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Published on July 21, 2009

Author: ewmiller

Source: 412-499-3482 Eric Miller Public Relations and Editorial Specialist 412-499-3482 Graduate Certificate in Public Relations, New York University Expected Completion, June, 2009 Classes include: Using Social Media to Engage Customers and Their Communities Advanced Public Relations Strategies Proposal Writing and Execution Press Release Workshop 412-499-3482 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: ERIC MILLER All Saints’ Antiques Show Returns to Rehoboth Beach Convention Center REHOBOTH BEACH—One of the nation’s longest-running and best loved antiques shows returns to the Rehoboth Beach Convention Center July 29 –August 1, 2009 under new management. The show is now in its 60th year. “It’s an all-new show with several new dealers and a new look,” says show chairperson Joan Madeksza. Continued... 412-499-3482 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: ERIC MILLER WC Reforms Could Hurt Agents, Small Businesses SACRAMENTO—A workers’ compensation bill moving its way through the California Legislature doesn’t go far enough in attempts to reduce costs to reform the troubled system. Without compromise, the bill could be headed for a veto by the Governor Gray Davis, putting off the problem for another year and allowing an already troubled situation to worsen. Continued... 412-499-3482 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: ERIC MILLER AMTMA Presents Important Display of Railroad Art ALTOONA—This fall the Alto Model Train Museum Association (AMTMA) will officially unveil a collection of railroad posters that have been added to its permanent displays in Altoona. Several of the posters can be previewed at Lakemont Park this summer. All of the posters will be on display when the 29th Street location re-opens in September. Continued... 412-499-3482 It’s clear when you look up at 360 West 11th Street that this wasn’t the vision or the work of an ordinary developer. The stucco facade, balconies and colorful appearance are flush with personality. In fact, 360 West 11th Street is the work of Julian Schnabel, artist, filmmaker and, now we can add, building designer. While it takes that individual vision to build a building like this, it also takes a contractor willing and able to go beyond the ordinary to bring the vision to reality. Continued... 412-499-3482 Great Buildings, Great Art Pablo Picasso said “Give me a museum and I’ll fill it.” In New York you might as easily say, “Name a museum” and there a good chance Sciame built it. The firm's signature of attention to detail and construction of design-focused architecture has helped the company build its portfolio to include many of the City’s internationally recognized museums. According to Sciame Executive Vice President Michael Porcelli, success began with the company’s work at the Morgan Library where Sciame was responsible for the construction of a 150,000 square-foot complex. Continued... 412-499-3482 In large buildings, heating, ventilation and air- conditioning systems become pretty compilcated. Even in the largest buildings that complexity pales when compared to designing a system that repilcates an environment for animals.   In a recent project at the Bronx Zoo, the challenge for WDF, Inc. was to apply HVAC systems to recreate the broad range of environments found on the island of Madagascar. Built in 1918 as a lion house and more recently designated as a landmark building, WDF renovated the 50,000 foot building in three years. Continued... 412-499-3482 Ferreria Construction 31 Tannery Headquarter’s Launches Green Business The headquarters of Ferreira Construction is one of only a few buildings in the country that produce more electricity than they consume on an annual basis and is known as a “net zero electric” building. The use of renewable energy (solar photovoltaic and solar thermal) has resulted in a greatly reduced carbon footprint of more than 200 Tons a year of CO2. The 42,000 square foot building in Branchburg, New Jersey is the first fully documented net-zero electrical commercial building in the United States. Continued... 412-499-3482 Governor’s Voice Mail Jammed As Third- Party, Bad-Faith Opposition Heats Up SACRAMENTO—Governor Gray Davis may not sign AB 1237 (Martha Escutia, D-Huntington Park), the third- party bad-faith bill, if caller reports of busy signals and full voice mail at his office are an indication of consumer opposition to the bill. The governor in dicated he would sign such a bill barring public outcry. In an early vote the Assembly ap proved the bill Thursday on a 43-26 margin. Continued... 