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Information about Erguden

Published on May 2, 2008

Author: Carmela



Slide1:  UNITED NATIONS HOUSING RIGHTS PROGRAMME (UNHRP) A joint initiative by UN-HABITAT and OHCHR Housing Rights Indicators Establishing a global system for monitoring and evaluation on progress of the realisation of the right to adequate housing Selman Ergüden Head, Shelter Branch UN-HABITAT What is the UNHRP? (1):  What is the UNHRP? (1) Objective: “To assist States and other stakeholders with the implementation of their commitments in the Habitat Agenda to ensure the full and progressive realization of the right to adequate housing as provided for in international instruments” Rights-based approach to housing Empower the poor and the vulnerable Combat and eradicate homelessness Improve security of tenure Strengthen protection against forced evictions and discrimination in the housing sector Facilitate restitution in cases of violations of housing rights Promote equal access to housing resources 6 Programme Areas Advocacy, outreach and learning from partners Support for UN human rights mechanism Monitoring and evaluation on progress of realisation on housing rights Research and analysis on housing rights Capacity-building and technical cooperation UNHRP Report Series:  UNHRP Report Series Current Focus: Global mechanism for measuring the progressive realisation of housing rights:  Current Focus: Global mechanism for measuring the progressive realisation of housing rights Objective: Provide information on the state of housing conditions around the world and in individual countries for: International human rights monitoring bodies (CESCR, UNCERD, etc.) to measure State party compliance with the respective Covenants / Conventions; States as part of their own national monitoring system; Housing rights advocates and experts Review of progress :  Review of progress 2002: Study commissioned by the UNHRP on the development of a set of housing rights indicators (HRIs)  List of 52 potential HRIs 2003: UNHRP Background paper for EGM  17 preliminary HRIs EGM on Housing Rights Indicators (Geneva)  15 specific HRIs recommended for further consideration 2004-2006: Continued analysis of each individual HRI within UNHRP in consultation with UN-HABITAT Global Urban Observatory  Consolidation to a set of 12 HRIs; Questionnaire Planned operationalisation:  Planned operationalisation Modalities for data collection Sources:… (data already collected…) Centralised approach (UNHRP, CESCR) Questionnaire Periodicity of State reporting Data analysis Evaluation of indicators Dissemination Preparation of a HRI Report Slide14:  Thank you For more information on the UNITED NATIONS HOUSING RIGHTS PROGRAMME (UNHRP):

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