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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: Lawv01

Source: slideshare.net

BY VICKY LAW Evaluation Question 1: In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Thriller Film conventions I created a mind map and analysed the different conventions from “Shutter Island” and “Sixth Sense”. -This included: Setting Iconography Protagonist Visual Style Enigma Themes Antagonist

How far did I use, develop or challenge conventions?

Setting -Normally you would associate a library as a place where people go to enjoy the piece and quiet to focus on books. -However, we added a protagonist and antagonist in the thriller which adds mystery as your don’t know what to expect. -We challenged this convention as you would typically associate that a crime would take place at night, in alleyways, underground etc. not in a library in daylight. Crime Alley

Iconography -Our Iconography is a clock that was already in the library. This gives the effect of time passing by which we wanted to shoe how she has fallen asleep working/been in the library a long time. -Clock are also conventional in a thriller for many reasons, but the main ones are to indicate time, as well as to show that they day has moved on. Law abiding Citizen Sherlock Holmes

Protagonist -To the audience the protagonist could be Kiera, as you can see she is hard working and looks innocent. -However as the audience see she missing poster, she is seen as more of a victim rather than a protagonist because she isn’t the “good guy” who saves the day. -Using an innocent, naive and vulnerable young girl is also conventional as they might be seen as an easy target to a protagonist. Law abiding Citizen

Antagonist -As the audience, you would straight away assume that he is the antagonist because of his dark clothing and how the camera angles make sure that you cannot see his face. -We dressed him in dark clothing which is another conventional feature as it makes them harder to be spotted. Antagonists don’t want to be seen and bright colours wouldn’t give the same effect as dark clothing does. -The dark clothing is conventional as in a lot of thrillers, this is how they are dressed The trainer imply that he is always on the run as they look worn out and they also fit his characters look better.

Visual Style -We blurred the screen as it Johns hand covers the screen to carry on the idea that you don’t see his face which makes it more mysterious. -We also dissolved one shot into another which helps show the passing of time. -We used fast paced editing towards the end of the thriller to build up more tension and make it more intense which a lot of thrillers have as well. -This visual style is conventional as other thrillers do use this effect.

Enigma As the audience the questions you would ask are: -Why did he come after her? -Who is he and where has he taken her? -Is he a serial killer/ kidnapper? -Will she come back and become the protagonist? -Is there another actor that will make an appearance as the protagonist? In other thrillers, these questions would be similar as the mystery would make the audience question them.

Theme -The themes in our thriller is a theme of kidnapping/crime as you can see the missing poster. -The kidnapping/crime theme is obvious as you see the escaped poster at the beginning then the missing poster at the end. -The theme of Kidnapping/crime is common in movies so we thought using a missing poster at the end would leave it on a cliff hanger and add to the enigma.

Overall Overall, we developed the ideas that conventions have in a thriller when we made our thriller. We did this as we believed it would give more meaning and help the audience to understand what we were trying to portray. However, the only one we challenged was the location as it added more mystery into our thriller.

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