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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: MauroTesta



This is my way of analyze car's ergonomic items.
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Dynamic Ergonomics in Automotive Video analysis ’ Software

digital sustainable mobility ERGONOMICS IS THE SCIENCE THAT STUDIES THE MAN-MACHINE INTERFACE The purpose of Ergonomics is to study the environment in order to optimize the human work and to reduce the occurrence of pathologies caused by stress or by the incorrect use of the product. The man as biological machine, with its functions and its ability to perceive, is of course the centre of the ergonomic analysis. In the study of ergonomics in the car the analysis of the psycho-physical stress is involved, as well as the wellness, the visibility and acoustic and thermal comfort. All this affects the car’s safety. The analysis made by BioMovie allows the automotive ergonomics to evaluate situations which were not possible to evaluate until now.

CLASSICAL ERGONOMICS VS. DYNAMIC ERGONOMICS 1/2 230 functions (objective dynamics) 1. Static Ergonomics Evaluation 2. Obstacles/inner volumes 3. Relation with the math data of the car 1. Dynamic Ergonomics Evaluation 2. Dynamic comparison with reference models 3. Creation of customer-tailored database 4. Evaluation of physical stress 5. Evaluation of emotional/cognitive stress 6. Evaluation of the easiness of the design of the dashboard 7. Three-dimensional analysis 8. Data export to static ergonomics, Cad-Cam 9. Evaluation of the running model 10. Video Interface of each external sensor 11. Creation of documents for statistical use 12. New method for the presentation to the customer

CLASSICAL ERGONOMICS VS. DYNAMIC ERGONOMICS 2/2 • Normally the ergonomics is static because it uses Oscar or dummies which don’t move. • Some software use three-dimensional mannequins that can be made dynamic but their motion does not reflect the real human movements; often it is rather quite far from the actions of the human beings inside the car. . Therefore, it is necessary to have a tool which can provide both the data related to the real movement of the subject and at the same time an indication of the expenditure of energy required to perform a particular movement inside the vehicle.

MAIN POINTS Thus: 1. Ergonomic is generally static, meaning that it’s not possible to reproduce the human’s real motion. 2. Dynamic Ergonomic is closer to the real user’s movements 3. Normally, in ergonomic studies, biomechanics and physiology are not involved 4. The analysis of the reference model and its objective comparison with the new model are missing

MAIN POINTS Advantages…. 1. Analysis more close to the user’s real performance model 2. Evaluation of the motor strategies adopted by the user 3. Dynamic study of the human-machine interface 4. Objective analysis of the competitors / reference models 5. Data base creation 6. Increased sharing of basic engineering data related to the reference model between the engineering development departments. “When you cannot measure, not being able to express the information in numbers, you cannot go far in the science path, whatever is the matter” ARISTOTELE

PRODUCTION DEVELOPMENT’S PROCESS Analysis of the reference models (competitors) Constant check of the development process in all its phases Data export to the engineering department Check and analysis of the new car ’s model Analysis of the new model on the road

What can BioMovie give us at the beginning of the project ? The development of the interiors follows the international standards which measure angles and distances. Respect to these standards, each data can be derived from the reference model’s project and then exported to the engineering, starting thus not from zero but from competitors ’ data. .

What can BioMovie give us at the beginning of the project ? AUTOGRAPH / INTERSCAMBIO During the preliminary stages of the project one of the most useful tools is the direct comparison with the reference cars (competitors). Such activities are normally carried out through the use of specific databases such as the Autograph (which kindly provided the images quoted here). (in std. ECE/CEE)

CLASSICAL ERGONOMICS VS. DYNAMIC ERGONOMICS examples The posture in the car is never static: with BioMovie we can study the real motor strategies of the subject, respect to what is normally done today with ergonomic evaluation software (engineering- type). Classic methodology (Software Ramsis) Dynamic Methodology (Software BioMovie)

Dynamic Ergonomics The postures in a car Evaluation of the working postures in parking conditions (see examples) or real driving conditions

Dynamic Ergonomics Analysis through inertial sensors or simple video analysis (clouds, areas underlying the movement) Evaluation of the accessibility of the controls and of the attention deficit disorder caused by it . Accessibility

Dynamic Ergonomics Grip/Handles, images from above Asymmetries

Dynamic Ergonomics Pressure mapping (image above) and temperature mapping (image below)

Dynamic Ergonomics Posture, visibility angles Posture, conflict zones

Dynamic Ergonomics

Static traditional ergonomics - measurement of the doors ‘ room

Dynamic Ergonomics - measurement of the doors ‘ room P points measurament


60 Angolo 142.41 142.57 143.34 144.9 147.4 148.59 149.12 146.57 143.09 138.81 134.18 130.85 126.72 122.57 110.84 95.9 80.66 64.75 52.18 43.41 38.23 40.27 48.95 58.91 66.2 69.9 72.22 70.53 68.4 67.61 67.89 68.13 68.19 67.24 67.37 69.14 74.5 79.03 83.58 86.82 89.51 91.51 93.75 94.78 95.95 Graphs and scientific evaluations 70 63.202 50 40 30 20 10 0 Maximum angular speed and maximum access ’s angle

Evaluation of the car’s access with inertial sensors The objective data returned by the sensors shows what below: (the yellow vertical line is the timeline) The red line represents the side oscillation of the torso and the relevant work done The yellow line represents the front oscillation of the torso The ochre line represents the angular speed recorded related to the front oscillation of the user’s torso The lilac line represents the angular velocity recorded related to the side movement of the user's torso

The far end of the entry area always identifies the vertical H point Punto H For this reason, starting from the point H, functionally identified, it is possible to trace the vertical and the horizontal lines and from these get every data which may be useful for the engineering of the vehicle, whether according to the regulations or not.

External ergonomics evaluation Height of the handles, fuel pipe union, roof rack bars etc.. Luggage van and tailgate handle With this new method it is possible to objectify the ergonomic work necessary for car’s maintenance too

Area of collision between the pedestrian and the vehicle, height and anatomical area of the impact (in this case the lower 2/3 of the femur and the tibial plateau). Foreseen result of the impact: fracture of the tibial plateau.

Car’s entrance evaluation

Car’s entrance evaluation

Car’s entrance evaluation

Car’s efforts evaluation

Why choosing this new method?  Better evaluation in comparison with the reference models  Increased knowledge of the user’ s real motor dynamics in the car  Automotive project really centered on the user and on its physiological and biomechanical needs  Verifications less expensive and closer to reality  Increased customer’ s quality perception  Reduction of working hours and costs  Increased safety in the car Currently this new software allows the user to collect up to 230 information

Opportunity to personalise the presentations with a dynamic and interactive interface which includes all the necessary information

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