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Published on April 16, 2008

Author: Margherita

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  www.epic.co.uk Scaling up development: lessons from the e-learning industry eLRC e-Learning Higher Education Academy, York 22 March 2005:  Scaling up development: lessons from the e-learning industry eLRC e-Learning Higher Education Academy, York 22 March 2005 John Harris Director of Education Epic Group plc About Epic Group plc:  About Epic Group plc An e-learning business with: Clients in public and private sector Shareholders 200 employees Content and web services projects Processes to mitigate risk of project failure PROJECT FAILURE = BUSINESS FAILURE Who are our clients?:  Who are our clients? What kinds of projects do we undertake?:  What kinds of projects do we undertake? E-learning content & web services: Public sector Private sector Education Scale of projects: Small £25,000 to £50,000 Medium £50,000 to 200,000 Large £200,000 to £1M + Slide6:  Small projects Few stakeholders Low profile Self contained Low risk Hands on One person – multiple roles Ad hoc processes React to risk Artisan Risk of project failure Big projects Many stakeholders High profile Complex High risk Hands off One person – one role Clearly defined processes Mitigate risk in advance Industrial Risk of business failure What is a successful project?:  What is a successful project? Risk: over delivery:  Risk: over delivery Risk: over budget:  Risk: over budget Risk: late delivery:  Risk: late delivery Nightmare!:  Nightmare! Mitigating risk through processes:  Mitigating risk through processes Setting up a project to succeed:  Setting up a project to succeed Joint Project Initiation: Objectives and success criteria Scope Stakeholders Project Team Communication Escalation Procedure Risk analysis Change Request procedure What are you planning to achieve?:  What are you planning to achieve? What are the aims of the project? Widen access? Improve quality? Reduce cost? Increase flexibility? What are the objectives for the piece of work? Production of X hours of learning? Covering A, B, C learning outcomes? How will you know if it is successful? In the short term? In the long term? How are you going to get there?:  How are you going to get there? Who is your client accountable to?:  Who is your client accountable to? Slide17:  Who will undertake the work? Communication: weekly progress:  Communication: weekly progress Schedule Achievements Outstanding issues Risks Next steps Invoicing status Communication: project extranet:  Communication: project extranet Some checks and balances:  Some checks and balances Timesheet recording Time spent measure against time allocated Internal review of all deliverables Epiclabs User consultation and persona development At requirements definition stage User testing Use of iterative prototyping Change control Measure impact of any change on cost, time, quality Continuous improvement:  Continuous improvement Review the project with the client and the project team Ask your client how well you did Offer to evaluate the success of the project against the success criteria Adapt your process in the light of feedback The BIG lessons:  The BIG lessons Understand what you are trying to achieve Work in partnership to develop a shared vision Share the vision with the whole team Be methodical in management and monitoring Provide timely information to all stakeholders Understand the performance of the project at any time Focus on delivery, not process Don’t just manage a project, lead it! www.epic.co.uk johnh@epic.co.uk:  www.epic.co.uk johnh@epic.co.uk FREE NEWSLETTER The freshest thinking in e-learning delivered to your inbox. News Reviews Case studies Conference reports FREE WHITE PAPERS Twenty Top 10s in e-learning Research and e-learning Interactive TV and e-learning Simulations and e-learning Games and e-learning M-learning iPod-learning Higher education and e-learning Personalisation and e-learning Blended learning Media and media mix in e-learning The psychology of e-learning Motivation in e-learning Pedagogy and e-learning Learning design for e-learning Collaboration in e-learning Usability in e-learning Standards in e-learning Accessibility and e-learning E-tutoring To subscribe to newsletter or order white papers: marketing@epic.co.uk Slide25:  www.epic.co.uk

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