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Published on January 16, 2018

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“Equallyokedtarianism”: “Equallyokedtarianism” Advanced Concepts Social Psychology 444 - The Liberal Arts and Humanities - Dyadic Psychology Webinar Disclaimer: Disclaimer This material may be quoted for educational projects only – i.e., graduate students, clinical researchers, and post-doctorate professionals. All quotations here within are actually either direct or paraphrased quotes from personal interviews, public lectures, formal clinical research journals and/or mass media publications. So therefore, the use of any quotations here within is granted and understood that it may be used for educational purposes in: counseling practicums, social psychology research, supervised clinical psychiatry and psychotherapy. - Liberal Arts and Humanities - Equallyokedtarianism: Equallyokedtarianism The concept of ‘Equallyokedtarianism’ amongst a very diverse multicultural population is central to scientific human ecology, the biopsychosociocultural evolution of global civilization, and the conservation of ‘true’ humanitarianism… 1 UN/World Health Organisation, Unpublished Scientific Papers Slide4: “Equallyoked tarianism” a Social phenomena… …in a multicultural society ..as Social phenomenology: ..as Social phenomenology A couple (usually a heterosexual dyadic ) who are of very similar or the same ‘civil identity.’ 1 Any couples who are bonded together and who are of the ‘same’ or ‘very similar’ civil identities within a general movement of like-minded peoples. 2 Sociology 101- Social Phenomenology Slide6: A marital couple who marries -with their backgrounds related to their ‘civil identities. 3 – Introduction to Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology Equallyoked (equally yoked) “Civil Identities”: “Civil Identities” - Ethnicity: Euro-American - Religion: Conservative Christian - Race: White-caucasian - Color: Light Complexion - Age: 30 - Gender: Male - Sexual orientation: Heterosexual - Marital Status: Single - Ethnicity: Euro-American - Religion: Liberal Christian - Race: White -caucasian - Color: Very Light Complexion - Age: 29 - Gender: Female - Sexual orientation: Heterosexual - Marital Status: Single - Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology Examples: 1, 2 As a Biological - System: As a Biological - System ‘Equallyokedtarianism’ as a biological system: “While the ‘ equally yoked ’ relationship certainly has an advantage in social quality, cultural resilience, and longevity, no dyadic relationship system functions absolutely flawlessly all of the time-in a multicultural society-each individual in an ‘ equally yoked ’ relationship will be faced with at times when one or both are out of sync, or in emotional disregulation” 1 – SocPsy444: Clinical Social Psychology Physiologic - Homeostasis: Physiologic - Homeostasis ‘Equallyokedtarianism’ & physiologic homeostasis: “Peak dyadic attunement (levels of connectedness, joint attention, and reciprocity) and physiological synchrony during intimate sexual interactions among ‘equally yoked’ couples registered in more balanced mutual orgasms and hormonal outcomes.” 1 –Physiological Psychology: Couples and Sex In Cybernetics - Feedback: In Cybernetics - Feedback ‘Equallyokedtarianism’ in cybernetics – feedback: “In quantitative analysis of identified feedback loops in dyadic communication sessions with positive, affirmative, and optimistic words; change, adaptation, and growth improved over words with negativistic, pessimistic, and skeptical sessions navigating the ‘equallyoked’ couple towards a more balanced acceptable relationship parameters.” 2 – Dyadic Communication: Feedback Loops In Psychosomatic - Medicine: In Psychosomatic - Medicine ‘Equallyokedtarianism’ as psychosomatic medicine: “ Equallyoked couples who ‘thought’ about their sense of connectiveness with each other reported a ‘feeling’ of belongingness, compatibility, and ‘fit’ -more so- that unequallyoked couples whose differences were more pronounced.” “ …more so, reported ‘feeling’ sickened about their loved ones who were in an unequallyoked relationship by perverted choice.” 2,3 – Dyadics and Psychosomatics: in Medicine Community – Mental Health: Community – Mental Health The concept of ‘Equallyokedtarianism’ within a therapeutic community: “ …in group therapy consisting of ‘equallyoked’ couples group…measurements of social related insightfulness, self-esteem and self-image, and self-reported ‘happiness’ resulting in emotional wellbeing was the ‘norm’ or at least commonplace in the community mental health setting.” 4 – Community Mental Health: Group Therapy In Sociocultural Anthropology: In Sociocultural Anthropology ‘Equallyokedtarianism’ within the context of social structuralism, functionalism: “…among rural peoples not isolated from urban areas identified … ‘equally yoked couples’ forming nuclear families did so based on de facto civil identities” 5 - Studies in Sociocultural Anthropology In Social work: Social Context: In Social work: Social Context ‘Equallyokedtarianism’ within social work: “Unequallyoked social workers (verus ‘equallyoked’ social workers) identifying their bias and self-reporting as prejudice while inquiring about whether ‘equallyoked’ is by ‘choice’ or it just worked out that way” 5,6 - Social Work: Case Studies in Social Context The Social Forces at Work: The Social Forces at Work Equallyokedtarians are the most targeted for destruction by world tyrannical powers that there ever can be in multiculturalism. 1 Degradation of people’s ‘ self esteem ’ comes from the of demise of family and individual “civil identity ” by the powers that be in order to attain and maintain governmental rule. 2 The empowered liberal media, public education, and multicultural secularism perpetuates community ‘amalgamation’ for the sake of ‘cultural confusion’ - thereby ruining the identities of a country’s peoples . 3 Social Psychology: Globalists and Totalitarianism Slide16: Take Home Exam Slide17: (1.) Choose a maximum of ONE of the Concepts in this presentation and write a 1 ½ page summary of your personal impression and opinion of the one you chose. e.g., “Sociocultural Anthropology” structure/ function as ‘equallyokedtarianism’ pertains to tribes, cults, and de facto ‘Civil identities.’ Discussion Groups Form Small Groups: Report to Entire Class. Slide18: CONTACT: Dr. Xxx X. Xxxx , PhD– Professor Emeritus Professor of the Humanities - Used by Permission - Social Psychology 444 “Equallyokedtarianism” Advanced Studies in Humanistic biopsychosocioculturalism Dyadic Psychology

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