Episode 1 - Sormel & the Teachers From Hamp Radiar (Uranus) (the Lost Arc)

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Information about Episode 1 - Sormel & the Teachers From Hamp Radiar (Uranus) (the Lost Arc)

Published on March 16, 2014

Author: dormsfornorm

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Solar System (Solaris) Chronicles - Episode 1. Tells the story of Sormel, the world chief of the planetoids of Uranus (Hamp radiar as called by the federation) & his fellow teacher race as they taught the Maldekians, the Gracyeans & the other galactic human races throughout the known universe. They have the master knowledge of the sacred geometries, sacred numerals, proportions & formulas known on Earth as the Ra System of Mathematics.

Episode 1 : Sormel's Legacy, & The Maldecian Blueprint of Tyranny (p.238 Thru Alien Eyes by WHB) (Summary flashback, several thousand Earth years before the current story timeline) •The Uranians landed on the planet Gracyea, in the 4th planetary orbit of the Lalm star system. Lalm star system is a few light years behind the Tau Ceti star system, from Earth’s field of view. They were led by their planetary chief, Sormel. They were greeted by the Gracyean world leader. It was a sunny day. •Sormel and some of his men accompanied him down the platform of their scout craft. They finally decided to initiate first contact after several days of observing while in their huge starship orbiting the Bel Nec radiar, in the 6th planetary orbit of Lalm system. There were 12 of them in all inside the craft including the telepathic pilot. They were all sages from the Hamp radiar, or what we presently call Uranus, each from the different unnamed planetoids encircling the then dwarf companion of our sun. Aside from the Hamp radiar which then occupies the 7th planetary orbit from the sun, there are the radiars Relt, Sumer & Trake which are presently called the gas giants Jupiter, Saturn & Neptune respectively. All these blazing radiars look like dwarf companions to our central sun when viewed from another star system. Unnamed Gracyean world chief (raised his arms to greet Sormel) : Blessings in the name of the sun! I sense that you have a wisdom that you wanted to impart to me & my people, o Great Benevolent teacher from the stars. For what purpose I may serve you and your people? •They embraced one another as if they had known each other for a long time now. Sormel : Greetings also to you in the name of the stars & the sacred numbers! We sensed that you and my people have very lots in common. In that regard, perhaps my people can stay here in your peaceful planet and enjoy the scenery, what your planet has to offer and exchange products or whatever you might have to offer to us. Or you can just forget about giving us anything in return altogether. Consider it as a gift from us. We saw that you are a very hardworking, industrious race of people working for the benefit of the entire planet. For that, please allow us to impart unto the Gracyean people the knowledge of the sacred ratios, proportions and formulas. You will find this knowledge useful in building much longer lasting & more formidable structures, like the pyramids. But much more important, you will learn the secrets of travelling to another distant star system in a matter of hours. Or in some cases, in the twinkling of an eye. Gracyean world chief : Is that so, great one? My intuitions are right! Your reputation precedes your wisdom and fame. You can stay here for as long as you want, and take any products or goods that please you. When will you start to teach us?

