I have no idea what the use of it for is. Maybe someone can just chop down the door for some reason. Whatever. In July 1992, gosgyuihuiosdgsdgusdhogsdgsdhohofoagudhuidhppfgbusdgfasifdasdbjvashsdfhuiasdhpoasdfpaphdfhiofgdsgdsgdsgsrterhtrhdrfhsdgsdgs8yg87tysegtsd87gt87sdgtidsgyusdigyuisdgyuisdyuigsyuiyuisdgy In April 1993, gosgyuihuiosdgsdgusdhogsdgsdhohofoagudhuidhppfgbusdgfasifdasdbjvashsdfhuiasdhpoasdfpaphdfhiofgdsgdsgdsgsrterhtrhdrfhsdgsdgs8yg87tysegtsd87gt87sdgtid In June 1993, I put the carpet cleaner in the lamp for no reason what so ever. I always put stuff in weird places a lot. Journal Slide 3: 2 ` That’s my rug. Ew… It looks kinda dirty. I’m not touching that thing… Umm… I was expecting to turn off the lights. Hey look! Something came out of the lamp! Oh, so THAT’S where my carpet spray went. Hey! The door is opened! I CANFINALLY GET OUT! Slide 4: CONGRATULATIONS MADE BY LEMURBOY12

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