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Published on April 3, 2014

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An Erotica Quiz by Quizot

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Question 1 X, an acronym for is a common colloquial term generally regarded as vulgar when spelled out. It denotes a sexually attractive older female, generally between 25 and 50 years of age. The term itself was first documented in Internet newsgroups. It was popularized by the 1999 film American Pie. What is X?

Question 2 In 1763, Captain Edward Reynolds is hunting pirates. He does not consider himself a great commander, and neither does most of his crew. Only his first officer Jules believes in him. When they save a young woman named Isabella from drowning, she tells them that her husband's ship has been destroyed by the feared Captain Victor Stagnetti and his crew of cutthroat pirates. Reynolds and his crew go hunting for Stagnetti, who tries to find a map that leads to a powerful secret on an island somewhere in the Caribbean Sea. Stagnetti finds the secret "staff" unlocked by Isabella's husband Manuel. After the crew escapes the spawn of darkness summoned by Stagnetti, their ship engages Stagnetti's in battle, ending Stagnetti's reign as a pirate. Which movie?

Question 3 X had been slated for a beta launch on 18th November 2012. The date was selected as it happens to be the Birthday of Alan Moore whose work Lost Girls was one of the inspirations for starting the company whose claim to fame was Savita Bhabhi. X was launched with ten super-hot titles. Identify X.

Question 4 X wars is a pun on the Punic Wars, is the name given to the rivalry between the pornographic magazines Playboy and Penthouse during the 1960s and 1970s. Each magazine strove to show just a little bit more than the other, without getting too crude. The term was coined by Playboy owner Hugh Hefner.

Question 5 In native slang, X is used as an insult meaning roughly "pervert" or "weirdo".The word X is a compound of two words : one meaning "change", "weird", or "strange" and other meaning "attitude" or "appearance". The term is usually used as a shortened form of the phrase (X seiyoku).

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