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Information about Erik Ledin's Fitness Outcome-Based Approach
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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: erikledin



An important idea to keep in mind as you are working towards your ultimate body is “outcome based approach.” The goal of working out and eating right is to help you look and feel how you want to. If the routine you are using isn’t producing the results or outcome that you’re interested in then maybe it’s time to vary your routine. Continuing to pursue the same course of action will not change your results with time it will leave you stagnant.

The  Fitness  Outcome-­‐Based  Approach   By  Erik  Ledin   February  12,  2014       An  important  idea  to  keep  in  mind   as  you  are  working  towards  your   ultimate  body  is  “outcome  based   approach.”  The  goal  of  working  out   and  eating  right  is  to  help  you  look   and  feel  how  you  want  to.  If  the   routine  you  are  using  isn’t   producing  the  results  or  outcome   that  you’re  interested  in  then  maybe   it’s  time  to  vary  your  routine.   Continuing  to  pursue  the  same   course  of  action  will  not  change   your  results  with  time  it  will  leave   you  stagnant.     If  you  read  in  a  magazine  that  you  should  do  thirty  minutes  of  cardio  everyday  followed  by   one  hundred  sit-­‐ups  every  other  day  and  it  doesn’t  work  for  your  body,  don’t  do  it.  Even  if   the  work  out  seems  great  on  paper,  you  need  it  to  work  practically  for  you  and  you   shouldn’t  have  to  waste  your  energy  trying  to  stick  to  a  work  out  that  doesn’t  give  you   results.  Try  different  things  until  you  discover  something  that  will  give  you  the  outcome  or   the  body/feeling  you  desire.     Controversially,  if  you’re  working  out  and  loving  what  your  routine  does  to  your  body,  keep   it  up!  The  outcome  is  what  you  desire  and  this  supports  the  idea  of  an  outcome-­‐based   approach.  If  you  are  not  getting  the  desired  outcome  you  wish  for  your  body,  make  some   changes  until  you  start  to  see  the  outcome  you  deserve.     The  trick  is  knowing  how  to  time  your  approach.  For  example,  if  you  have  been  at  a  routine   for  a  few  months  and  don’t  see  your  desired  results,  change  it  up  quickly!  However,  you   want  to  give  your  body  a  little  time  to  if  there  is  any  change  as  a  result  of  a  work  out.  This   time  period  would  probably  about  two  weeks.  After  two  weeks  you  can  see  if  there  is  a   positive  change  in  the  way  you  look  and  feel  and  then  make  adjustments  to  your  routine   accordingly  without  wasting  too  much  training  time.  Always  remember  to  keep  your   outcome  and  goals  in  mind.       Erik  Ledin  earned  his  certification  as  a  Personal  Trainer  (CPT)  and  a  Strength  &  Conditioning   Specialist  (CSCS)  from  the  National  Strength  &  Conditioning  Association.  Additionally,  he  is   also  a  Certified  Kinesiologist  from  the  Ontario  Kinesiology  Association  (OKA),  as  well  as  a   Certified  Sports  Nutritionist  from  the  International  Society  of  Sports  Nutrition  (ISSN).  Erik   Ledin  is  a  regularly  attendee  of  the  national  conferences  for  NSCA  and  ISSN.  He  enjoys   converting  his  education  in  body  science  into  real  life  results  and  measurable  success.  

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