ERP Software Facilitates All Types of Business Operations

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Information about ERP Software Facilitates All Types of Business Operations

Published on July 13, 2016

Author: shalinidixit07


slide 1: ERP Software Facilitates All Types of Business Operations slide 2: A business firm with over 1000 employees and over 10000 customers in different cities states is considered as a startup company/small business. This is only an example in your case number of employees customer base could be different the truth is that a small business requires ERP system for faster and sharper completion of business operations. Role of ERP System in a Small Business Organization In today’s competitive landscape no business can work without an ERP solution that enables small businesses to appear act and operate like an enterprise-scale business. ERP software Enterprise Resource Planning generally used in an organization to handle some of the same basic functions such as inventory order management warehouse management purchasing manufacturing financials CRM and business intelligence. Many small businesses still question how they can take advantage of a Cloud ERP software solution with a full set of functionality. Read on the following points to learn about it: slide 3: Implementation of ERP System Broadly the implementation of ERP software not requires any technical skill or “in-house” ability. There are two basic types of ERP software – On-premise ERP: This type of software is used by the health facilities educational institutions and multinational companies. It is directly related to the ROI of organizations and help managed better resource and data management. Cloud-based ERP: The SaaS-based Cloud ERP is the preferred choice of small and medium enterprises and allows central management of data hosted and accessed through the web. slide 4: Top 5 Brands of ERP Software System The size of a business and factors such as customer base business requirements the ambit of changes etc. decide the time required for ERP software implementation. While on a small business project there may be less work orders to deliver so implementation may take few hours to complete. The top 5 brands offering ERP software solution for small businesses.  Integra ERP  EffiaSoft  Astral Manufacturing ERP  iGreen T.Fat ERP  AccuERP slide 5: Why Your Business Needs an ERP System When you face difficulties in managing the amount of inventory in the warehouse you need an ERP system. When your account team managers unable to identify the sales forecast you need an ERP system. When a business struggles to track manage an upsurge of orders you need an ERP system. Bottom Line All in all for small business organizations it is important to select an ERP solution that supports align with your business objectives.

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