412-499-3482 New Attempts Likely To Target Insurers’ Investment In Low Income Communities SACRAMENTO—Not unlike a debate last year in Washington, legislators in Sacramento are planning to introduce legislation that would encourage insurers to make targeted investments in low income communities. During last year’s financial services modernization debate, Congressional leaders and lobbyists argued about ap plication of the Community Reinvest ment Act, which requires banks to in- vest in the low income communities where they operate. Continued... 412-499-3482 AMA President-Elect Randolph Smoak: An Exclusive Interview CHICAGO-With the recent announcement to form a physicians union, Randolph Smoak is taking the helm as president of the American Medical Association at a time when the health care industry is set to go through another stage of profound changes. Dr. Smoak was named president-elect of the AMA June 23. Prior to his election, Dr. Smoak served as the chair of the AMA's Board of Trustees. Continued... 412-499-3482 The Interoperability of BIM When talking about BIM (Building Information Modeling), there are two meanings that can be taken from the word ‘into ropera billty, according to Dr. Thomas F. Glavinich, an Associate Professor of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering at the University of Kansas. The first relates to building systems working together; the second concerns software systems working together. On the topic of systems working together, we’re already realizing the benefits of BIM. When considering software, we have some ways to go, according to Glavinich. Continued... 412-499-3482 Pittsburgh's Castles: Unlocking Pittsburgh's Past and Personality Home preservation in the United States is somewhat of a conundrum. From the eyes of a European, there may not be anything old here to save. From the eyes of many an American, the value is too often in re making rather than restoring. Today, a new interest in urban lifestyles has spawned more preservation of the city’s homes on the part of the indi viduals and community development corporations. Continued... 412-499-3482 Cemeteries: Places for the Living Buried outside of a chruch in the Washington County town of Amity lies a man once thought by some to be the real source of the book of Mormon. A visitor might walk by Solomon Spaulding's headstone without notice. It reveals only that he died October 20, 1816, at the age of 55. Cemeteries are the last places where many people want to spend a vacation. Still, the numbers of tourists visiting cemeteries and searching for the graves of people like Spaulding continue to grow. Continued... 412-499-3482 Free Cities Eric Miller Contrary to modern political assumptions, the dense city, not the quiet office suburb, is the facilitator of market capitalism. Throughout history, cities have been the creator of wealth, the breeder of genius, and the market for art, technology and science. In fact, the words “city” and “civilization” have the same root. To socialist reformers like Eugene Debs, the city is what had to be dispersed for a revolution to take hold. Continued... 412-499-3482 INTERNATIONAL DOWNTOWN ASSOCIATION ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS CANAL PARK STADIUM April 10, 1997 marked the grand opening of the new Canal Park Stadium in Akron, Ohio. This magnificent facility represents not just a new home for Akron's new AA baseball team, the Akron Aeros, but a symbol of the renewed vigor in Akron's downtown. As the regional center for government, banking, utilities and professional services, downtown Akron is now becoming an entertainment destination for families and individuals of all ages. Continued... 412-499-3482 NOMINATION OF THE EVERETT BUILDING DOWNTOWN OHIO, INC. AWARDS PROGRAM Once cited as "One of the five ugliest buildings in Akron , " the Everett building has become an attractive keystone structure and provides an aesthetic gateway into downtown Akron. The building was purchased by developer Anthony Troppe and two private investors under the name Everett Revival Group in December of 1995 for $450,000. The building has since undergone a 1.5 million dollar restoration. Continued... 412-499-3482 MANUFACTURER’S INVESTMENT TAX CREDIT (Machinery and Equipment Tax Credit) The Manufacturer’s Investment Tax Credit is a program offered through the State of Ohio which encourages the expansion of existing operations and supports additional investment into the state. The Mayor’s Office of Economic Development has the expertise to help your business take fill advantage of the benefits the Investment Tax Credit offers. Continued... 