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Published on April 14, 2008

Author: lararam

Source: authorstream.com

Slide2:  INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE PROJECTS Slide3:  The brand identity & the customer portrait: Perfectly simple yet distinctive and edgy clothes The contradiction between the simplicity and the distinctiveness of the brand identity is reflected onto the form of the store: Sharp metal unorthodox forms sticking out of a simple white box. Sophisitcated Powerful Androgynous Powerful women Slide4:  Shoe and bag display Cafe/payments cashier Storage/kitchenette Couture Dressing room Dressing rooms Leisure/ Day-wear Dresses/ nightgowns Display platforms Juxtaform Projection curtain Night gowns displayed in a gallery-like corridor Small display platforms made of white plexiglass are lit from inside and can be viewed from outside the shop aswell. Slide5:  Shoe and bag display Cafe/payments cashier Storage/kitchenette Couture Dressing room Dressing rooms Leisure/ Day-wear Dresses/ nightgowns Display platforms Juxtaform Projection curtain Side view G t:  G t Clothes are lit by light coming through the semi-transparent plexiglass hangers The inclined and oblique silhouettes are seen behind the cashier, on the image wall aswell. ..\Desktop\jilsander foto album\jilsander-27.jpg:  ..\Desktop\jilsander foto album\jilsander-27.jpg A big table/ seating unit welcomes the customers at the entrance. Shoes and bags are displayed at one end of the table, while the other end is used as an area where customers can rest and have a cup of coffee. Customers can pay for the garments they bought while they’re having their coffee aswell. Slide8:  rib-like metal structure Steel wire connecting the metal ribs Juxtaform textile ptojection curtain miror Metal profiles for the Archinet metal mesh The lighting system of the fitting rooms signals whether the rooms are occupied or not.The doors are made of textile panels which become semi-transparent when light is projected from behind. With the help of motion sensors,floor lights are switched off and lights on the ceiling on, automatically when a customer enters the fitting room.This makes the door become opaque. Empty state of fitting rooms Occupied state of fitting rooms Slide9:  a giant furniture that stretches between the two floors of the house is the datum of the design, this furniture provides vertical circulation, a blank background for the photo shoots,an area to watch movies and a study Slide10:  The photo-shoot platform can be transformed into a seating unit and a surface for projection Slide11:  First floor the house changes color, creating different backgrounds for the photos Slide12:  Photo shoot area Ground floor Slide13:  double sided, reversible wall panels Slide14:  bathroom bedrooms Slide15:  OTHER PROJECTS Slide16:  THE NOVAK HOTEL A Swiss Chalet themed boutique hotel at the heart of Istanbul’s most elite neighborhood:Nisantasi -18double rooms -10 single rooms -7 suites -a swiss restaurant -a wine cellar -a special wine bar -a club -a jazz bar at the roof -cheese boutique -wine boutique -a patisserie -a fitness center -a garage wine and chese boutique ,patisserie boxes Jazz bar Swiss restaurant Slide17:  THE NOVAK HOTEL Front and back facades Slide18:  THE NOVAK HOTEL The inner courtyard, the restaurant and the boutiques Slide19:  THE NOVAK HOTEL The roof, the terrace jazz club Slide20:  ITU ARCHITECTURE FACULTY CAMPUS REORGANISATION PROJECT Entrance hall the faculty building Slide21:  Contemporary exhibiton halls Slide22:  Student lounging halls Slide23:  Study units Faculty collection exhibition units Slide24:  PALAZZO PISANI-MORETTA-VENICE REFURBISHMENT: BOATHOUSE PROJECT The traditional Venetian boat-making craft is about to become extinct. This art has to be lead onto the new generations and is going to be promoted by this foundation run inside Palazzo Pisani-Moretta. A boat making workshop,short courses workshops, an exhibition area , a bar, lounging area and a restaurant is going to take place inside the palazzo. Light structure(boat-making area and exhibition ramp) Slide25:  Projection onto glass structure Slide26:  View from back entrance

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