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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: yuwishjane


Types of Evaluation By: Patricia Erica V. Erni III-26 BS Psychology

Formative Evaluation  This type of evaluation is conducted during the planning and design of the program.  It provides immediate feedback for program modification and improvement.

Formative Evaluation  This type of evaluation is on-going. It helps to determine program strengths and weaknesses.

Formative Evaluation can be seen during… class recitations brainstormin g cookin g and many

So Formative Evaluation is…

Conducted during, not after planning and designing the program. It is ongoing. Provides immediate feedback. Thus, instant modification of the program.

Summative Evaluation  This is concerned with the evaluation of an already completed program. When all that has been planned has been done, summative evaluation can be carried out to determine whether the program has achieved its goals.

Summative Evaluation  It is the kind of evaluation that summarizes the strengths and weaknesses of a program.  This provides potential consumers with evidence of the value of a program and may help the administration to determine whether it is effective and worth continuing.

Summative Evaluation can be seen… periodic exams eating at a restaurant book, movie, exhibit, or theater play reviews and many

Then Summative Evaluation is…

Conducted after the implementation of the program. Summarizes the strengths and weaknes of the program. Thus, the effectiveness of the program ses can be identified.

Then what type of evaluation is Hmmm, if that’s the case… MORE EFFECTIVE? FORMATIVE? OR SUMMATIVE?

Formative • • Easily modified But the original ideas of the program may have been better than the modified version. Summative • Positive and negative feedback after at least 6-12 months after the program has been implemented.

But in the end, keep this in mind!  Formative and summative evaluations are both important, since decisions are needed in the early and final stages of a program. The early decisions are needed for program improvement, while the final decisions help to check its worth.

Just like in baking, while you’re decorating it, you change your mind as you see fit. And after tasting it, you’ll know if you’ll retain, reject or modify your recipe and decoration!

Thank you for listening! =)

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