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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: mackobza

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The Boulder County Comprehensive Plan (BCCP) was developed to respond to the widely accepted principle that the myriad of future land use decisions affecting the county’s lands should be made in a coordinated and responsible manner.

BCPP’s philosophy is that:
* Growth should be channeled to municipalities.
* Agricultural lands should be protected.
* Preservation of our environmental and natural resources should be a high priority in making land use decisions.

Boulder County values and strives to preserve, conserve and restore the unique and distinctive natural features, ecosystems and landscapes of the county using sound resource management principles and practices at both a site‐specific level and on a broader, landscape scale. Boulder 
County's important environmental resources include naturally occurring ecosystems and their native species populations. Species of Special Concern are an integral component of this management approach. The list of Species of Special Concern includes locally threatened or endangered flora and fauna that the county seeks to protect. Habitat for these Species of Special Concern is particularly vital, since it often presents our best chance to protect native species.  

Boulder County Comprehensive Plan Environmental Resources Element Approved by Planning Commission 6/19/2013    Overview    Boulder County values and strives to preserve, conserve and restore the unique and distinctive  natural features, ecosystems and landscapes of the county using sound resource management  principles and practices at both a site‐specific level and on a broader, landscape scale. Boulder  County's important environmental resources include naturally occurring ecosystems and their  native species populations. Species of Special Concern are an integral component of this  management approach. The list of Species of Special Concern includes locally threatened or  endangered flora and fauna that the county seeks to protect. Habitat for these Species of  Special Concern is particularly vital, since it often presents our best chance to protect native  species.     In addition to identifying Species of Special Concern, this Element designates areas of important  habitat at two scales: the “site‐specific scale” and the broader, “landscape‐scale.” At the site‐ specific scale, important environmental resources typically consist of an easily definable area  such as an individual parcel of land or a distinct geographical location where specific resources  exist. Designations at the site‐specific scale include Critical Wildlife Habitats, Rare Plant Areas,  Wetlands, Riparian Areas, and Significant Natural Communities (formerly referred to as Critical  Plant Associations). Environmental resources designated at the landscape‐scale are much larger  and holistic in approach. At this scale, the designations of High Biodiversity Areas and  Environmental Conservation Areas seek to preserve broader ecological processes and functions.  These areas often encompass multiple resources also designated at the site‐specific scale.  Natural Areas and Natural Landmarks designations are intended to encompass and protect  Environmental Resources Element Page 1

  unique and distinctive natural features and landscapes in the county. The fundamental and  essential sustaining resources of air, soil, and water are also considered and addressed.     While this Element calls specific attention to the aforementioned designated environmental  resources (Environmental Resources), it also recognizes that these are not the only  environmental resources of significance and importance that should be considered in land use  decisions and cared for through management practices. With this in mind, Boulder County’s  overarching intention is to maintain the overall health and integrity of our rich and diverse  environment to the greatest extent possible as our knowledge and understanding of  environmental functions and interconnections evolves. The term “environmental resources” as  used in this Element consists of both the designated “Environmental Resources” and  undesignated environmental resources.    To provide some context for the goals and policies, a brief explanation of the environmental  resource designations and their importance to the ecosystems of Boulder County follows. For  the most part, these designations are those that already are utilized by reference in the Boulder  County Land Use Code. Designations added or amended in updates to this Element will also be  protected through administration of the Code and in conformance with applicable Federal and  State law. The criteria used to determine these designations are periodically reviewed and  updated resulting in updated lists of Species of Special Concern and updated maps of the  Environmental Resources Element. Descriptions of these designations follow.    Environmental Conservation Areas  Environmental Conservation Areas (ECAs) encompass the largest remaining relatively natural or  restorable forests, shrublands, grasslands, and agricultural landscapes in Boulder County. Even  with the current amount of relatively undeveloped public land in the county, and the  conservation and preservation efforts of public land managers on these lands, broad shifts in  animal and plant communities are occurring as a result of development, habitat degradation,  climate change, and the exclusion or disruption of natural processes. ECAs are a planning tool  developed by the County and its agency partners for analyzing land use and land management  decisions in the context of the cumulative effects of development, roads, trails and increased  human presence at a landscape‐scale on these large and complex ecosystems. This land use  decision‐making tool is used as a strategy for maintaining the wide‐ranging animal species,  native plant communities, and natural ecological processes that operate at this landscape scale.     ECAs are a framework for ecosystem management that identifies and designates valuable  ecological areas and delineates corridors of connectivity between them regardless of  ownership.  With this designation, land use and land management decisions within and  adjacent to ECAs and their connectors can be made within a framework that seeks to: protect  species that may be wide‐ranging, ecologically specialized or disturbed by human presence;  encourage the return of species lost from the county; prevent additional habitat fragmentation;  and limit increases in invasive non‐native species in these ecologically‐significant areas.  Such  planning and decision‐making processes may include resource management plans, the location  Environmental Resources Element Page 2

  and extent of new development, future land and easement purchases for open space purposes,  and the location of trails and other public facilities.    High Biodiversity Areas  High Biodiversity Areas (HBAs) are locales that have a concentration of rare environmental  resources. If managed well, they represent the greatest opportunities for preserving specific  aspects of Boulder County’s natural heritage. The boundaries of HBAs encompass those lands  that provide the habitat and ecological processes upon which the resources depend for their  continued existence. These areas have been identified and ranked ‐‐ by the CSU Colorado  Natural Heritage Program ‐‐ as having outstanding significance (B1), very high significance (B2),  or high significance (B3).    Natural Landmarks   Natural Landmarks are prominent landscape features that distinguish a specific locality in  Boulder County. They are important for the views they afford, their value as scenic vistas and  backdrops, and the intrinsic value they hold as wildlife or plant habitats, natural areas, park and  open space preserves, and open land areas. However, the single criterion for designation shall  be its visual and scenic prominence as a landscape feature. They provide a record of Boulder  County’s natural heritage.     State and County Natural Areas  State and County Natural Areas are physical or biological areas that are unique and important  to the natural heritage of the state and/or the county. Each area either retains or has  reestablished its natural character, although it need not be completely undisturbed. It typifies  native vegetation and associated biological and geological features and provides habitat for  rare or endangered animal or plant species or includes geologic or other natural features of  scientific or educational value. State Natural Areas are designated as such by the Colorado  Natural Areas Program.    Significant Natural Communities  Significant Natural Communities are areas that are recognized by the presence of a critical plant  association that is limited in its distribution and occurrence. These areas have multiple  important environmental resources that co‐occur and interact. These areas have species and  processes that are relatively undisturbed by human actions and currently exist in their natural  state. These areas are also referred to as Critical Plant Associations in the Boulder County Land  Use Regulations.    Critical Wildlife Habitats   Critical Wildlife Habitats are the unique habitats which have a crucial role in sustaining  populations of native wildlife and in perpetuating and encouraging a diversity of native species  in the county.        Environmental Resources Element Page 3