Sormel : We can start later today if you wanted. And by the way, our central star is called Sol. It’s 1 of the brightest stars in your night skies (pointing to its location in the southern hemisphere). Gracyean world chief : I wanted you to rest for today, great one. Please enjoy the view, the food, & everything our people has to offer for now. We can resume tomorrow early in the morning. I cannot emphasize more how much we of our race are ecstatically glad for you to pay us a visit, o great one! Setting aside what we have talked about today, can you please at least briefly explain to us how did you traverse the more than 12 light years of space between your star system & ours in just a few days, great one? Sormel : Ah! But we thought we will start our lesson not yet today. I will give you a brief explanation anyways. The entire lesson will be covered in a few days’ time, if you will learn fast enough & pass our subsequent tests. But here it is. Aside from anti-gravity propulsion, we can propel our crafts almost as fast as the speed of sunlight, and even faster than light. But seeing you right now, I don’t even think that you had even learned yet the technology of going to the other planets of your star system. Anyways, our starships’ median speed within a heliosphere is over 700 kilometers per second, cruising speeds in other words. That is within a star system, I will say again. But when we reached the heliopause, the distance from the central star where the electromagnetic & gravitational influence of a star tapers or goes away, that’s the moment that we engage another method of field propulsion system. This is manipulated light. It is as if the distance between the 2 stars are non-existent and you will instantaneously appear at the next star system’s vicinity. Now, travelling in these 2 modes of propulsion still take a long time. It will take you months before you can reach the nearest neighboring galaxy, given the millions of heliospheres you have to pass thru before you can go to the edge of the galaxy. This is where stargate piping comes in handy. In stargate travelling, any star can become a stargate portal. And then you will connect it with the other stargates that you had already traversed in your past travels. In the case of our local star group, the nearest stargate is what we call in our astronomy as the star Arcturus (Sormel pointed towards the southwestern direction of the sky). It is 36.7 light years away from our solar system. It’s also among the brightest in your night sky aside from Sol. But there’s one big catch : NO TWO OR MORE STARSHIPS CAN OCCUPY THE SAME STARGATE at the same time, LET ALONE USE THEM. This will lead to a large scale explosion. And I cannot emphasize this more. We have seen from up above how your science fiction movies are mixing up these mode of travelling with your so called warp drive. In a ‘warp drive’, or should I say manipulated light drive, the travel time is instantaneous, almost in a teleportation fashion, & between 2 neighboring stars. What your movies are depicting is stargate travelling already, traversing thousands of stars before emerging out into your destination. And then the latest so called “installment” of your science fiction “franchise” even depicted 2 starships having a dog-fight while travelling in a stargate. That doesn’t happen at all. Just impossible.

Before I forget, any silent zones within a star’s vicinity can initiate a stargate portal. Even the surface of the star itself in some urgent cases, when an enough amount of huge energy is present, can host a stargate. These silent zones are areas of space where there are almost no electromagnetic and radiational influences emanating from any heavenly bodies. Also for energy-efficacy purposes, our huge motherships’ propulsion system can also serve as stargate portals inside them for use by smaller interstellar scoutships. Although not all scoutships have interstellar travel capability. They are the special ones! Once they enter this stargate portal, they will be catapulted into the destination star’s heliosphere. Every star has a signature spectral frequency, just like a barcode that is being scanned in some of your convenience stores. This spectral signature is where the interstellar ships are being aimed at in order to arrive at their destination stars. How we connect these stargates, through a process we call stargate piping, we will tackle in the following days & months. Now isn’t that too much for a brief explanation! •Sormel chuckled, & then he smiled. Gracyean world chief : I cannot thank you more from the bottom of my heart. Please, let us rest now for the day. •In the following several months and years, the lecturing and teaching ensues. The teachers even built many structures in the order of sacred geometries and sacred proportions. Then came the day that the teachers have to depart. They will travel to another star system to impart their knowledge of sacred geometries & numerals. Sormel : That is what we have to teach to you for now. You have a 2nd planet here in your star system from your sun you call Simm, and the radiar Bel Nec. Its 2nd planetoid is called Morza, am I wrong? Please visit them in the following days after we had left. Most of all, I see in your lineage, a very promising individual that will visit us 1 day in order to build some structures, in the 2nd planet we call Sarus (Earth). He could be 1 day become the leader of your people. He will face a great deal amount of challenges & chaos after he build structures and an entire city there. IT COULD BE THE DARKEST ERA OF HIS LIFE AND THE PEOPLE AROUND HIM. If everything just goes well in that distant future, then he might gain the precious attentions of the Elohims, or even the Supreme Creator of All that Is. Gracyean world chief : (tightly hugging Sormel, speaking in a euphoric state) I will remember all the teachings & the reminders, brother in Light! I will never forget the vision that you had for my descendants and teach them well all that I have learned from you. There’s nothing more left I can say. Goodbye for now, till we meet again. (p. 300 Thru Alien Eyes by WHB) (Summary flashback, still several thousand Earth years before the current story timeline)

