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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: eetpl

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ENVOGUE is the official newsletter of E-Cube Energy Trading Private Limited. It intends to bring in some fresh and independent perspective on the energy efficiency markets in India.

ENVOGUE | ENERGY TRENDING | Issue1 1 ENVOGUE Energy Trending March’14 Edition ENERGY EFFICIENCY | NEW CHALLENGES | NEW PERSPECTIVES CEO SPEAK 2013 was truly a great year for E-Cube Energy! Thanks to the support and feedback received from our clients and well-wishers. Over the years, we have successfully emerged as one of the prominent players in the energy efficiency domain. Our team will always remain committed to work with its client in a convened manner to develop and implement sustainable energy efficiency practices! We intend to reinforce our commitment by engaging with our clients and keeping them abreast about the developments in the energy efficiency domain and our contributory work therein. ENVOGUE is the official newsletter from the E-Cube Energy’s stable! We hope this would be a meaningful step forward in bolstering our commitment. Your feedback/comments can be immensely helpful in improving our services further and strengthen our resolve, hence they are earnestly invited. Efficiently Yours, Umesh Bhutoria IN THIS ISSUE Focus at Efficiency Sector in focus: Textile! Case Study on Humidification Plants, Textile Sector Page 2 The E-Cube Perspective Success Highlight!! E-Cube Energy has been awarded the contract for detailed performance assessment of electrical motors for all the Yarn Business Units of RSWM Limited! This comes in the backdrop of successful audit conducted at the Mélange unit. Our analysis of the proposed changes in Form 1 for the Textile Sector Page 3 Normalization Factor AdjustmentHow does it impact SEC calculations? Page 4 The E-Cube Advantage Electric Motors- World of Energy Saving Opportunities Page5 Energy Information Management System –En-View Page 6 The India story Importance of Data Analytics in Textile Sector Page 7 Food for thought! Why should PAT Scheme be made bigger? Page 8 Ask | Innovate | Reduce

ENVOGUE | ENERGY TRENDING | Issue1 Focus at Efficiency:- 2 Energy Efficiency Opportunities: Humidification Plants, Textile Sector H Plant 15% Most Spinning Units consume almost 12%17% of total electricity in H Plant. At modest energy saving potential, H Plants have potential to reduce almost 2% of the total electricity consumption of the plant! Rest of the plant 85% % Power Consumption Typical Energy Saving Potential kWh/M3 Heat Load Water Flow Requirement Ambient Conditions Fan Efficiency Required Conditions Pump Efficiency Air Flow Requirement Hourly Stimulation Model Key Performance Parameters for Performance Assessment of Humidification Plants Case Study- Spinning Unit, Rajasthan –Our Deeds and Achievements  Stimulated air, water requirements for Heat Load of each section, compared it with design parameters  Measured Key Performance Parameters for each of the Motor-Fan combination ( Static Pressure, Initial Power Requirement, Time to attain max speed, kWh/M3)  Suggested change in the motor-fan combination and stimulation model in order to gain better understanding of requirement and hence institute supply side management 15%-20% Reduction in Motor-Fan electricity consumption Ask | Innovate | Reduce

ENVOGUE | ENERGY TRENDING | Issue1 The E-Cube Perspective:- 3 Feedback on the major changes in the Form 1– Spinning & Processing, Textile Sector. Changes in the Form 1 are in the right direction and are aimed to get more information on parameters that affect GTG SEC. We have reviewed the form 1 and have placed our comments on major changes as given below:Sl No Change Change/Addition Applicable for Spinning Applicable for Processing 01 Energy Data Fields Addition Addition of UKG and energy consumption for OE, TFO and doubling. SEC and Energy consumption product wise. 02 Production Data Fields Addition Addition of TFO, Doubling and OE Production along with capacity utilization. Product wise production details required. Only two product lines have been listed. 03 Boiler Details Addition Addition of boiler performance details as Annexure 1 Addition of boiler performance details as Annexure 1 04 SEC Calculations and other key parameters calculations Removed from Form 1 Not shown Not Shown 05 Avg Count Removed from new Form 1 Not asked for in any of the fields NOT APPLICABLE 06 Capacity Utilization Modification For spinning Capacity Utilization would be calculated based on installed spindles and utilized spindles. NOT APPLICABLE 07 Non Productive Energy Accounting Maintain Separate Record Separate Energy Accounting and metering for all consumption nonproductive consumption points Normalization Factors Considering that Textile Process is very dynamic and energy consumption/SEC is a function of lot of variables, the Textile Sub Committee has included the following Key Process Parameters as Normalization Factors to be considered at the time of final verification. 1. Import & Export of Intermediary product 8. Product Mix 2. 3. Value added product SEC calculation of Spinning Sub-Group 9. Capacity utilization 10. Coal quality of CPP & PLF of CPP 4. Finished Fabric for Composite Sub Group 5. SEC calculation of Composite Sub-Group 6. Weaving Production & Knitting Production 7. Power Mix 11. Natural calamity/Rioting/Social unrest/ Environmental concern (Additional Environmental Equipment requirement due to major change in government policy on Environment) BEE is also working on “Deepening of PAT Scheme”, which essentially means that PAT Scheme is going to get bigger and better! For more details refer to Page No. 8 Ask | Innovate | Reduce

