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Information about ePubs-RollYourOwn(for_supercon2012)

Published on March 9, 2014

Author: windsordi

Source: slideshare.net


Status of epub creation and publication (2012); standards; philosophy; scholarly links-footnotes-annotations; ePub3 updates; CSS3 impact; DRM; fake ePubs-iBookAuthor; OPF file tree structure; xhtml elements; suggested apps; structural thoughts; optimal image sizes; starting files dictate paths; sigil; validators; packagers-calibre; sales rights; distribution; readers - Adobe Digital Editions - Stanza-BlueFire-iBook; watch to watch - changes; learn more.

ePubs in (early) 2012 Walter Lewis & Diane Bédard OLA SuperConference 2012

Standards? What is ePub? spec defined by IDPF - International Digital Publishing Forum Who is IDPF? adobe, google, overdrive, kobo, sony, world blind union, random house, daisy etc … a trades group, not a standards group PREVIOUS - ePub 2.0.1 (2010) CURRENT - ePub 3.0 (Oct 2011)

ePub2 Philosophy write once/read anywhere lots of devices/same file screen agnostic…  screen flow regardless of size (aka Dynamic Layout)

Scholarly?  foot notes VS end notes  citation?  anchors for a reference?  embedded milestones to cite from?  need for back links (not there yet)

ePub3 Philosophy packaged HTML content  audio, video, objects, colour fixed layout – working group tablet-like devices (high end)

ePub3  incorporates features defined by CSS3 Modules and introduces EPUB-specific CSS constructs.  defines a restricted subset of SVG 1.1  defines a set of extensions to the W3C HTML5 document model that Authors may include in XHTML Content Documents.  requires XHTML Syntax of HTML5 (5 unfinished)  scripting and form support are optional … a conformant Reading System might not be a fullyconformant HTML5 User Agent

ePub3  It is highly likely that this will render obsolete the current crop of "one-trick pony" light ePub readers (sony, kobo etc)  Enter the tablet… full colour, full motion, add apps, multimedia.. Moved beyond “just the book”

iBooksAuthor (.ibooks file) Apple extension (proprietary) iPad running iBook app fixed layout (no re-flow) accessibility: audio vs. font size targeting textbook market distribution/marketing rights?

DRM (don’t really mean it?) Four main ebook DRM schemes at present:  Adobe's Adept DRM (overdrive, sony)  Apple's Fairplay DRM (ibook)  Barnes & Noble's DRM (nook/kobo)  Amazon's DRM (kindle) …and “removers” readily available ;-)

Structure of OPF (why you want to use a packager)

Xhtml elements

Apps we suggest Software (mac/win/linux):  Calibre:  ePub Convertor and packager, epub reader  Sigil:  a dedicated EPUB editor  Adobe Digital Editions:  ePub reader, DRM tester (no linux)  Dreamweaver or any clean markup editor

Structural thoughts #1  reader app has driver’s seat, will show all content and likely ignore some design  XHTML and CSS **MUST** be UTF-8 or UTF-16 BOM so make sure your editor of choice does this /ensure you SAVE as this format  supply all elements (internal to pub package) , not externally linked

Structural thoughts #2  image element (inline)  formats allowed are .gif, .png, .jpg, .svg  alt tag REQUIRED  object element for anything else  (very weak support for this element) Optimal image sizes (OPTIMIZE for WEB)

Optimal image sizes  reminder to OPTIMIZE for WEB  cover images:  590 pixels wide x 750 pixels high  resolution should be 72 pixels per inch (ppi)  color images saved in RGB colour space  format can be JPEG, GIF, or PNG.  Max widths for inside images:   Small mobile screens - assume 320 px wide dedicated readers - assume 590 px wide

Options: Start with a .DOC Save as HTML

MS:HTML vs. the real stuff

Options: Start with .PAGES Images: FLOAT vs. INLINE

ePub with .PAGES

Build with

Validators: check your "finished” package FlightCrew (http://code.google.com/p/flightcrew/) better tool...download & install Mac, Win, Linux threepress epub validator (http://threepress.org/document/epub-validate) online but often unclear error messages Other Validators: xhtml validator (http://validator.w3.org) idpf validator (http://validator.idpf.org)

Packaging it up: CALIBRE

iBooks Author (NOT an ePub)

iBooks Author: Sales/distribution rights?

Outcome: (on computer) in Calibre

Outcome: (on computer) Adobe DIGITAL EDITIONS Img FLOAT – ok UL – square but…

Outcome: (on computer or tablet ) in STANZA Img FLOAT working

Outcome: (on tablet) Readers…

Outcome: ePub (on tablet) Img FLOAT issues in orientation

Outcome: iBook (on tablet)  Fixed Display…

Distribution •Put in your library website •Bonus points – point to it in the catalogue (marc 856 tag) •Upload to iBooks •Sell to Amazon •ePub hosting sites •OPDS – RSS-like feed for ePub



What to watch… •Evolving standards…. to ePub3/HTML5 •Fixed layout format push for specialized formats •Rise of the tablet – to handle new medias •Re-purposed browsers, rather than built-up reader apps •DRM issues

Learn more… ePubs Made Easy: OLA Educational Institute – 3 weekly sessions ( April 25 to May 9) … online – with homework! ;-)

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