•Another group of the Uranian teachers landed on the planet Maldek, the then 4th planet from the central star Sol. Earth or Sarus as its inhabitants called it then, occupied the 2nd planetary orbit. It was already dusk. •Some minutes & hours later, the people of the planet congregated around the crafts which are now shining what seem to be spotlights around the landing field, making their presence known. There are also tables and chairs all throughout the landing field around the somewhat saucer-shaped crafts. The platform descends & their chief, Frocent comes down. He was greeted by the Maldekians around them. Frocent : We came into your planet in the name of the almighty elohims. We came to mingle with others of your kind. We are doing so in a way that we may impart our knowledge of the sacred geometries, numbers & proportions in a way that we will not disrupt your daily way of living. Unnamed Maldekian from the crowd : Greetings to you too in the name of Ba’al! We saw from a distance that you really have a sophisticated level of technology we haven’t witnessed before. If you don’t mind us asking, are you willing to teach us the things you had just said? We are yet to learn the ways of the elohim & of the universe. In return, please accept our offering of crops, grain, cattle & poultry. That is all we can offer, wise teacher. Frocent : You don’t have anything to worry, my Maldekian brother. We came not just in your humble world but to the other countless planets we can go into so that we may spread out what was taught to us by the elohims. And we will never ever ask for anything in exchange, now and for all of eternity. Unnamed Maldekian : Thank you so much, wise one. About the name of this elohim of yours who imparted this knowledge, may we know his name? Frocent : The elohims are as numerous as the incomprehensible number of the angels in the gate of the heavens. Some just play the trumpets & the harps greeting those who made it into heaven in the afterlife. Some have specialized functions of taking care all the life forms in a planet, even the terraforming of a planet up to until it was inhabited by different flora & fauna. Up to the weather system and the geological configurations of the landmasses & its bodies of water, the elohim all takes care of them. And when its human inhabitants are spiritually evolved and knowledgeable enough, just like in the case of you Maldekians, then they will talk into whoever is their designated leader. This individual must be speaking for the people of the entire planet so they must have a unity or oneness in thought and consciousness. And I heard from you, your elohim had a name, and this name is Ba’al, is it not? Unnamed Maldekian : Yes, you are right, wise teacher. And my people are still yet to learn from the ways of our elohim. As you might see in our ways & demeanor, we are yet to be ordained by our elohim into the glorious ways of the light. We are what is called in our language the Darmins. Our kind who already awakened into the ways of our elohim in the other hand, are called the Quains. We are somewhat unlucky we didn’t awake into the ways of Ba’al. But those of my kind who awakened to the holy ways, we call them the quains. They had a fortified city many miles from here. Their supreme high priest once visited us in the past telling us that we should

refrain from reproducing our kind from now on. Their reason is that one can only learn the ways of the elohim right after birth. And on top of this, a particular newborn child must meet a certain set of standards set forward by the elohim, Ba’al. If the child didn’t meet these standards, that child will be put to death whether the parents liked it or not. Those who will meet the standards will be allowed to live, and placed in suspended hibernation inside so called ‘awakening caverns’ until they awake on their own while receiving psychic indoctrinations & teachings from the elohim himself. Now tell me wise teacher, do we even need the elohims in our lives when daily living is already a struggle for many of us? Why would the elohims order the killing of an innocent child who was sent by them anyways into the lives of 2 people loving one another? Where is the logic & reason behind that? Frocent : I heard you my kindred brother. Never in my life have I heard of an el who will order the killing of a child because it didn’t met their so called ‘standards.’ But our els and the els of the other different worlds we have visited so far don’t have any of these implied set of laws. Unnamed Maldekian : Can you promise me that you will do something just in case those quains try to kill one of our newborns again? Although I’m not expecting you to lend us a helping hand, how about you provide us with a negotiating muscle? Frocent : Well, all humans in creation follow a rule called the Prime Directive. That is, we cannot interfere with the decision making of another race of humans if what is at stake is their destiny. But clearly in your case, you cannot be suppressed even by your own kind just because it is the so called will of elohim. I will help you more with this matter when I have gathered enough options and insights. For the meantime, let us assess your situation while we are also teaching you in the ways of sacred structures & formulas. Unnamed Maldekian : Thank you so much, radiant one. (the Maldekian hugged Frocent afterwards.) •Many years have passed since that first meeting of a darmin & the Uranian teachers. During the period that the great teachers from Uranus resided on Maldec, more and more quains awoke. The teachers also built numerous cities throughout the planet, with gigantic, marvelous structures designed in the order of the sacred geometries, proportions & formulas. •In 1 of the Maldekian fortified cities near the awakening caverns, the quain supreme high priest is in a deep meditative prayer in 1 of its prayer halls. The high priest, Mic-Corru is the ancestor of the present timeline’s supreme priest-ruler of Maldek also named Mic-Corru. After several hours of being in a somnambulistic state of meditation, he went to the altar in haste. He dropped a handful of powdered crystals in the big, central incense urn of the altar. After a few moments, fire arises. The smoke thickens. A figure in a golden robe, surrounded by a deep, dark red hue of aura emerges. It looked holographic amidst the smoke. It is the entity that the high priest is summoning through hours of continuous chants. It is the Maldekian elohim himself! He had an important message to impart. And then the holographic entity began to speak.

