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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: erikledin


Healthy  Eating  Helps  to  Build  Muscle   By  Erik  Ledin   February  12,  2014     There  are  many  ways  to  build  muscles.  As  you  begin  to   employ  weight  training,  you  will  quickly  feel  your  body   getting  stronger.  However,  there  is  another  important   element  to  add  to  your  routine  if  you  want  to  build   muscle  bulk  as  well  as  strength.     To  really  build  up  your  muscle  size,  particularly  if  you’re   a  big  guy,  you  need  to  greatly  increase  food  intake  and   make  sure  that  you  are  eating  consistently,  every  day.  It   may  be  hard  to  eat  as  much  food  as  you  need  to  not  only   maintain,  but  also  gain  weight.  You  may  feel  too  lazy  or   not  feel  a  great  appetite.  However,  eating  a  large  amount   of  food  consistently  is  the  only  way  to  really  bulk  up  and   gain  desired  muscle  mass.     Gaining  muscle  is  not  an  easy  endeavor.  It  requires   enough  tension  and  volume  accompanied  by  enough   calories  to  help  to  build  the  muscle.  Building  muscle  is  a  slow  process  and  takes  consistent   work  and  time  to  see  results.     Many  people  identify  the  fact  that  they  want  to  lose  fat  while  gaining  muscle.  This  is  very   difficult  because  as  you  cut  back  on  calories,  your  body  responds  with  hormones  that   dictate  it  should  preserve  body  fat.  Additionally,  if  you  are  operating  on  a  caloric  deficit  your   body  will  not  waste  valuable  energy  on  building  muscle.  Therefore,  the  only  way  to  build   muscle  is  to  ensure  that  your  body  is  getting  enough  food.  Even  if  it  feels  counterintuitive   because  you’ve  just  scaled  back  your  diet  to  help  with  weight  loss,  you  need  to  ramp  your   diet  back  up  to  help  build  muscle.     This  can  sometimes  be  a  balancing  act.  Eating  more  will  make  you  gain  weight,  but  if  you   are  training  correctly  it  will  build  muscle.  There  may  be  times  that  your  fat  to  muscle  ratio   will  change  and  you  may  need  to  diet  again  to  get  to  where  you  want  to  be.  The  bottom  line   is  that  building  muscle  is  a  slow  process  and  you  need  to  feed  your  body  to  help  muscles   develop.       Erik  Ledin  earned  his  certification  as  a  Personal  Trainer  (CPT)  and  a  Strength  &  Conditioning   Specialist  (CSCS)  from  the  National  Strength  &  Conditioning  Association.  Additionally,  he  is   also  a  Certified  Kinesiologist  from  the  Ontario  Kinesiology  Association  (OKA),  as  well  as  a   Certified  Sports  Nutritionist  from  the  International  Society  of  Sports  Nutrition  (ISSN).  Erik   Ledin  is  a  regularly  attendee  of  the  national  conferences  for  NSCA  and  ISSN.  He  enjoys   converting  his  education  in  body  science  into  real  life  results  and  measurable  success.      

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