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Published on November 15, 2007

Author: funnyside


Constraining the Nature and Impact of AGN:  Constraining the Nature and Impact of AGN Evan Scannapieco School of Earth and Space Exploration Arizona State University Downsizing & Preheating:  Downsizing & Preheating Ueda etal 2004 Cavaliere, Menci, &Tozzi (1999) Simulating Quasars:  OpenMP version of the ‘Hydra’ SPH code (Pearce & Couchman 1997, Thacker et al 2003, Thacker & Couchman, 2006) 2x 6403 mass elements (half gas, half dark matter) Largest cosmological SPH simulation ever carried out at that time 147 h-1 Mpc box, mass resolution 2.2x108 baryons, 1.2x109 DM Locally adaptive Fourier-mesh scheme 140,000 cpu hours, down to z=1.2 Total disk output ~ 5 TB (1/5th size of Millennium Run) Simulating Quasars Thacker, ES & Couchman 2006, ApJ, 653, 86 Simulating Quasars:  Simulating Quasars Modification of work done on SN outflows (ES, Thacker, & Davis 2001, Thacker, ES, & Davis 2002) Outflows are modeled as thin spherical shells. Host galaxy remains intact. Quasar are associated with 3:1 mergers, “LIGHTBULB”-- L-Edd as in Wyithe & Loeb BH mass calculated from baryonic velocity dispersion 5% of energy in light is put into outflow Thacker, ES & Couchman 2006, ApJ, 653, 86 Quasar tracking:  Quasar tracking Merger model requires that we find groups and identify mergers while the simulation is running Need fast group finder Previous work used group finder to identify the mass of objects and determine star formation events Simple to adapt this to include a group index Time 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Slide7:  Galaxy Clusters Temperature/ keV LX 1040 1042 1044 1046 LXT3.2 This Works! Thacker, ES, & Couchman (2006) Slide8:  Quasar Luminosity Function Thacker, ES, & Couchman (2006) Correlation function of Quasars:  Correlation function of Quasars Our simulation agrees with the observed turn-up in the small scale clustering of quasars CF is explained by the “halo model” of clustering No need for “special physics” Sloan binary quasar data (Hennawi et al 2005) 2dF results (Croom et al 2001) Blue=sim Quasar-Galaxy cross correlation function:  Quasar-Galaxy cross correlation function Blue=gg Red=qg Hash=DEEP2 (from Coil etal 06) blue line = 2x1012 DM halos Could this be 3-body interactions? Thacker, ES, & Couchman (2006) Slide12:  Dynamical Friction Slide13:  Dynamical Friction Slide14:  Three-body interactions Slide15:  |V12| V12 • r12 ^ | V12  r12 | ^ Slide16:  Sunyaev Zel’dovich Effect Comparison Simulation:  Comparison Simulation 2x 3203 mass elements (half gas, half dark matter) 67.5 h-1 Mpc box, mass resolution 2.2x108 baryons, 1.2x109 DM Mergers are exactly as the were in the feedback run, but no outflows are included. Outputs every 50 Myrs! Slide21:  6 arcmin Cross-Correlations 6 arcmin Slide22:  Cross-Correlations - Ellipticals Slide23:  Measuring AGN Feedback Slide24:  Measuring AGN Feedback Thanks!:  Clustering: Enhanced clustering at small separations appears to be a robust feature of mergers. This appears to be driven by statistics and not dynamics. Needs to be quantified better… Thanks! SZ Observations: Provide a direct way of measuring AGN feedback Coadding Bulges - Radio Loud = ETot(MBulge) Slide26:  South Pole Telescope Sensitivity: 10 K Beam: 1 arcmin Status: Initial Engineering Obs. Atacama Cosmology Telescope Sensitivity: 2 K Beam: 2 arcmin Status: Initial Engineering Obs. Slide27:  Cross-Correlations - QSOs

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