412-499-3482 870 WARDROBE Before built-in closets became standard household features, clothing and personal items were stored in wardrobes, chests of drawers and trunks. George Breed, a Pittsburgh dry goods merchant, owned this elegant neo-classical wardrobe, which was probably made in the 1830s. Its massive size, use of mahogany veneers and skillful carving indicate that it was an expensive piece of furniture and symbolized the prosperity of its owner. Several cabinetmakers were known to have been producing furniture of this quality at the time, including William Alexander, Benjamin Montgomery and Henry Beares. Similarities in the work of these cabinetmakers could be attributed to a skilled carver who did work for several cabinetmakers. The maker designed the wardrobe to be easily disassembled for moving by removing several pegs and screws. Gift of Emma Zug, 79.18 412-499-3482 861 ARMCHAIR Exhibitors at the 1939 New York World’s Fair looked to the future with optimism. Buildings and furnishings were designed to showcase the wonders of new materials and reflect technological developments that would make life better. This futuristic chair made for the U.S. Steel Corporation Exhibition Building highlights two different products made by the company, tubular stainless steel and clear plastic. The building and exhibit were designed by Walter Dorwin Teague, one of the most eminent designers of the 1920s and 30s. Gift of Robert G. Reith, 2004.108 412-499-3482 Ten Ways Pittsburgh Can Become Better at Being Itself Pittsburgh is trying hard to be at the center of something in the coming years. Looking at the boom ignited at Stanford University that spread throughout Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1990s, Pittsburgh is hoping to be the next center of technology. It has competition. Boston and Cleveland and Atlanta Washington and countless other blues are hoping that something just as large will color the local sky green. Continued... 412-499-3482 Treasure Island Returns to San Francisco Not long after the close of the 1939-1940 Golden Gate International Exposition, the U.S. Navy leased Treasure Island from San Francisco for Use during and and after World War lI. Now The City is getting it back. In an era of military downsizing that leaves old bases open for new uses, finding a developer interested in unused government property is frequently difficult. But some abandoned bases have opened up valuable real estate. Among the most valuable is Treasure Island. Continued... 412-499-3482 Philadelphia Story Disused streetcar tracks and overhead wires still in place. Residents along the line calling for restoration of trolley service. A skeptical, reluctant transit agency. San Francisco's Market Street Railway in the early 1980s? No, It’s Philadelphia’s Germantown neighborhood in the past few years. While the tracks still divide the cobblestones in the streets of this early Philly suburb, it’s been decades since the residents of this now diverse community could take a streetcar downtown. Continued... 412-499-3482 Top of the World in New York "When they ask you in America," a cousin said to Ayn Rand (then Alice Rosenbaum) as she prepared to sail to New York, "tell them that Russia is a huge cemetery and we are all dying slowly." New York was nothing but lights on the horizon to Rand then, but she would sit through a feature- length silent film several times just to get a glimpse of it. For the aspiring writer leaving a country to which she never would return, the skyline of New York represented the philosophy that made the motor of the world move. Continued... 412-499-3482 People I Have Interviewed Harry Binswanger, editor, The Ayn Rand Lexicon Randolph Smoak, president, American Medical Association Brian Regan, executive director, Morgan Library and Museum Lisa Phillips, director, New Museum Giorgio Bianchi, partner, Renzo Piano Building Workshop Barry Bergdoll, chief curator of architecture, MOMA Dr. George Campbell, director, Cooper Union Steven Holl, principal, Steven Holl Architects Chip Haynes, author, Peak of the Devil 412-499-3482 The New Colonist I have been co-publishing this online web magazine and blog for a decade (as of July, 2009). Some 500 individuals a day visit the site to read articles and entry's on sustainable urban living. On Twitter: Newcolonist On Facebook: The New Colonist 412-499-3482 412-499-3482

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