Ba’al : I shower my blessings unto you, Mic-Corru of Maldek. You had a matter disturbing you, about the race of off-worlders who are teaching the darmins the way of the sacred geometries and the technology of going into other stars outside ours. I say you must stop them from teaching the unordained ones. For they will not be able to handle such knowledge, & the experience requires great cunning intellect & mental agility. They don’t have those traits that I have indoctrinated into your kind. My beloved quains. Some of my children are now awakening. Soon, they will grow in numbers & outnumber the unordained darmins. They will ask for more of what they so rightfully deserved from those off world teachers. I have imbued them with the ability of hyper-fast learning so they may absorb much faster those knowledge. Expect nothing less from our advanced race of supreme beauty & superior traits. I want you to gather my children more frequently in these temples throughout the planet, starting today. And tell them and to your fellow priests what I have imparted to you today. The time has now come for the supreme race of Maldec to take over the entire Sol, bring its people under my rule & spread the good news & the light that is Ba’al, the great bringer of enlightenment. •The entire time the apparition of Ba’al is talking, Mic-Corru is kneeling in front of him in the altar. His forehead is touching the floor, listening very attentively & nervously. His nervousness is not brought by fear but by a sense of urgency. Ba’al : Now rise, my child & spread the good news that I just told you. I am now leaving your presence & my blessings unto you. May you be of the way of Ba’al. Mic-Corru : (shivering & running around the temple in hysterical joy) Praise Ba’al! Glory to Ba’al! Praise and glory to the elohim Ba’al! I will spread your good news throughout the planet! •That same day, high priest Mic-Corru gathered all the priests, their elderly council and all people involved with governance and told them of their elohim’s wishes and messages. They are anticipating that in a few days’ time, the quains will acquire the knowledge required to travel into interstellar space. But they miscalculated the Hampians & their hand to hand combat capabilities. •Few days have passed, the teacher Frocent is teaching a group of Maldekians under a tree somewhere near their original landing site many years earlier. But today is a different day. One of his students, Ordo-Sambilth, a short tempered quain, is about to have a temper tantrum as modern earth humans termed it. Frocent : (pointing into an illustration of the additive color chart) So in the analogy of the additive properties of light’s color chart, combining the frequencies blue & green will yield the secondary color cyan, primaries red & green into the secondary yellow, blue and red into magenta. The same goes for basic forces of nature. In the case of our lesson, the secondary force gravity is the product of primary forces weak nuclear force & electromagnetism. (pointing into an illustration of the visible light spectrum) To put into another perspective, when red light is interfered with green light, yellow light is produced. Low frequency combined with high frequency will yield into their median frequency. But in the case of blue with green, or blue with red, the