  Wetlands and Riparian Areas  Wetlands and Riparian Areas have unique and critical functions in the ecosystem. Wetlands are  generally described as lands transitional between terrestrial and aquatic systems where the  land is covered by shallow water or soils are saturated during the growing season. Wetlands  have high biodiversity, are relatively rare, provide unique wildlife habitat, filter water, and  buffer floods. Riparian Areas are a unique combination of terrestrial plant communities and  aquatic systems associated with flowing water that provide unique habitat and important  movement corridors for wildlife.     Rare Plant Areas   Rare Plant Areas are sites that are known to have a high likelihood of having occurrences of  Plant Species of Special Concern.     Species of Special Concern  Species of Special Concern include the flora and fauna in the county whose populations may be  threatened or endangered, locally rare, experiencing long‐term non‐cyclical population  declines, isolated or restricted to distinct local habitat types, or native species which have  ceased to exist within Boulder County.   To summarize, restoring, protecting and preserving our natural environment and all of its  interdependent components upon which all things depend have been core values and  objectives of Boulder County since the adoption of the first county‐wide comprehensive plan in  1978. Numerous initiatives, plans and programs have been diligently pursued and implemented  in this quest, and have benefited from the involvement of many stakeholders and interested  parties in both the public and private sectors. The Environmental Resources Element is both a  compass and a tool for use in sustaining and advancing these efforts.  Goals of the Environmental Resources Element     B.1 Boulder County shall conserve and preserve environmental resources including its unique  or distinctive natural features, biodiversity, and ecosystems through protection and restoration  in recognition of the irreplaceable character of such resources and their importance to the  quality of life in Boulder County.    B.2 Boulder County sustains and protects native species, natural ecosystems and the  biodiversity of the region by designating High Biodiversity Areas, Natural Areas, Natural  Landmarks, Significant Natural Communities, Critical Wildlife Habitats, Species of Special  Concern, Wetlands, Riparian Areas, and Rare Plant Areas. Other resources and designations  may be identified in the future. These designated areas and species lists also provide a point of  reference for continued monitoring of long‐term ecological change.  Environmental Resources Element Page 4

  B.3 Boulder County shall promote the viability and integrity of all naturally occurring  ecosystems and their native species populations by applying a variety of environmental  resources management strategies in a manner that is consistent with current ecological  principles and sustainable conservation practices.    B.4 Boulder County recognizes that climate change is having significant impacts on our  environmental resources. As the body of climate science knowledge grows and potential effects  are better understood, Boulder County shall incorporate the best scientific information into  planning and decision‐making to adapt to and offset those impacts.     B.5 Boulder County shall continue to protect air, water and soil resources and quality, as well as  restore resources in a degraded condition to enhance overall environmental health. Pollution of  air, water, and soil, and pollution caused by noise or light, shall be eliminated or minimized to  the greatest extent possible in order to prevent potential harm to life, health and property, and  to reduce incremental degradation of the environment.    B.6 Boulder County shall continue to protect prominent natural landmarks and other unique  scenic, visual and aesthetic resources in the county.    B.7 Boulder County shall conserve and preserve Environmental Conservation Areas (ECAs) in  order to perpetuate native species, biological communities, and ecological processes that  function over large geographic areas and require a high degree of connectivity to thrive.    B.8 Boulder County shall protect environmental resources both at the site‐specific scale and  landscape scale through a variety of means such as partnerships with private landowners, non‐ governmental organizations, and other governmental agencies; education and outreach;  advocacy at the state and federal level; and other programs consistent with the goals and  policies of the Comprehensive Plan.    Environmental Resource Policies    Introduction  The general policies below (ER 1.01 to ER 1.08) pertain to all environmental resources.  Additional policies follow the general policies that expand on and are unique and specific to Air,  Water, Soil and Noise (ER 2.01 to ER 2.03), Environmental Conservation Areas (3.01 to 3.05),  and Natural Areas and Natural Landmarks (ER 4.01 to ER 4.03).    General Policies for Environmental Resources  The following policies apply to all environmental resources in Boulder County    ER 1.01   Boulder County plans and attendant regulations shall be formulated to insure that land uses  avoid where possible and otherwise minimize the destruction or adverse modification of  Environmental Resources Element Page 5

  environmental resources. Land use proposals shall be evaluated on a case‐by‐case basis for  their potential impacts to environmental resources identified in the BCCP as well as those  resources that may be identified on the site and in the vicinity of the proposal during a county  development review process. The applicant may be required to complete other studies,  inventories, or reports that address the proposal’s potential impacts on environmental  resources and include recommendations for mitigation of those impacts.    ER 1.02 Boulder County shall continue to identify and designate environmental resources that  have significance to Boulder County.  Such designations, and attendant maps, will be based on  criteria that use science, collaboration with experts, and on‐the‐ground verification to the  extent practicable. Boulder County may periodically reevaluate such criteria and designations.  ER 1.03 Scenic vistas shall be preserved as much as possible in their natural state.  ER 1.04 Boulder County shall work with federal, state, municipal and other public or quasi‐ public entities that have a jurisdictional or property interest in unincorporated lands within or  surrounding any designated environmental resources to achieve their protection.   ER 1.05 Boulder County shall work in partnership with private land owners and non‐ governmental organizations to protect, conserve, and restore designated environmental  resources using a variety of tools.   ER 1.06 Boulder County shall use its open space program as one means of achieving its goals for  protecting environmental resources.   ER 1.07 Boulder County shall encourage all private landowners to seek assistance from  appropriate governmental and non‐governmental entities to protect Boulder County’s  environmental resources.   ER 1.08 Boulder County shall modify plans, policies and regulations as necessary to adapt to  climate change in order to reduce species and ecosystem vulnerability and other potential  adverse impacts on environmental resources. These measures will guide environmental  resource management implementation aimed at protecting biodiversity and ecological  resiliency.   Air, Soil, Water, Noise and Light Policies  In addition to the general policies above, the following policies also apply specifically to air, soil,  water, noise and light.    ER 2.01 Boulder County shall seek to protect overall public and environmental health by  enforcing regulations concerning air, soil, water, noise and light pollution at the local level in  accordance with applicable law.     Environmental Resources Element Page 6

