Ergonomics Methodology, Week 4

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Information about Ergonomics Methodology, Week 4

Published on February 24, 2014

Author: Osqueizadeh


- Definition of Objectives and Resources - What are the Results Supposed to Show? - What Level of Accuracy is Required? - What Additional Data is Required to Link the Study to Other Datasets? * ½ of the Available Time May be Spent on This Stage. - Sampling - Determine Population, Sample Size, and Sampling Frame. - Sources of Bias. - Stratification and Quota Sampling.

- Variables - Concepts - Knowledge - Attitudes - Perceptions - Opinions - Facts - Behaviour

- Questionnaire Sequencing - Prologue - Information Section - Classification Section - Epilogue - General Layout - Use of Italics for Instructions - Use of Boxes, etc.

- The Wording of Questions - Language (eg. Localised Interpretations) - Clarity (eg. Double-Barrelled Questions) - Overlapping Response Categories - Overtaxing Respondent’s Memory - Leading Questions - Prestige Bias

- Type of Questions - Factual Questions - Questions with Mutually Exclusive Answers - Questions with Non-exclusive Answers - Matrix Questions - Filter Questions - Open and Closed Questions (Gender, Birthday, etc)

- Panel of Experts - Readability Test - Field Test - Construct Validity - Content Validity - Criterion Validity - Face Validity

- Stability - Alpha Revisions - Internal Consistency - Inter-rater Reliability

- Individual Criticism - Depth Interviewing - Checking with Larger Samples

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