Environmental Science (EVS) : Material (Class II)

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Information about Environmental Science (EVS) : Material (Class II)

Published on January 4, 2014

Author: theeducationdesk

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Sates of Matter
Common Natural Material
Sand & Mud

EVS: Materials Class II theeducationdesk.com

Materials Common Natural Materials States of Matter Solid Liquid theeducationdesk.com Gas

Solids have a fixed shape. They take up a fixed amount of space. Book Wood theeducationdesk.com Computer

Some more examples are: Watch Chalk theeducationdesk.com Pencil

Liquids do not have a fixed shape. They take the shape of the vessel in which they are put. Water Oil theeducationdesk.com Milk

Some more examples are: Juice Paint theeducationdesk.com Honey

Gas do not have a fixed shape. They take up all the space that is given to them. Smoke Scented Candles theeducationdesk.com Smoke Smoke From Factory

Ice, Water and Steam are three forms of water or states of water. Ice - Solid Water - Liquid theeducationdesk.com Steam - Gas

Butter can also be in solid or liquid form Butter - Solid theeducationdesk.com Butter - Liquid

Sand is found near the seashore and in the desert. It does not bind together easily. It can be used to make castles. Sand - Seashore Sand Dune - Desert theeducationdesk.com Sand Castle

We get mud from soil. It mixes well with water. It is used to make Pots, bricks, utensils, etc. Mud Pottery theeducationdesk.com Bricks

Glossary: Bind: To hold Together. Castle : A large strong building or a palace. Definite: Fixed Material: The substance out of which a thing is made. Matter: Anything that takes space and has weight. Mud: Wet and soft earth Sand: Loose grains of rocks found in deserts and on beaches. Utensils: Containers for food and water, used in the kitchen

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