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Information about Equilibrium

Published on December 12, 2007

Author: Coralie

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  Equilibrium “Not without incident” A Third Person Action Shooter/Slicer Story Adaptation by Brock Robin GD07 Slide2:  Ordinary World “Librians, you have won. Against all odds, and your own natures. You, have, survived. ” * In the ashes of a third world war, a new nation Libria, has arisen * Content that evokes emotion (art, music, literature) is banned * Prozium – a drug to suppress emotions is administered Slide3:  Ordinary World-cont. “Tetragrammaton. There's nothing we can't do. “ * The Tetragrammaton provides order over Libria * Clerics hunt down and eliminate “sense offenders” * The art of gun-kata allows them to kick major ass Slide4:  Hero “John Preston, Grammaton Cleric, First Class. “ * The player takes up the role of John Preston, a Cleric * Anti-Hero, eventually takes up arms against society * Shapeshifter – he needs to blend in to accomplish his goals Slide5:  Herald & Mentor * Errol Partridge is Preston’s partner and superior * Acts as the catalyst, forcing Preston to question life * Short lived but his wisdom lives on inside Preston “Preston: There's no war. No murder. Partridge: What is it you think we do?” Slide6:  Threshold Guardians * Mary O’Brien – inspires Preston to walk the path of Hero * Brandt – Ambitious, cold, ruthless cleric eyeing Preston’s job * Robbie Preston – Big brother, watches his fathers moves * Vice-Counsel DuPont – Father’s right hand man * Libria Guards – Always by the book and in the way “If I was going to shoot you I'd shoot you in the face.” Slide7:  Trickster * Very serious, depressing world * Human’s either don’t feel emotion or aren’t light hearted * Comedic relief falls squarely upon a puppy’s shoulders * Puppy shows Preston what fun is! “Woof.” Slide8:  Shapeshifters * Mary O’Brien – goes from enemy to ally to love interest * Brandt – Wannabe to Instrument of Preston’s demise * John/Robbie Preston – Pretend to be part of society * Vice-Counsel DuPont/Father – Bureaucrat to Architect of demise “Cleric, I can only hope one day to be as uncompromising as you. “ Slide9:  Shadows Vice-Counsel DuPont/Father: - DuPont turns out to be Father - Devises a plan to destroy sense offenders and Preston - Is a sense offender himself “Be careful, Preston. You're treading on my dreams. “ Brandt: - Tries to reaffirm obedience in Preston - Shuts Preston down on numerous occasions - Plans to make his career out of Preston’s downfall Slide10:  The Call to Adventure * Partridge begins acting strangely * Preston is suspicious, follows Partridge to the “Nethers” * Discovers that he is a sense offender! “It's just a vestigial word for a feeling you've never felt. “ Slide11:  Meeting with the Mentor * Preston confronts Partridge * Partridge informs Preston of what he is missing in life * The seed of doubt has been planted in Preston’s head “But I being poor, have only my dreams, I have spread my dreams under your feet, tread softly because you tread on my dreams.” Slide12:  Refusal of the Call * Preston says that he is “sorry” but will have to take Partridge in * Partridge refuses to be taken * Preston shoots his long time partner and “friend” in the face “Then you know what I'm going to do now?” * Preston is still tied to the rigid confines of Librian society Slide13:  Prophecy * Haunted by the words of Partridge * Has a dream about what happened to his wife * He remembers the emotion of when she died “I assume you dream Preston?” Slide14:  Crossing the First Threshold * Drops his “interval” of Prozium * Lies to Brandt about getting his interval * Spares a “sense offender” Mary O’Brien that tries to shoot him “You really should learn to knock.” Slide15:  Tests * Conversations with Mary O’Brien about meaning of existence * Re-arranges his desk at work – walls of conformity breaking * Continually refuses to take his intervals “A nearly unforgivable lapse, Cleric. I trust you'll be more vigilant in the future.” * Cries when he listens to Beethoven * Refuses to kill any more “sense offenders” * Rescues a puppy from doom, defends it with his life * In shock after he mistakenly kills a “sense offender” Slide16:  Allies * His alliances switch part way through * He is at first allied to the Tetragrammaton and clerics * Allies with Mary O’Brien and later “the underground” “You clean, we'll sweep.” Slide17:  Enemies * Originally at war against the underground * Realizes that the true enemy is his own government * Brandt and DuPont as well as countless guards fill this role “It's not the message that is important but our obedience to it.” Slide18:  Approach the Inner Cave * Father orders immediate execution of sense offenders * Preston asks DuPont if he can be the one to locate underground * Granted permission by DuPont to “go hunting” Preston: Every time we come from the Nethers to the city it reminds me of why we do what we do. Partridge: To us? Slide19:  Meeting the Mentor 2 * Meets again with Mary O’Brien * Learns that her and Partridge were lovers * Mary learns that Preston truly is embracing his emotions “...without love, without anger, without sorrow, breath is just a clock ticking.” * Provides clues to locate the Underground Slide20:  Ordeal * Meets with the Underground and sides with them * They want Father assassinated * Returns to DuPont and is faced with treachery Brandt: What are you doing? Preston: I'm rearranging my desk. Brandt: You didn't like the way it was before? Preston: I had no feelings about it. I'm merely attempting to optimize. * Has already outsmarted Brandt by switching weapons * Brandt is hauled off for execution Slide21:  Rewards * Offers up Underground resistance to DuPont * Asks to meet father as a reward for dedicated service * Discovers that his kids were not on Prozium “I pay it gladly.” Slide22:  The Road Back * Goes to meet with Father, is subjected to polygraph test * DuPont and Brandt appear, and tell Preston it was a trap * Plan to capture resistance and destroy Preston “What is the easiest way to get a weapon away from a Grammaton Cleric?" “You ask him for it.” * Mary is being executed, is too late to stop it * Manages to kill all the guards around him and escape Slide23:  Resurrection (Climax) * Discovers that DuPont is Father and a “sense offender” * Kills Brandt, DuPont and henchmen in stunning fashion “Mind the uniform, cleric. I plan to be wearing it for a long time...” * Fights his way to Father’s chambers * Rediscovers his cold, calculated killing ways Slide24:  Return with the Elixir * Underground begins to destroy Prozium centres * Happy Happy Joy Joy. THE END! * Destroys the broadcast/propaganda booth * Has killed DuPont/Father Slide25:  Questions? Questions, Comments, Chocolate Bars?

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