ENVOGUE | ENERGY TRENDING | Issue1 The E-Cube Perspective:- 4 Normalization Factor Adjustment-How does it really effect SEC calculation? Normalization Factor Adjustment has added a new dimension to the PAT Scheme, however in morde developed markets like Europe or USA, Normalization Factor Development is a key part of overall Monitoring & Verification exercise. In the case study below we look at how product mix impacts the energy consumption and SEC calculations and what is the right way to adjust the same? Actual Scenario Yarn A Baseline Compliance % Change Yarn B Yarn C 11.32% 22.24% 10.92% 33.72% 26.20% -7.51% Electricity in MkWh 38.02 43.58 14.62% 54.97% 51.56% -3.41% UKG (Actual) 2.79 2.85 2.15% Baseline Vs Compliance Period 60.00% 50.00% 40.00% 30.00% 20.00% 10.00% 0.00% 44.00 42.00 40.00 38.00 36.00 34.00 Baseline Compliance Electricty in mkWh Yarn A Yarn B Yarn C Scenario after Statistical Analysis Yarn Type A Yarn Type B Yarn Type C 3.56 3.30 2.37 Calculated UKG Contribution for Baseline 0.403 1.113 1.303 Calculated UKG Contribution for Compliance 0.792 0.865 1.222 UKG Index Expected Change in UKG attributed to Product Mix 2.13% Actual Change in UKG 2.15% Change in UKG attributed to factor other factors 0.02% Inference Staistical analysis of the data shows that the variation in product mix (Normalization Factor chosen for this case study) contributed to a part of the increase, the difference is a result of other factors like Count Variation, Energy Efficiency Projects implemeted etc. Its quite clear that there has to be detailed analysis of the energy consumption as fucntion of Key Performance Parameters/ Normalization Factors for “close to accurate” assessment of SEC. Ask | Innovate | Reduce

ENVOGUE | ENERGY TRENDING | Issue1 The E-Cube Advantage:- 5 Electric Motors- World of Opportunities! Most of you reading the article would be knowing the facts mentioned in the tab on the right hand side. So the real question is what do you do for it? You spend Lakhs on pruchase of energy efficienct motors, but you are completely unaware about its operational parameters. Do you really know if its operating at it’s rated efficiency? If you do not, then how would you justify the investment? ● ● ● In most processes, the motor is made to deviate from its “optimum performance range”, thereby providing significant energy saving opportunity. But to evaluate that one needs to have enough data and the ability to correctly interpret it! ● ● ● How can our Motor Performance Assessment Tool help? Access to Motor Performance Assessment tools Design projects on Demand and Supply Side optimization Study on Motor Peformance Parameters in relation with production process and parameters Enable "Data Drive" decision making process. Maintenance History Management Did you know? 1. Globally 45% of energy consumed across electric motors! 2. OEMs design machines to work for a range of production process/parameters, and hence “Energy Optimization” offers a significant energy saving potential. 3. “Data Analytics” would play significant role in fostering energy efficiency practices. 4. Most of the motors in the processing industries do not operate in the optimum performance range! 5. Just replacing an existing motor with an energy efficient one does not always save energy always! Ask | Innovate | Reduce

ENVOGUE | ENERGY TRENDING | Issue1 6 Want your team to take advantage of the EnView Motor Tool?? All you need to do is to follow these simple steps:  Send us an email on bd@eetpl.in expressing your interest to use the EnView Motor Tool.  We will send you a link to a short survey.  Your team needs to fill that survey and submit it to us.  We will provide you access to the EnView Motor Tool for 3 Months! The E-Cube Advantage:- EnView, Centralised Energy Information Management System Inclusion of normalization factors is an important step and also lays down quite significant importance on data analytics. Data aggregation is an important aspect to be considered prior to Data Analytics, of course if there are no data set points, no analysis can be done. Through EnView we are encouraging industries to manage their energy and production information on a daily basis.EnView a cloud based energy information management and analytics portal developed by E-Cube Energy, which provides user access to processed data which can directly be used to analyse energy performance indicators (Key Performance Parameters “KPPs”) Inclusion of normalization factors is an important step. But the real question is How to adjust SEC/Energy on account of these factors? Over 14 Textile units are currently using EnView. By June 2015, they would access to over 500 data set points for Normalization Factor Development, besides taking advantage of the other benefits as listed below. KPP Based Analysis Alerts on deviation in KPP Customised Reporting Offiste Analytics Support Performance Assessment Tools Features of EnView Ask | Innovate | Reduce

