EnviroTech - EC WaterTreatment Presentation - September 2016

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Information about EnviroTech - EC WaterTreatment Presentation - September 2016

Published on December 2, 2016

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1. Electro-Coagulation (EC) Water Treatment Systems www.enviro-t.com | sales@enviro-t.comEnviro Tech Enviro Tech Water Treatment Systems Our Electro-Coagulation (EC) Water Treatment Systems made in the UK, saves on chemical additions and treats industrial waste water streams with great results.

2. The Electro-Coagulation System Product www.enviro-t.com | sales@enviro-t.com • The EnviroTech EC Water Treatment System can be supplied either containerised or skid mounted. • The EC Systems require less area / footprint for the equipment installation than traditional water treatment methods. • The contaminants can be removed by up to 99%. • Low power requirements. •Minimal chemical additions. •Low Maintenance. •Fully assembled in 40ft containers subject to plant size. • Full Oil and Gas specification compliant. •Switch “on” for immediate water treatment results. •Duty / Standby / Rotating operations. An environmentally friendly package water treatment system which saves you money….. Enviro Tech Water Treatment Systems Enviro Tech

3. How it works? www.enviro-t.com | sales@enviro-t.com Our intelligent water treatment will analyse the quality of the water and remove contaminants leaving a “non hazardous” residue which have 50% less water / moisture than traditional water treatment. It is an ideal water treatment solution and compliant with ADNOC and ADMA requirements. The system makes considerable savings in energy consumption costs and chemical addition costs. Intelligent EC water treatment technology…....... Enviro Tech Water Treatment Systems Enviro Tech

4. Where it works?... www.enviro-t.com | sales@enviro-t.com Our Electro-Coagulation water treatment system is ideal for use in the following Oil and Gas applications:- Removing Hydrocarbons Process Water Streams BOD reductions Suspended solid reductions Pipeline cleaning water treatment Caustic water treatment Accommodation waste water Enviro Tech Water Treatment Systems Enviro Tech

5. Installation www.enviro-t.com | sales@enviro-t.com Our EC Package Water Treatment System solely work on most types of contaminated industrial waste water streams. The most common process waters such as:- • Hydrocarbons, • Manufacturing process, • Oils, paints, • Food processing, • Grey Water, • Ship Ballast Water A qualified electrician, plumber and controls engineer can easily install or retrofit the EC System. We provide full installation, operating and maintenance instructions to suit your particular application. Fast installation of the fully assembled EC System:- Enviro Tech Water Treatment Systems Enviro Tech

6. Water and Energy Savings www.enviro-t.com | sales@enviro-t.com Our EC Water Treatment Systems will save energy as the EC process is energy efficient and has a hugely positive impact on environmental guidelines and complies with most discharge consent limits without additional water treatment stages. Again no chemical additions saves money and the environment creating a win / win. Non hazardous waste residue from the EC water treatment process will save money on disposal, also there is 50% less residues from the EC process Water and Energy Cost Efficiency Enviro Tech Water Treatment Systems Enviro Tech

7. Return on Investment www.enviro-t.com | sales@enviro-t.com We have already highlighted that our water treatment systems save you significant costs in water / energy consumption and chemical additions. Our systems also offer excellent Return on Investment:- System cost from 1.5m AED Efficiency savings of up to 30% ROI in 12 months, subject to flow rates Our systems offer excellent returns …... Enviro Tech Water Treatment Systems Enviro Tech

8. Certification & Approvals www.enviro-t.com | sales@enviro-t.com We are an ISO 9001:2008 accredited business. This means that our quality procedures and practices are regular audited and measured to ensure we offer our customers the highest quality standards. Part of this process is continual development and improvement of these procedures to best serve our customers. ISO 9001 Certification Enviro Tech Water Treatment Systems Enviro Tech

9. Certification & Approvals www.enviro-t.com | sales@enviro-t.com ISO 14001:2004 covers the certification of our environmental management systems. The standard maps out a criteria for the environmental standards that we work to. It enables us to plan and implement policies to improve our business. ISO 14001 Certification Enviro Tech Water Treatment Systems Enviro Tech

10. Certification & Approvals www.enviro-t.com | sales@enviro-t.com Trade Licence Our trade license enables our business to offer services in the Green Building and Waste & Water Treatment sectors. Activities include:- Distribution (Green Building) Consultancy (Green Building) Water Desalination Systems Wastewater Treatment Enviro Tech Water Treatment Systems Enviro Tech

11. Certification & Approvals www.enviro-t.com | sales@enviro-t.com Our UK certificate of origin confirms where our goods are produced and is certified by a recognised issuing body, in this case the UK / European Union. It is also counter signed by the local Chamber of Commerce in England. Certificate of Origin Enviro Tech Water Treatment Systems Enviro Tech

12. Contact Us www.enviro-t.com | sales@enviro-t.com Get in Touch… Contact EnviroTech today and discover how our water treatment systems can help your business. Enviro Tech PO Box 46320 Masdar City, Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates +971 (0)2 681 4184 +971(0)50 990 2796 sales@enviro-t.com www.enviro-t.com Enviro Tech Water Treatment Systems Enviro Tech

13. Any Questions? www.enviro-t.com | sales@enviro-t.com If you have any questions, please feel free to talk to one of our technical engineers who will be happy to help you. We are always on hand to lend advice and offer experience in the world of energy saving management. Call us on +971 (0)2 681 4184 Talk to us… Enviro Tech Water Treatment Systems Enviro Tech

14. www.enviro-t.com | sales@enviro-t.com We hope you enjoyed our presentation… Enviro Tech Water Treatment Systems Enviro Tech

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