  ER 2.02 Boulder County shall evaluate land use proposals and other planned activities  considering their cumulative impacts on public and environmental health.  Sufficient mitigation  and minimization of any impacts shall be required for the proposal or activity to be approved.  These proposals and activities shall at a minimum comply with air, soil, and water quality  standards, as well as noise level and lighting standards, established by county and state  agencies or the Boulder County Land Use Code.  ER 2.03 Boulder County shall take a watershed approach to addressing water quality and water  quantity including supporting and participating in local and regional watershed partnerships.   Environmental Conservation Areas Policies  In addition to the general policies above, the following policies apply specifically to  Environmental Conservation Areas.  ER 3.01 Boulder County shall designate and map Environmental Conservation Areas as well as  Overland and Stream Habitat (Riparian) Corridors at a landscape scale.   ER 3.02 Boulder County shall encourage the removal of development rights from ECAs through  transfer, donation, acquisition, trade, or other incentives.    ER 3.03 Development within ECAs shall be located and designed to minimize the cumulative  impacts on the environmental resource values of ECAs.   ER 3.04 Development outside of ECAs shall be located and designed to minimize impacts on  and connectivity between ECAs.  ER 3.05 Boulder County shall encourage and participate with the appropriate public entities and  private land owners in the development of coordinated management plans to conserve,  preserve and restore the environmental resource values of ECAs.     Natural Landmarks and Natural Areas Policies   In addition to the general policies above, the following policies apply specifically to Natural  Landmarks and Natural Areas.  ER 4.01 Natural Landmarks and Natural Areas identified in the Environmental Resources  Element and as may be identified from time to time by the state under the Colorado Natural  Areas Act, shall be protected from destruction or harmful alteration.     ER 4.02 Boulder County shall submit any County Natural Area that may be of state‐wide  importance to the Colorado Natural Areas Program for designation as a State Natural Area.   Environmental Resources Element Page 7

  ER 4.03 Boulder County shall coordinate with local, state, and federal agencies and  municipalities, as well as with willing private landowners, to protect natural resource values  within Natural Landmarks and Natural Areas.  This may include:  identification of specific  resources of concern including scenic values; recommendations for long‐term management;  mitigation of existing or foreseen impacts; or protection through acquisition of land interest.  Environmental Resources Element Page 8

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Gilpin County FILE: V:gispaBCCPArcMap_projectsBCCP Update MapsPCFinalDraft11x17BCCP_CWH_Migration.mxd W i nig e r MA R al Lake Eldora " ek C re Co 54 n nyo H WY B ! D ELD O RA S K I R . Ca Hillcrest Lake O RA Fo rs yt h e O L IA DR NV A specific, delineated area of known elk migration movement for a major elk herd in Boulder County. JAY RD Elwood Res. AL . ELD O MA G N u th So Peterson Lake dle 80 " ek C re RD 79 " DE RD JA S P E R Harper Lake 89 " RD " M id r ld e ou X Kossler Lake D A 57 30 " " Nederland ER 95 61 e s. er R Ba rk 31 " RD DR Creek er Cre ek LD Valmont Res. Baseline Res. S OU TH 1 X k ee RD I S A B E L LE " Boulder 31 " VA L MO NT 37 k FO O THIL LS h No rt e av hB BO U RD Cr ee M dle Re s. ks R I DG E Boulder Gr os s Cr eek e rw o od 28TH " DR RD LeggettRes. 31 YO N Mi d T ON 6 3R Owen CA NY ON BLV D DR Bo DR V AL M Sawhill Ponds AY DW rt h No 25 " Cr 27 " RD SOU H T Cre ek CA N YO N L DE R uld k U BO er Cre e er 5 7TH ST N i le m nn Bo uld 21 " 70 " 26 " JAY T F 91 " OA F MAIN N HW Y AL ON O LD E C C re ek INDEPE ND ENCE RD OA BR Cr ee k 31 " 31 " N W oods Gulc h rk C AN YO OS S Yankee Doodle Lake RD S U G A RL O A S P RI N G S R D C OL D k Cree L Jenny Lake nia lv a N CA lc 35 " r GR Lost Lake Fou RD ek Cre DR YO N h ld er B ou C AN lc Gu King Lake Middle " sy X BY AY W Fork 53 Wonderland Lake lc 96 IC Delo nde MI L E S U G A RL N CE Woodland Lake u th So Bo uld er Twin Lakes 65 " 92 " RD An area of unique habitat which has a crucial role in sustaining populations of native wildlife and in perpetuating and encouraging a diversity of native species in the county. The area may be significantly productive habitat or particularly vital to the life requirements of species that are critically imperiled or vulnerable to extirpation. Wildlife Migration Corridors RD N Pe 60 " 93 " H ic Gu S C r ee k Gu Fo le ek th Nor idd Cre Skyscraper Res. Betty Lake oe Carib ou M Bob Lake se sh C re ek 82 " " 82 B ROADWAY C FO U R k re e AK er Ca n yo R Glacier Lake PE Sh Jasp RU N Sixmile Res. DS 45 " Jasper Lake Devils Thumb Lake Fo ur m ile G OLD h AK TO r Creek 29 " r Ho Storm Lake RD H IL L 88 " 88 " N o e uld " 28 " Cr ek R Fourmile Rainbow Lakes Diamond Lake DR DR B rth No 19 Lake Dorothy Upper Diamond Lake YO N N PE Island Lake Silver Lake " AN RD IL L LD " Goose Lake E H GO 20 Frozen Lake 47 NS H I N I LE M " Lake Albion Arapaho Glacier G OL D SU FO U 46 Arikaree Glacier Triple Lakes Cree k Hand e L E FT HA N D AK DR ON D Green Lakes PE Left n 44 " Navajo Glacier CA N Y 17 " RD Panama Res. No. 1 LO OKOUT D IA G K P C H L Ward 16 " 16 " NIW OT C ree k Dry Boulder Res. Mesa Res. Weld County Gaynor Lake Dodd Res. N eft Spring E 26 MINE R AL DR Left Hand Valley Res. No. 2 LE ee k ek Cre Gu lch 14 " a nd Le f t H RD 90 " k H IL L Long Lake TO d an Cre e m ile r 42 " Lake Isabelle Isabelle Glacier C EA Red Rock Lake ek re Brainard Lake Si x Bell Gulch Gold Lake NIW OT SPINE RD W S CE James N 45TH ST e Cre k k re e 1 2 0TH ST CA D nd " k RD Left Hand Valley Res. t 11 ee Cr " NE VA Cr e e k Ha BY NI C Vr ain Sa i nt So uth Hidden Lake RD Cr ee k " 14 Joder Res. DR C r ee k James 13 " Le f Tumbleson Lake AY 43 40 " Mitchell Lake Blue Lake C ANYO N J AM ES Upper Coney Lake Lagerman Res. Left Hand Res. S TA G E " L E F TH AN Beaver Res. Coney Lake 41 Jamestown C Dr y N 119T H ST DR 87 " Cree k PKWY SUNSET Swede Lakes No. 1 Dry Cr eek Vrain PRATT KEN N Grand County RD Cre ek Sain t Bo uld er ee Beaver 95TH ST Bohn Lake Allens Lake N ROGE R S RD 95T H ST N SO RD Steele Lakes YO RD ST Cr OV E RL A N D 62 " Stapp Lakes 107TH ST ST 75TH N NE L 59 " 83 " k IN 95TH J a mes T V RA AIRP ORT RD tt le Li SA I N Clover Basin Res. N int Sa 10 " Davis Res. 84 " 1 " Longmont Cree k N 83RD ST d id M 94 Cre ek Trevarton Res. 75TH S T X 35 RD N 12 " t th So u le S A IN T VRAIN N 79TH ST 12 " HW N in Vra in 75 " T N 7 3 R D ST IN Critical Wildlife Habitats RD McCaslin Lake ST Y WA Sa 39 " H YGIE NE 75 TH SA TH OU 2013 Update McIntosh Lake Foothills Res. Vr ain Saint Vrain Glaciers Vr ain 7 " RD N S Cre ek BY 67 " Red Deer Lake HYGIE NE DR AI N S k ee Cr Boulder County Comprehensive Plan HWY Burch Lake 71ST ST AK 71 " U TE Independent Res. ST PE NI C ny 81 81 4 " " " CE Co Clark Lake 85 " TO Walker Res. re e k t in Sa 38 " Finch Lake Junco Lake 74 " es . McCall Lake P EAK Pear Res. ck R eek Bluebird Lake Pipit Lake C on ro Terry Lake 6 5 TH Ouz e l Cr Ouzel Lake 2 " eek Sai nt Bu tt Y Cr North 73 " Vra in S Vra in Copeland Lake Ly o n s OT HI LL 69 " nt 72 " VR 68 " Eagle Lake Frigid Lake Sai Divide Res. RD W OOD L AND N No rth Crystal Lake Knoth Res. N Moomaw Glacier 8 " TH Longmont Res. 58 " Sandbeach Lake 5 " DR Ish Res. Highland Res. No.2 RD R NO k Lion Lake No. 1 Thunder Lake V R A IN R i v er L INE k NT Cr ee Lion Lake No. 2 Cr ee T hom ps on e ST For k 8 3 RD ng 56 " rs e Ho Snowbank Lake ar i Creek FO Keplinger Lake b in SA I Ca Green Lake N Ro Chasm Lake Frozen Lake Critical Wildlife Habitat and Migration Corridors Superior 78 " Broomfield County Rock 0 0.75 ² 1.5 3 Miles The user agrees to all Terms of Use set forth by Boulder County For Terms of Use, please visit: www.bouldercounty.org/mapdisclaimer