combination jumps into another frequency range, cyan and magenta respectively for both combinations. And those products are nowhere to be found near the vicinity of the original colors. Why is that so? The quantum unpredictability of nature is teaching us we cannot always tinker with it all the time with all of our calculations. There is this saying from a revolutionary thinker I know that scientists from his own world are just confined with mathematics instead of relying more on their laboratory experiments. They wander off through equation after equation, & eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality. Unfortunately, I had forgotten already the name of that scientist, amongst the several thousands of people I had already met so far in my lifetime. I just remembered he claimed that he was a time traveler from a very distant future, 252 million years from now and he was from Sarus (Earth). I think his name was Nikola Tesla. My memory is already getting dull. Let’s rest for today. Lesson resumes next week. •As the students are leaving & Frocent is packing up his teaching materials, holographic & physical, Ordo-Sambilth approached him with an impatient tone. He demanded that the advanced application of the sacred numbers for interstellar travel be taught into him now & to the other quains. Ordo-Sambilth : Hey there, wise teacher. About our lesson on the sacred numbers. Since you had already built numerous cities all around the planet, and they are really the most marvelous we have ever seen, no doubt about it. And for too long we are just focusing on the forces of nature, isn’t it time that you already taught us the secret into your spacecrafts? I mean not just the antigravity talk we have here. I have heard that there are people up there in the stars who can travel from star to star in less than a Maldecian day (followed by a wide grin & moving his eyebrows in an attempt to persuade).. (A Maldecian day is equivalent to 29 Earth hours) Frocent : So it’s the young Ordo-Sambilth again. I have heard a handful of complaints about you intimidating some of your classmates who don’t share certain beliefs with you. And here you are now approaching me about a topic that is yet to be covered in weeks to come. It is clear from your facts that you knew miniscule about what you are talking about. In your current emotional state, your ego prevents you from knowing your place within wisdom. You must have an emotional purity & clarity of intention devoid of any self-aggrandizement. And you constantly imply that you are the chosen ones. You’re not. You & your fellow kids who are relatively new here, who just awaken years ago from your sleeping caves are a bunch of schemers who order people around you to achieve your bidding. And you thought we who are wise in the ways of the elohims don’t know what’s going on amongst you our pupils, do you? I have had enough of your ploys. Ponder all of what I just told you. When you had meditated on them, then that’s the only time I will answer all your questions. •Ordo-Sambilth’s young face changed suddenly into a very menacing appearance. He grabbed Frocent on the neck. But his aggression proved to be insufficient against the teacher who is much more adept in

hand to hand arts of fighting. As well as being much more molded by hundreds of years of combat training and mental simulations. Ordo-Sambilth : You listen to me, aging off-worlder! You are in our world. We are the word here because we are the chosen ones of the el Ba’al. Ba’al is the last word on this planet. What Ba’al wants, Ba’al gets. Now we can have a deal. You give us the secret to manipulated light & interstellar travel or even the stargates. In exchange for all that, you & your race will sit with us as main science advisors. Together we will enjoy all the spoils and the slave workers that we will accumulate. Do you clearly hear me? •Frocent then managed to quickly escape the young quain’s grapple of his neck. After peering deep into his eyes, he caught a glimpse of the psychic program from where the young man came from. For him, it was overwhelmingly intoxicating. The vile wickedness that he sensed from the awakening caverns still lingers on to his muscles & flesh. He then lock the grabbing arm of Ordo-Sambilth behind him and flushed his cheek against the study table. It is a far departure from his usual demeanor. He will not act towards being an aggressive fighter, he is dealing with his own pupil after all. But what he glimpsed affected him up to the core of his being. It was as if he also got infected by that vileness. He saw himself as also being indoctrinated by that very evilness that is indoctrinating the newly awakened Maldecians. He saw the smirk on the face of the entity in the golden robe, surrounded by a dark-red hue of aura : the el Lucifer is persuading him to join their kind. He was shown the rewards, the spoils, the slaves from different planets & stars shackled in chains being rounded by the Nordic race to be their slave laborers. Then he managed to recover to his senses. Frocent : OK kid. It must be clear to you that you cannot go around barking orders to just anyone, especially your teachers or even your parents. It is very obvious that your psychic signatures are very different from your kindred darmins. I now have a clear glimpse of why you new kids are acting arrogantly & are constantly scheming. And most of all, the psychic program of your el Ba’al that you are bragging time and again. •He then let go of Ordo-Sambilth. The quain is somewhat shocked that the benevolent teacher has the knowledge and within him that level of ferocity to engage someone of his age. He looks back to the teacher, smirking while massaging his hand that was twisted. Somehow the rage he felt from the offworld teacher felt familiarly good to him. He somewhat managed to command the benevolent teacher to play along with his scheme. Again, his hopes are just as short lived as his tantrums were. Frocent : I don’t have any right to punish you nor any of your fellow awakeners for desecrating our classes. We believe it is up to the almighty elohims to righteously impose the punishment to whoever they applied to. This will be the last time this is happening. We will not be seeing any of your kind anymore! •Frocent turned away from Ordo-Sambilth in haste. He walks away ignoring the taunts being yelled at him by the youth.

