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Information about Environmental Risk Assessment - BOSH

Published on June 14, 2016

Author: AbiJayRawk

Source: slideshare.net

1. protect the environment by ensuring whether to grant planning permission for a project evaluate the effectiveness of mitigation measures applied to the environment, a program of monitoring and oversight of the project will be implemented. authorities in charge are the Ministry of Industry Control Department,Ministry of Environment,Ministry of Public Health. appoint an Environmental Engineer that is responsible for the internal environmental management and monitoring of the plant Introduction

2. Project information Project information Lebanon electricity supply is earmarked but frequent current interruptions and by important energy imports. The existing power plants with their limited capacities are unable to meet the demand for electricity which is expected to further grow in the future. The extension of the power plant in Zouk is an important project for the national electricity provider EDL towards a reliable a stable electricity supply in the greater Beirut area and in Lebanon.

3. Project description ●The area of the Zouk power plant is in close neighbourhood to the highway Beirut Tripoli, therefore a good and fast road accession to the area is given. So, it will not be a problem to a traffic system. 1.Design basis 2.Water supply and treatment 3.Gaseous pollutants and noise emissions 4.Waste water treatment 5.Solid waste disposal

4. Condition of existing environment Description of the relevant physical conditions -Seismic data -climate -temperature -wind -ambient air quality -noise pollution -the coastal zone Description of the relevant biological conditions

5. NO. IMPACT POSSIBLE EFFECT MITIGATION 1. Traffic/ Transportation Increase in traffic volume Temporarily affects. Transport of all plant equipment by road. Keep the traffic slow for safety 2. Construction labour And activities Increase in air pollution, noise and waste quantity Temporarily affects. Avoiding of dust pollution by periodic watering of site during civil works. Avoiding of noisy activities during the night. Wastewater and solid waste disposal according to the local regulations 3. Ambient air quality Increasing of pollutant concentration Stack height supports good dispersion and reduces impact on ambient air quality in the vicinity of the plant. 4. Noise Plant surrounding Applying noise protection measures in order to meet the required standard 5. Wastewater discharge Pollution of the sea, soil and ground water Applying of wastewater treatment in order to meet the required standards 6. Solid waste disposal Pollution of the sea, soil and ground water The solid waste will be disposed by an authorised local disposal company according to local regulations 7. Socio economic Country and future development The impact of the project on the local and national Lebanese socio-economic development can be assessed as positive and important Potential IMPACT AND MITIGATION measures

6. environmental related issues that will be monitored are • Stack emission monitoring • Internal noise monitoring • Internal waste management • Waste water monitoring • Labour safety • Coordination with local and regional authorities • Power plant related reporting • Cooperation in performing labour/staff training • Ambient air monitoring • Noise monitoring at residential area • Waste management for the total complex The Zouk Management Board should be responsible for the internal environmental management and monitoring of the plan. Management and monitoring.

7. Atmospheric Pollution Monitoring Plan • monitored by measuring the emissions of the Zouk power plant and the ambient air quality and meteorological parameters in the area around the plant site Noise monitoring • operation phase, noise measurements performed to monitor the noise level within the boundary of the Zouk plant as well as the residential area outside of the plant site. Water pollution monitoring • The discharge of waste water from within the Zouk power plant boundary shall be monitored regularly by the Zouk EMG during the operation phase The monitoring should be done during the construction phase and operation phase.

8. Public Participation Stage of EIA process Objectives of public involvement Screening Identification of significant impacts Scoping Identification of public's interest and values Identification of priorities for assessment Encouraging public understanding of the proposed project Prediction and mitigation The public can contribute local knowledge and values to the prediction, evaluation and mitigation of impacts Improvement in quality and acceptability of EIA report Monitoring Public evaluate impacts that occur and support project environmental management process EIAAudit Public contribute to evaluation of quality and acceptability of report. Public comment on acceptability of project impacts

9. Public Administration Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) Ministry of Environment (MoE) Local Municipal Public Representative Zouk Thermal Power Generation EIA Report

10. 2- 4 towers will be installed for better electric transmission of power to national grid

11. As a result, Zouk organisation, local municipals and public representatives arranged a consultation meeting to discuss relevant issues and came up with some reliable solutions. Public representatives comprises of all level of communities Zouk public consultations

12. Summary of P.Consultations Zouk community concerns Proposed solution by Zouk Thermal Org •Sound pollutions •Noise pollutions •Facilitate stable electricity connection for local area. •Accommodate employment opportunity •Plant authority should arrange meeting with local public representative •Water temperature to be maintained at minimum •To take care of the public safety •Works should be completed as quickly as possible •The electricity should be made available to the people •Reduction in the capacity to the use of HFO •Follow all rules, regulations and standards in the construction of the project. •Contingency plan should be taken to meet any eventual accident

13. Due to acute shortage of electrical supply, Zouk Thermal finds need to cope to consumer’s demand. There is a NEED in this proposed project 90% of arising impacts are temporary and has a proper mitigation plan Project will result in positive environmental and economic beneficial impacts The completion of this EIA fully meets the MoPH standards and applicable EMP. Conclusion

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