Critical Wildlife Habitats 2 4 5 7 8 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 19 20 21 23 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 53 54 55 56 57 Copeland Willow Carr Deadman Gulch and South St. Vrain Steamboat Mountain St. Vrain Corridor Rabbit Mountain Middle St. Vrain Willow Carr Tumblesom Lake Marietta Canyon Lefthand Palisades Lefthand Creek Cottonwood Groves Lagerman Reservoir Gaynor Lakes Panama Reservoir City of Boulder Watershed Como Creek Boulder Falls Area Boulder Reservoir Walden and Sawhill Ponds White Rocks Lower Boulder Creek Riparian Area Diamond Lake Outlet Chittenden Meadows Arapaho Ranch - Tucker Homestead Boulder Mountain Parks Eldorado Mountain Lost Lake Carolyn Holmberg Preserve at Rock Creek Farm Sombrero Marsh Lazy H. Ranch Willow Carr Coney Flats Willow Carr Mitchell Lake Willow Carr Coney Lake Willow Carr Long Lake Willow Carr South St. Vrain Willow Carr Letthand Reservoir Willow Carr Boulder Watershed Willow Carr Lake Albion Willow Carr Triple Lakes Willow Carr Woodland Flats Willow Carr Buckeye Basin Willow Carr Los Lagos Willow Carr Roaring Fork Willow Carr Peterson Lake 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 Hunters Creek Geer Canyon Caribou Ranch Montane Parkland Barker Reservoir Beaver Reservoir Goose Pond Southern Grasslands Kenosha Wetlands Two Creeks Cony Creek Ouzel Creek Sandbeach Creek Peewink Mountain Red Hill Gulch Antelope Park North Saint Vrain Canyon Hat Rock Ingersoll Quarry South Draw Hodgson-Harris Reservoir Buffalo Gulch and Rock Creek Bear and Aspen Canyons Giggey Lake Hall 2 B.L.I.P. Ponds and Lapin Pond Geer Meadows Red Hill Coffin Top Mountain Powers March Quicksilver Gunbarrel Hill South Boulder Creek Floodplain and Terrace North Boulder Grasslands Bummer's Gulch Kenosha Heronry Upper Caribou Park Willow Carr Complex North Foothills Elk Herd Winiger Ridge Elk Herd Peewink Mountain Elk Herd *CWH numbering is not sequential. Some previously established CWH’s have been deleted or subsumed by another CWH. Those numbers were “retired”.