ENVOGUE | ENERGY TRENDING | Issue1 The India Story! - 7 Importance of “Data” in the context of Energy Scenario in India “Big Data” has been making a lot of buzz off late, what really is the fuss about it? Can it really change the way businesses/processes run? McKinsey believes that “Big Data” is the next frontier for innovation, competition and productivity. Very recently we heard the news that IBM has unleashed “Big Data” on renewable energy forecasting and smart grid management! There are a host of companies and organisations that believe that “Big Data” is the next BIG Thing!! E-Cube Energy has been working with almost 20 industries (across sectors like Iron & Steel, Cement, Power and Textiles) in helping cut down on their energy costs/consumption, there is one thing that we noticed that almost of all of the small to medium scale industries do not take “Data” driven decisions (investing in energy efficiency), which essentially means that important investment decisions are being taken based on some “bias” and not “facts”. That is where we realised that if processed data whether big or small, is available to small to medium scale industries, which could potentially enable them to make a lot of important decisions based on facts, thereby fostering innovation, smart thinking, competition and productivity! Benefits of Data Analytics for Industry! Type of information Advantage Impact of product mix on energy consumption Assistance in budgeting and planning. Impact of raw material mix on energy consumption Assistance in budgeting and planning. Energy forecasting models for normalization. Assistance in Energy Accounting, Data submission to Government Authorities, Costing Impact of weather conditions on energy consumption Assistance in Energy Accounting, Data submission to Government Authorities, Costing Specific Energy Consumption Vs Capacity Utilization Assistance in Energy Accounting, Data submission to Government Authorities Operational Efficiency Index Demand & Supply Side Management, Data driven decision for technology up gradation, resource optimization for setting up a similar unit Energy Consumption Benchmarking An internal energy consumption benchmarking/index can be created for performance management and assessment. Prioritizing Energy Efficiency Investment decisions Investments on energy efficiency measures can be prioritized, planned and made more effective. Ask | Innovate | Reduce

ENVOGUE | ENERGY TRENDING | Issue1 Food for thought! :- 8 Why should PAT Scheme be made bigger? Globally, its been widely acknowledged that “market driven mechanisms” are best suited to fight climate change and encourage both public and private sector participation. PAT Scheme in India was launched as a part of India’s strategy to fight climate change and also to showcase seriousness towards negotiating a strong climate deal. Its not just the Government of India that has high stakes in the PAT Scheme, it’s the Designated Consumers as well. While most believe that this sheme comes as a “burden”, but there are some who belive this is the “opportunity” they were waiting for. Its true that PAT Scheme is an amazing opportunity to take Energy Efficiency from “Boiler Room to Board Room”, increase investments in R&D that fosters energy efficiency at plant level and in Data Analytics. All this will take energy efficiency to a whole new level, we at E-Cube Energy call that Energy Efficiency Version 3.0! Four Ways to make PAT Scheme Bigger & Better Widen the market size within the existing eight sectors. Lower the threshold energy value; bring in more number of units under the ambit of the PAT Scheme. Bring in other sectors like Sugar, Automobile, Telecom, Data centre’s etc Delink off Grid Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. Provide some incentives for investments in off Grid Renewable Energy Projects, but that still has to be consumed efficiently. Provide Road Map and Targets for next 3-4 cycles, it helps in creating long term value for all stakeholders. Just like the EU ETS! “Market transformation is the single biggest advantage of PAT scheme. It is not just a State issue. Focus is on all stakeholders.” BEFORE PAT SCHEME AFTER PAT SCHEME Vendor Driven Decision Making Process Focus on Products and not "Process" Data Driven Decision Making Process Focus on "Process" and "Energy Optimization" Less focus on M&V ZERO focus on Data Analytics High focus on M&V Investment in Data Analytics Energy Efficiency merely a "National" subject Energy Efficiency becomes both "Private" and "National" subject E-Cube Energy Trading Pvt Ltd 9, Old China Bazaar Street, 6th Floor, Room No 90 Kolkata- 700 001,West Bengal +91 33 6509 0005 bd@eetpl.in | www.en-view.com | www.eetpl.in Ask | Innovate | Reduce

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