Ordo-Sambilth : If you think this is over, you’re dead wrong! We are already a legion, off-worlder, and we will get by force that which rightfully belongs to us. We will come back! Mark my word for it! •That night Frocent telepathically contacted their planetary chief Sormel. Sormel is now on a planet designated in today’s Earth astronomy as Alcyone-3 (what the Federation called Bantivail-3), in what we call as the Pleiades open star cluster. They are currently building pyramids & other structures in the order of sacred numbers & proportions, as well as teaching the inhabitants those knowledges. Sormel sensed that Frocent is psychically distressed and something is deeply disturbing him within. Sormel : I see that your years of teaching the Maldekian people are somewhat taking its toll on you. And their youth are especially distressing you. And if I just peer deep enough into your psyche I might see SOMETHING that could astonish or even frighten me. But given the intel that I had already received from the higher realm of the Elohims I might also expect the same quality of data news from you. So I will just let you discourse it my kindred Uranian. And then I will tell you the intel I got afterwards. Frocent : You are as sharp as ever, kindred Sormel. One of their kindred, the ones the Maldecians called quains, are the ones giving us teachers extraordinary stress. Then these past weeks, a whole lot of them awakened & flocked our classes. They are acting very bratty & are always scheming against their superiors. Most of all they are asking for the knowledge of interstellar travel as if they are interrogating a prisoner for information. When I peer deep down into his psyche, I see a very vile, abominable psychic indoctrination of the children of this planet. They are being programmed for the purpose of subserviently serving their elohim they call Ba’al. Aside from it, they were being taught that they are the supreme master race in all of Creation, and that they will subjugate and enslave the other races of humans to serve them & those who will align with them. They will start with this local solar system. I will find a way to even stall their diabolical plan even if I cannot stop it. Even if I have to confront their el. Sormel : I warn you, kindred Frocent! Don’t ever attempt to esper (remote view) much more physically enter inside one of their awakening caves! Confronting face to face one of the elohims might cost you your sanity or the imprisonment of your soul by that el, or even death! The elohims are way above and beyond our league... I am about to tell you of the intel I received from the Realm of the Elohims. There are factions of the renegade elohims who rebel against the Supreme Almighty Creator & are now residing in planets throughout the entire known universe. The elohim Ba’al or Lucifer is one of the leaders of that Great Rebellion. The Maldecian quains are the product of his later enforced psychic program after the great Archangel Michael cast them out of Heaven. That is his assurance that he will own the hearts and souls of his Maldecian children even though he was casted out of the Council of the Elohims. Now since we are not authorized by that Council to engage 1 of their own because we are of no match to begin with, I highly suggest that you leave that planet right away!