Littl Creek Cre ek VR A IN DR Cr ee k NO R TH Vra in Cr Ou ze re e ST McCall Lake eek U TE Independent Res. Bluebird Lake Foothills Res. OT FO ST Davis Res. N Allens Lake YO Cr N 7 3 RD ST N 11 5T H ST N 7 9TH ST Bo uld er RD L INE ST r C OA Cr e ek CR E EK N CA YO N DR M -BO U LD ER Co al ek Cre r Bo u ld e R AD E L DO O SP R ek Cre EMPIRE RD TUR NP IK E NO H RT S WE T PK WY (Toll) Foothills Perennial Stream Habitat S SH AL L DR BU Cowdrey Res. No. 2 Marshall Lake HW Y ek DR C re N 119 TH ST RD BOULDER ST SOUTH 12 0TH VE R uth MA R W i ni g e r EA ST 95TH Lake Waneka Louisville Res. So ek C re Re s. on COUNT Y ST RD D EN Zone 5 Suitable, Noncontiguous Habitat RD Harper Lake CHE R RY VA L E Bo uld er FF N 83RD ST N 77TH ST N 7 6 TH S T LI A NO AG M F LA G S TA RD DILLON RD H IG HW A Stearns Lake Y e Cr oc ek k Hodgson-Harris Res. S IN G Eggleston Res. No. 4 FF Cr e Autrey Res. al Be av e RD B O UL D E R Cre ek SO U T H Los Lagos Res. South Opalair Res. Marfell Lakes Erie Lake Co Glen Res. 71ST ST Y ST N 63R D 5 7TH ST N ST 28TH Creek er uld ny Ca FO O THILLS ! F o rs yt he O L IA DR Gr os s rk Bo YO M AGN uth So Lake Eldora . Prince Lake No. 2 ARAPAHOE Zone 4 Potential Restoration, Contiguous R k Cr ee ! . B A SEL INE O B ek Cre RD D ELD O R A S K I R Peterson Lake Elwood Res. AL ORA es. RD Yankee Doodle Lake ELD er R Ba rk Kossler Lake DA le id d M ve r Creek Burke Lake S Lost Lake ld er ou B ea L Jenny Lake Nor th Creek RD Teller Lake Baseline Res. S OU TH RD R JAY RD RD I SABELLE Hillcrest Lake AY DW h DE VA L MON T Valmont Res. OA lc RD UL RD Prince Lake No. 1 W oods Gulc h ks R I DG E BO RD k OS GR ek Cre N h ulc lder Bou N Mi d k ee JA S P E R DR DR dle G King Lake Middle Cr eek rw o od k For k H ic Bo uld er DR CA Gu Fo Woodland Lake th k Cree er ek Cr ee BR AY W Delo nde ee Cr th Nor le idd Bo uld C re k rt h No S PR INGS R D C OL D C re e T NIC C r eek Boulder CA N Y ON LD E R NT Leggett- 6 3R Owen CAN YON BLV D RD CE BY U BO O VAL M Res. O AF RD AF Sawhill Ponds DS AK S U G A RL S Sh e M BROADWAY lc Glacier Lake PE Jasper Lake C r e ek IND EPE NDENCE RD ON Cre ek Zone 3 Suitable Contiguous Habitat RD N TO er Creek uld Carib ou C ANY J AY 61ST ST le mi h r Ho oe D R o ur F ON nn nia lva sy S U G A RL O se sh C A NY h Gu MI L E Cr N Pe o Rainbow Lakes Lake Dorothy er Twin Lakes N Fourmile AK F O UR ek C re rt B H LD R DR No IL L Wonderland Lake ILE PE Silver Lake Jasp R RD M GO Frozen Lake Storm Lake n R UN Ca n yo 75 TH G OLD FO U Lake Albion Diamond Lake Sixmile Res. ek D Arikaree Glacier Upper Diamond Lake Cr RD RD LOO KOUT N RD H IL L F ourm ile Green Lakes Island Lake 95T H ST ST N G OLD Panama Res. No. 1 HW E N SH I N SU Creek Hand Boulder Res. Mesa Res. DIA GO C ON A DR RD MIN E RAL e Left L E F TH A N D K DR Navajo Glacier Goose Lake k ree Zone 2 Possible Linkages NIW OT C ree k Dry O LD E H L CA N Y PE A Triple Lakes C Dr y Gaynor Lake Dodd Res. k E DR Left Hand Valley Res. No. 2 ON NY and Le ft H RD SPINE RD K P k NIW O T N C LE k Cree Gulch Spring C re e m ile HIL L TO d ee N 45TH ST RD C S TA G E Si x Bell Gu lch r ef t 6 3 RD L E F TH AN S CE N IC James RD Left Hand Valley Res. nd Cre NEVA Cr e e k a Le ft AY BY W Cr ee k H ek EA Red Rock Lake ek re an e Cre k Joder Res. Hidden Lake Gold Lake Brainard Lake PKWY PRATT KEN Creek N Vrain Sa i n t So uth Left Hand Res. DR C r e ek James Tumbleson Lake Arapaho Glacier C AN YO N J AM ES Mitchell Lake Lagerman Res. DR D RD Cre ek Beaver Res. Coney Lake N CA N ee Beaver Swede Lakes No. 1 Dry Creek AIRPO RT RD Ja mes Upper Coney Lake Lake Isabelle Bohn Lake ek t OV E R LA N D Isabelle Glacier Clover Basin Res. RD Vrain NA L in Sa t tle Li Stapp Lakes Long Lake N Steele Lakes k Blue Lake SO Zone 1 Mouse Management Area (MMA) Sain t SUNSET NE L Cre ek RD ROGE R S R D N 75TH S T d id M le Vr ain IN N th So u Red Deer Lake Creek T V RA ST t in SA I N 65T H Trevarton Res. MAIN RD S AY W Sa S A IN T VRAIN HI LL BY Cre ek Vra in HW Y SO SA INT H UT Vra in Saint Vrain Glaciers Sou Habitat Conservation Areas Descriptions RD McCaslin Lake ST AIN S k H YGIE NE VR ee Cr C y NI CE n Co Pear Res. AK RD t PE HYGIE NE DR in Sa Junco Lake Betty Lake HW Y Burch Lake McIntosh Lake TO Finch Lake Skyscraper Res. N Clark Lake es. k l Creek P EAK Bob Lake 95TH N roc kR CO UNTY nt C EA ST Sai Bu tto n Vra in Saint Walker Res. N Copeland Lake North Ouzel Lake Devils Thumb Lake Terry Lake N Sandbeach Lake Thunder Lake Pipit Lake Divide Res. RD 75TH Longmont Res. Eagle Lake W OO DL AND ST Lion Lake No. 1 Frigid Lake Crystal Lake Knoth Res. ST Lion Lake No. 2 8 3 RD H orse N Snowbank Lake No rth Ish Res. Highland Res. No.2 SA I Keplinger Lake Moomaw Glacier R i ve r ST NT Tho mpso n e RD Fo rk L INE ng 11 5TH b in ar i ST Ca Green Lake 107TH Ro Chasm Lake Frozen Lake Habitat Conservation Areas for Prebles Meadow Jumping Mouse Rock 0 FILE: V:gispaBCCPArcMap_projectsBCCP Update MapsPCFinalDraft11x17BCCP_PMJM.mxd 0.75 ² 1.5 3 Miles The user agrees to all Terms of Use set forth by Boulder County For Terms of Use, please visit: www.bouldercounty.org/mapdisclaimer

