Equties call tracker Sept'14 from 1st to 15th

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Published on September 18, 2014

Author: choiceindiabroking

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Equities Call Tracker for September

Equities Call Tracker Sept’14 (01st to 15th) Date Lot Size Type of Call Equity Initiated SL TGT Result Profit / Loss Total Profit 03-09-14 125 Sell Heromotocorp Fut 2780 2790 2740 Stopped out on 03-09-14 -10 -1250 03-09-14 2000 Buy SSLT Fut 282 280.5 284.50-287 Book Profit @ 283 on 03-09-14 2000 2000 04-09-14 50 Sell Nifty Fut 8115 8135 8060 Exit @ 8115 on 04-09-14 0 0 05-09-14 500 Buy PNB 851 844 870 Stopped out on 05-09-14 -7 -3500 05-09-14 2000 Buy Hindalco Fut 170.5 169 178 Stopped out on 05-09-14 -1.5 -3000 05-09-14 250 Sell ICICI Bank Fut 1562 1570 1540 Book Profit & Exit @ 1558 on 05-09-14 4 1000 08-09-14 1250 Sell Axis Bank Fut 416 418 412 Stopped out on 08-09-14 -2 -2500 08-09-14 500 Buy BPCL Fut 696 692 708 Book Profit & Exit @ 707 on 08-09-14 11 5500 09-09-14 1000 Sell Tata Steel Fut 514 517 506 Stopped out on 09-09-14 -3 -3000 09-09-14 1000 Sell ONGC Fut 451.5 454 445 Book Profit & Exit @445.10 on 09-09-14 6.4 6400 10-09-14 125 Sell SBIN Fut 2545 2565 2490 Book Profit & Exit @ 2539 on 04-09-14 6 750 10-09-14 50 Sell Nifty Fut 8140 8170 8080 Exit @ Cost on 11-09-14 0 0 11-09-14 250 Buy HDFC Fut 1050 1043 1065 Book Part Profit @ 1055 on 11-09-14 5 1250 11-09-14 125 Buy Heromotocorp 2725 2700 2770 Exit @ 2715 on 12-09-14 -10 -1250 15-09-14 25 Sell Bank Nifty Fut 16200 16325 15800 Book Profit & Exit@ 15900 on 16-09-14 300 7500 Total 9900

Equities Call Tracker Sept’14 (01st to 15th) Amit Pawar (Research Associate) amit.pawar@choiceindia.com Rohan Shinde (Research Associate) rohan.shinde@choiceindia.com Deveya Gaglani (Research Advisor) deveya.gaglani@chocieindia.com For Private Circulation Only Website: www.choiceindia.com https://twitter.com/ChoiceBroking https://plus.google.com/115293033595831069270/posts https://www.youtube.com/user/ChoiceBroking http://www.slideshare.net/choiceindiabroking https://www.facebook.com/choicebroking https://www.linkedin.com/company/choice-international-limited

Equities Call Tracker Sept’14 (01st to 15th) Disclaimer DISCLAIMER: This is solely for information of clients of Choice India and does not construe to be an investment advice. It is also not intended as an offer or solicitation for the purchase and sale of any financial instruments. Any action taken by you on the basis of the information contained herein is your responsibility alone and Choice India its subsidiaries or its employees or associates will not be liable in any manner for the consequences of such action taken by you. We have exercised due diligence in checking the correctness and authenticity of the information contained in this recommendation, but Choice India or any of its subsidiaries or associates or employees shall not be in any way responsible for any loss or damage that may arise to any person from any inadvertent error in the information contained in this recommendation or any action taken on basis of this information. Technical analysis studies market psychology, price patterns and volume levels. It is used to forecast future price and market movements. Technical analysis is complementary to fundamental analysis and news sources. The recommendations issued herewith might be contrary to recommendations issued by Choice India in the company research undertaken as the recommendations stated in this report is derived purely from technical analysis. Choice India has based this document on information obtained from sources it believes to be reliable but which it has not independently verified; Choice India makes no guarantee, representation or warranty and accepts no responsibility or liability as to its accuracy or completeness. The opinions contained within the report are based upon publicly available information at the time of publication and are subject to change without notice. The information and any disclosures provided herein are in summary form and have been prepared for informational purposes. The recommendations and suggested price levels are intended purely for trading purposes. The recommendations are valid for the day of the report however trading trends and volumes might vary substantially on an intraday basis and the recommendations may be subject to change. The information and any disclosures provided herein may be considered confidential. Any use, distribution, modification, copying, forwarding or disclosure by any person is strictly prohibited. The information and any disclosures provided herein do not constitute a solicitation or offer to purchase or sell any security or other financial product or instrument. The current performance may be unaudited. Past performance does not guarantee future returns. There can be no assurance that investments will achieve any targeted rates of return, and there is no guarantee against the loss of your entire investment. POTENTIAL CONFLICT OF INTEREST DISCLOSURE (as on date of report) Disclosure of interest statement – • Analyst interest of the stock /Instrument(s): - No. • Firm interest of the stock / Instrument (s): - No.

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