Frocent : I will abide with your order, chief. But I will also look into the contents of the psychic program, just to have an idea of how to deal with those youngsters. I am still hoping deep within, we can rescue them and their newborns from this abomination. I will now rest for tonight, teacher. Sormel : I will say this again & again, & you listen to me very well, my pupil Frocent! No human in the physical level of existence can withstand the mental pressure being exerted by the presence of an elohim, much more of a very dark entity. It is like a moth peering into the opening of a furnace. You are not going to bilocate into any other place, not going to save any Maldekian infants nor going to face the prince of darkness. You haven’t mastered your inner resolve, nor even can I say that I have mastered mine neither. Didn’t you observed yourself when you twist the arm of that Maldekian youth; that you lost yourself there for a while? And you thought that I your teacher & your chief are not keeping tabs on you my students? What would you do if you were confronted by hundreds, thousands or even millions of those kids bent on getting what they want? Just pack up & leave first thing in the morning. This conversation is now done. •Frocent then went into sleep, still pondering his conversation with their mentor & chief Sormel. He admits that he lost himself there when he saw the prince of darkness convincing him by mental projections of symbolisms: him being `indoctrinated’ and then being rewarded the spoils of the Luciferian conquests. Sormel on the other hand was deeply disturbed not exactly by what he gathered from Frocent both verbally & psychically, but from what he gathered from the Els. The faction of Lucifer is already making their moves in the molar level of existence (physical level) by directly putting humans under their psychic indoctrination matrix. Only time can tell how they will scheme their plans for cosmic domination. Or the possible horrors, torments, strifes and sufferings the upcoming conflicts and wars will inflict. Most of all, it must be just a matter of time before those children of the dark els can get their hands on these technologies & knowledge of sacred proportions, weaponize it for use against another race of peace loving humans. Or even against another elohim. The morning comes for the Uranian teachers and as soon as the dawn breaks, they prepare to depart Maldek. Frocent : Let’s make sure if we are leaving some clues pertaining to the knowledge, make sure that it will only pertain to the knowledge of anti-gravity propulsion and of numerical values of resonant frequencies. •Not too far in the hills where their huge scout crafts (or aircars as the ET’s called them) were parked, a group of several youths were running towards them. Most of them were carrying what appear to be spears or daggers. They seemed to be led by Ordo-Sambilth. They began throwing their spears at the teachers. The Uranians dodged them easily. But many of them charged at the Uranians, with daggers or swords at hand, to forcibly take any materials from them that might pertain to the sacred formulas. The

Uranians didn’t hurt them physically. But instead used what we on Earth refer to as the pressure point martial arts, varma kalai to the Indians, or kyusho-jutsu to the Japanese, rendering the young Maldekians unconscious. Then Ordo-Sambilth finally cornered his former teacher. Frocent saw him as well. The Maldekian quain threw his spear to him full force like a javelin. But Frocent dodged it, & ran to the direction where it landed. He fell on his knees & grabbed the spear. He then rotated backwards, aiming it towards his pursuer’s direction, to defend himself. But it turned out that Ordo-Sambilth is a fast runner just like his fellow Maldekians, & is already a few steps behind him. It sank into his chest when Frocent turned back to face him, he fell into the ground face down after pulling himself from being stabbed, holding his bloodied chest reflexively. Frocent tried to pick him up from the ground, but it was too late. The Maldekian is smiling as he looked into the eyes of his teacher; a smile he hoped would last beyond his last breath. Frocent then shut his eyes, leaving the boy’s body behind as he went inside the aircar. They then left for the orbiting mothership around the planet. Aside from Ordo-Sambilth, there is another one casualty on the part of the quains. Also an accidental killing arising from self-defense. The act of killing another human being was devastating to the ultimately benign Uranians, who collectively felt ashamed to the depth of their souls. Thereafter, they had contacted other races such as the Gracians, & others of their kind which were led by Sormel on Bantivail-3. After these other explorer groups returned home and learned of the events that had taken place on Maldec, they too became remorseful. The Uranians later refused to procreate as penance for their actions on Maldec. Today no more than eighteen Uranians live in physical bodies in the molar (three-dimensional) level of the universal life field on the planet Simcarris, which orbits the 8th planetary orbit of the sun/ star called Thurbal (Thuban in Earth astronomy) in the constellation of Draco, or the Dragon. --------(END OF THE Uranian Teachers ARC)--------

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Sormel: the face on Mars and the Chief of the ancient teacher race from Uranus by Norman Imperial on Sunday, October 17, 2010 at 1:46am Knowledges of the ...
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bioplanet 01 - es.scribd.com

1 of 5. bioplanet by ian beardsley March 03, 2016 2 of 5 #include #include int main(void) { printf("n"); printf("n"); printf("Here we ...
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30. Galileo demonstrated that any projectile would move in a parabola The foundation of ballistics Once distinctions between the traditional four elements ...
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Jung's Archetypes in Gilgamesh and Beyond - es.scribd.com

Jung's Archetypes in Gilgamesh and Beyond - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free.
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BOAA Trial Paper March 2015 - pt.scribd.com

25 1 year 1 m s N m kg kg m AU days .67 × 10 1.496 × 10 1 365.Useful constants Speed of light Gravitational constant Solar mass Astronomical Unit Earth ...
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