V RA IN NT Highland Res. No.2 DR SA RT H NO ek Vra in Cr Ou ze Ouzel Lake ST N r oc kR es . k McCall Lake eek HW Y Burch Lake Foothills Res. HW ST Trevarton Res. OT HIL Y WA BY Vra in Davis Res. th So u Bohn Lake J a mes Swede Lakes Allens Lake Cr N YO Lagerman Res. DR N 83RD ST N 77TH ST N 115TH ST N 7 9TH ST Bo uld er RT UR NP SOUTH BOULDER RD Co al Louisville IKE Cr ee k CR E E K N NY O CA DR r B o u ld e ek OR A EL D DO R SP ek Cre R ST W PK Y (Toll) S NO WE TH DR BU FF DILLON RD HIG HW Stearns Lake AY oc ek k Hodgson-Harris Res. S ING Eggleston Res. No. 4 C re R Re s. L AL Cowdrey Res. No. 2 Marshall Lake H WY DR C re SH e ek CO A M COUNT Y Lafayette Lake Waneka Louisville Res. 120TH LDE Cr Autrey Res. al er ek EAST RD ST RD MA R Cr e LINE RD Marfell Lakes Erie Lake RD N 119T H ST N 95TH ARAPAHOE So ek W i ni g e r Erie EMPIRE RD uth CHE RRY VAL E Bo uld er S TA FF ST 61 ST ST 76T H ST L IA AG NO M F LAG DE NV E R-B OU Co Be av Prince Lake No. 2 Harper Lake C re ek ! SOU T H Los Lagos Res. South Opalair Res. RD B OULDE R R oc FILE: V:gispaBCCPArcMap_projectsBCCP Update MapsPCFinalDraft11x17BCCP_RarePlants_SNC.mxd 9 5TH N 73RD ST Y W AL H ST N 63RD 57TH ST N ST 28TH Creek er uld Bo C re FOO T HILLS Glen Res. 71ST ST RD STAG E BROADWAY m h n ss ! n yo th ou S Lake Eldora BA SEL INE Baseline Res. YO A RD Ca Gr o rk i le H nn k ee Cr B R E LD O Elwood Res. N . dle Fo rs y t he O L IA D R M AG N D ELD O RA S K I R . Peterson Lake id RD Teller Lake O AL M r Hillcrest Lake AY Lost Lake ld e I S ABE LLE Prince Lake No. 1 Kossler Lake RD Yankee Doodle Lake B ek Cre ou R JAY RD RD k RD Nederland No r th Creek DE VA LMONT Valmont Res. Leggett- SOUTH . r Res ar ke L Jenny Lake r av e Cre ek Be RD UL RD W AD h R ID GE BO RD JASPE R Boulder DR DR dle Cr e e O BR C N Mi d C ANYON L D ER NT Burke Lake Boulder W oods G ulc h ld er CANYON BLV D D A B ou DR VALM O 6 3 R Owen SS GR O King Lake Middle rt h No S PR IN GS R D ek h Fo rk k U BO ulc th O AF G Sou k ree ek RD Woodland Lake Betty Lake e rw o od ek Bob Lake th Nor C r eek ks lc er C O LD k Cre Skyscraper Res. Cr ee er N CA Gu Bo uld Bo uld Cre e C re Sawhill Ponds Res. RD AY W Delo nde H ic le INDEPENDENCE RD ON k ee RD JAY T DS S UG A RL BY C r eek Sh idd CANY S Jasper Lake M r lc NI C CE Carib ou Fou C re AK e DR YO N CAN Glacier Lake PE er Creek ho Wonderland Lake Cr N TO u ld r Ho se s Fo R DR sy nia lv a Gu RD Twin Lakes N M IL E SU G A RLOA F C r e ek N I LE M h Lake Dorothy er ek FO U Pe o Rainbow Lakes Jasp Cr yo n RU C an N Fo urm ile G OLD ST RD H IL L LOOKOUT Sixmile Res. 75T H G OLD Boulder Res. Mesa Res. RD GO N Hand AN DR DIA E NSH I N SU Creek F OU R ek C re rt B RD Panama Res. No. 1 C ree k D ry D No NIW OT Dodd Res. MINERAL R Fourmile PE AK Silver Lake Storm Lake d k E O LD E DR YO N RD I LL GO LD Frozen Lake Diamond Lake an Le ft H RD SPINE RD Left LE F T HAND k k Cree Gu lch ON CAN Y K Lake Albion Goose Lake An area where a combination of plant species (a plant association) that is critically imperiled or vulnerable to extirpation is present. N nd ee C re e m ile LE Green Lakes Upper Diam ond Lake NIWOT DR Ward Island Lake Significant Natural Communities NI C SC E K P Spring Arikaree Glacier Arapaho Glacier N 45TH ST e C C C H Si x B ell G ulch Navajo Glacier Triple Lakes k ree Gaynor Lake J a me s TO A PE 26 N L ek RD Left Hand Valley Res. H IL L Lake Isabelle Isabelle Glacier Left Hand Valley Res. No. 2 a NEVA Cr e e k a Le ft AY ek W Cr e Cre BY r Long Lake e ft ek re DR H EA Red Rock Lake nd ek Cre Joder Res. Hidden Lake Gold Lake Brainard Lake C N Vrain Sa i n t So uth Creek James Tumbleson Lake Blue Lake CANYO N J A M ES Upper Coney Lake Mitchell Lake 63RD LEF T H AN Jamestown Beaver Res. Coney Lake Left Hand Res. D RD Cre e k Creek PKWY Dr y ST ST CA OV ERLAND Beaver Stapp Lakes Vrain PRATT No. 1 Dry Cree k N ee k t KEN AIRPORT RD int Sa tt le Sain ST RD Steele Lakes Li ROGE RS RD SUNSET N SO NEL Cre ek An area known to have or have a high likelihood of having occurrences of Plant Species of Special Concern. RD Clover Basin Res. 75TH ST d id M le Vr ain Longmont k N t in Cr ee NT V RA IN N Sa SAI N Vrain Glaciers 35 RD ST S AINT VRAIN MAIN IN T LS H Rare Plant Areas RD McCaslin Lake Vr ain Saint Red Deer Lake HYGIENE Y UT SO Cre ek SA FO ny S ek NIC Co A IN CE Pear Res. e Cr AK RD VR Junco Lake PE HYGI ENE DR t Finch Lake Devils Thumb Lake 2013 Update McIntosh Lake TO P EAK a in S Bluebird Lake Pipit Lake UTE Independent Res. l Cre ek Boulder County Comprehensive Plan N Clark Lake CO UNTY nt re e EAST Eagle Lake Sai C tto n 65TH Frigid Lake N o r th Bu Vra in Sai nt Walker Res. N Copeland Lake North Moomaw Glacier Terry Lake N Sandbeach Lake Divide Res. RD ST Lyon s Longm ont Res. WO ODL AND 115TH Lion Lake No. 1 Thunder Lake Crystal Lake Knoth Res. 95TH Cr e N e ST rs Ho Lion Lake No. 2 75TH Keplinger Lake Snowbank Lake RD ek I C re Rare Plant Areas and Significant Natural Communities Ish Res. LINE Fo rk Creek R i v er ST b in Th om ps on e 107TH Ca Green Lake Littl a r ing 83 RD ST Ro Chasm Lake Frozen Lake k Superior 0 0.75 ² 1.5 3 Miles The user agrees to all Terms of Use set forth by Boulder County For Terms of Use, please visit: www.bouldercounty.org/mapdisclaimer

