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Published on March 16, 2009

Author: drburwell



Overview of Erikson's theory of psychosocial development

Erik Erikson 1902-1994 By: McKel Baker, Tony Bradshaw, and Alex Copple

Background  Born in Germany 1902  Name was Erik Homberger  Graduated High school  Teacher  Married Joan Serson  Harvard, Yale, University of California at Berkley, clinic in Massachusetts  Changed his name to Erik Erickson  Wrote Childhood and Society  Retired in 1970  Died in 1994

Influences Influences:  Sigmund Freud  Anna Freud (daughter of Sigmund Freud) Psychologists:  Henry Murray  Kurt Lewin Anthropologists :  Gregory Bateson  Margaret Mead  Ruth Benedict

Psychosocial Development Stages  Stage One – Trust vs. Mistrust  Stage Two – Autonomy vs. Doubt  Stage Three – Initiative vs. Guilt  Stage Four – Industry vs. Inferiority

Stages continued  Stage Five- Identity vs. Role Confusion  Stage Six- Intimacy vs. Isolation  Stage Seven- Generativity vs. Self Absorption  Stage Eight- Integrity vs. Despair

Critique  Stage Approach (Piaget, Sigmund and Anna Freud)  Most theorists prefer an incremental approach  Same Stages completed in a different age range  How does one progress from one stage to another?  Why does one progress to the next stage?

Classroom Applications  Stages IV and V when school has greatest influence  Teaching Tips (stage IV)  teachers must care (set them up to succeed)  Students are dedicated to the rules  Teaching Tips (stage V)  Aid Students to answer the question: “Who am I?”  Define what success means for the individual  Be a role model and guide their identity finding  Rites of passage

References  Educational Psychology by Robert Slavin   Pictures:          

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