Larimer County k VR A I N 83RD ST DR SA I RT H NO k Lyon s Eagle Lake Sai nt Vra in C re ck R N nr o McCall Lake k HW FO Vra in Cre N 73 RD ST N 115TH ST N 79TH ST 71ST ST ST k Bo ul de r RD Lake Waneka Louisville Res. SOUTH Lafayette BOULDER RD Coal Louisville NP IKE CO A Cr eek CR E EK CA N NY O DR BU FF DR Cre r B o u ld e ek E R AD LD O O R SP ING S WY PK ( Toll) Eggleston Res. No. 4 DILLON RD H IG Stearns Lake k oc HW AY k ee Cr Hodgson-Harris Res. Cr e Autrey Res. SO U T H C r e ek k Roc Jefferson County T ES R Marshall Lake HW Y M N W TH OR S So r k k 120TH UR ee Cr ST N 7 6TH S T RT COUNT Y Prince Lake No. 1 EMPIRE RD ut LD E LINE RD N 63RD RD Marfell Lakes Erie Lake RD EAST ST 95TH ARAPAHO E Erie N 119T H ST ST 75 TH Prince Lake No. 2 r CHERRYVA LE Bo ul de ER -BO U h FF S TA N 83RD ST N 77TH ST DIA GO NA LH L IA AG NO M F LAG DE NV ek B ea ve Cr ee Gilpin County FILE: V:gispaBCCPArcMap_projectsBCCP Update MapsPCFinalDraft11x17BCCP_Wetland_Riparian.mxd 95T H S T ST 63RD N Los Lagos Res. South Opalair Res. Elwood Res. Harper Lake oa l Glen Res. RD B OULDE R C . W i ni g er th ou S Peterson Lake Lake Eldora B ASELINE DR L AL SH MA R Cowdrey Res. No. 2 ek RD D ELD O RA S K I R . n Cre ny o Re s. ld er RD ou RA E LDO Ca s B d le id F o r y t he s O L IA D R M AG N D A M ek G ro s rk ld e r YO Cr ee k Lost Lake Burke Lake O AL ek Kossler Lake JAY RD RD Teller Lake OS S Yankee Doodle Lake Cre R DE GR lder Bo u er Hillcrest Lake Y WA C re Ba N e d e r l a n rk d UL . Res L Jenny Lake Nort h h Creek RD R IDG E ver Creek Bea BO RD RD RD IS ABEL LE Baseline Res. S OUTH h ulc G King Lake Middle lc ek Woodland Lake Fork ks e Cr h No rt le B ou ld er N VALMO NT Valmont Res. D OA idd Cr ee k e r w oo d Gu M Fo Hic N RD Boulder DR DR DR dl e Mi d NT k W o o ds G ul c h C r e ek r th CA Sh per No S PR INGS R D C OL D k er ek CA NY ON LD ER Cr ee BR Y WA D elo nde Cree Bould k U BO Bo u BY Cr ee k Cre e Cre Leggett6 3R Owen Res. Boulder RD N IC CE RD F Sawhill Ponds VAL M O CANYON BLV D S Jasper Lake Jas O AF ee JASP ER N S UG A RL RD N ch l AK Cre ek C ar ib ou Storm Lake Cre ek 28TH nn nia lv a sy Gu INDEPENDENCE RD C A NY ON T DS lder TO u rs oe YO N CAN Cr JAY Wetlands Lands transitional between terrestrial and aquatic systems where the water table is usually at or near the surface or the land is covered by shallow water with one or more of the following attributes: (1) at least periodically, the land supports predominantly hydrophytes (wetland plants); (2) the substrate is predominantly un-drained hydric soil; and/or (3) the substrate is non-soil and is saturated with water or covered by shallow water at some time during the growing season of each year (USFWS 1993). RD RD N B Ho es h MILE BROADWAY FO UR SU G A RLOA Diamond Lake 57TH ST N i le D R ur Fo m H Wonderland Lake An area recognized by the presence of linear bands of trees, shrubs, and herbaceous vegetation along a waterway where plant communities and soil moisture differ from surrounding upland vegetation and soils RD Twin Lakes N h Lake Dorothy RD R DR Pe Glacier Lake PE ek I LE o Rainbow Lakes Upper Diamond Lake Cr yo R ek C re Fourmile PE AK rt Weld County Panama Res. No. 1 LOOKOUT Sixmile Res. SPINE RD RU N Ca n NIW OT Cr ee k Dry Boulder Res. Mesa Res. 6 1ST ST Four mil e GO LD RD ILL E M Silver Lake Goose Lake k ree Dr y MINERAL k n H IL L RD FO U GO LD Frozen Lake Arapaho Glacier Creek WY DR D Lake Albion No PKWY SUNSET N CA YO N Green Lakes Arikaree Glacier Island Lake Vrain PRATT Gaynor Lake Dodd Res. Creek C H AN C N SU SH IN E RD e K P GO LD Navajo Glacier Triple Lakes 26 N DR Creek ON CAN Y Hand Left LE F T HAND K ek NI WOT DR L LE e ek Cre Spring Gulch TO War d PEA C m ile Cr e e H IL L Lake Isabelle e ft h EA S ix r Brainard Lake Le ft SC E Bell Gu lc N 45TH ST an d Le ft H RD Left Hand Valley Res. nd James k NEVA Cr e e k Ha ee Cr Gold Lake Left Hand Valley Res. No. 2 ee k Cr Joder Res. DR O LD E S TAG E Cr W BY NI C Vrain Sa i n t Red Rock Lake ek re d an Left Hand Res. ND CANYO N J A M ES James C r e e k Hidden Lake AY ee k Grand County h Dry Cree k Lagerman Res. DR LEF TH A Jamestown Tumbleson Lake Sout No. 1 t KEN N Upper Coney Lake Mitchell Lake RD Cre ek Swede Lakes Allens Lake N YO S ain AIRPORT RD J a me s Beaver Res. Coney Lake Isabelle Glacier Bohn Lake ST int Sa Bea ver ROG ERS RD 75TH S T d tt le RD N id Li OV ERLAND Long Lake N SO RD Steele Lakes C re ek Cree k T V R AIN Clover Basin Res. FOO THILLS M NEL Stapp Lakes Blue Lake ST th le Vra in ST Davis Res. N t in SA IN N Sa Longmont in 35 RD Trevarton Res. OT HIL Y WA BY LS SA INT VRAIN C IN T 65T H SA H Riparian Areas RD McCaslin Lake Vra ek uth So 2013 Update MAIN Foothills Res. Y UT SO C re ek So u Red Deer Lake HYGIE NE ST S ek RD VR e Cr AI N NIC y AK CE n Co PE HYGIENE DR t Finch Lake TO Vrain Glaciers Betty Lake HW Y Burch Lake in Sa PEAK Saint Bob Lake Boulder County Comprehensive Plan McIntosh Lake Pear Res. Skyscraper Res. UTE Independent Res. Bluebird Lake Junco Lake Devils Thumb Lake Clark Lake es . ek Ouz e l Cree k Ouzel Lake Pipit Lake Cr ee Bu t to Vr a in t CO UNTY No r th S ai n EAST North Walker Res. N Frigid Lake Copeland Lake Terry Lake N Sandbeach Lake Divide Res. RD ST Longmont Res. W OO DLAND ST Lion Lake No. 1 Thunder Lake Crystal Lake Knoth Res. 95TH ee N Cr ST Lion Lake No. 2 rs e 75TH Ho Wetlands and Riparian Areas Ish Res. Highland Res. No.2 RD Cr ee LINE Fo rk NT Keplinger Lake Snowbank Lake Moomaw Glacier T ho mps o n R er iv le L itt r in g 11 5TH oa Creek N b in ST Ca Green Lake 107TH R Chasm Lake Frozen Lake Superior Broomfield County 0 0.75 ² 1.5 3 Miles The user agrees to all Terms of Use set forth by Boulder County For Terms of Use, please visit: www.bouldercounty.org/mapdisclaimer

Larimer County A RD Glen Res. Gilpin County FILE: V:gispaBCCPArcMap_projectsBCCP Update MapsPCFinalDraft11x17BCCP_NLNA.mxd Be av e r CO A Cr ee k CR E EK N NY O CA RD ST 11 5TH ST 107TH ST 95TH LINE 83RD ST N ST 75TH ST 12 % South Draw Boul r de CO UNTY N EAST ST MAIN ST SUNSET 75TH S T N AIRPORT RD N 73 RD ST 95T H S T N 83RD ST N 77TH ST ek EL D D OR A O R SP S ING N 115TH ST er LINE RD Bo uld ST COUNT Y N 79TH ST ARAPAHO E Marfell Lakes Erie Lake RD EAST 95TH ST N 63RD N DR SOUTH BOULDER RD LD E EMPIRE RD RT Louisville 2 UR % NP IKE Colorado Tallgrass Prairie BU FF Cowdrey Res. No. 2 11 % Marshall Lake Cr ek Cre Co al H IG N W TH OR T ES WY PK ( Toll) DILLON RD HW AY Stearns Lake Hodgson-Harris Res. e Autrey Res. Cre ek Ro ck 120TH ER -BO U South Boulder Creek/Colorado TallgrassPrairie Jefferson County Lafayette Lake Waneka Louisville Res. S DE NV L AL SH Eggleston Res. No. 4 RD ST 7 6TH S T AG NO M Cree k RD CHERRYVA LE B ou ld er MA R C re Prince Lake No. 2 Harper Lake uth Boulder Mountain Park Erie N 119T H ST DIA GO NA LH SPINE RD 57TH ST 6 1ST ST i le N M S OUTH So uld Bo DR ek 1 % th Los Lagos Res. South Opalair Res. Winiger Ridge Cr e Kossler Lake u So Lake Eldora W i ni g e r Elwood Res. Cr oc ee k k R R E LDO % RD B OULDE R l ! . dle 26 RD Teller Lake B ASELINE Baseline Res. oa ! ELD O RA S K I . Peterson Lake id # South Boulder Creek 11 C B M ek Valmont Res. Hillcrest Lake JAY RD RD IS ABEL LE O AL Lost Lake F o rs yt h e O L IA D R M AG N RD C re 25 RD Prince Lake No. 1 HW Y ek Cre r lde ou n ny o Ca VALMO NT #Valmont Dike SO U T H ker Boulder Mountain Park RD k ee JASP ER Boulder 9 RD Leggett- NT White Rocks 13 % k DR Bar m H Nederland 24 Re s. No rt h Creek # Twin Sisters Peak Re s. Cr e e # Flatirons ss h r Cr ee a ve k Be R DE 1 % Gr o lc RD R IDG E UL RD RD Burke Lake Boul der DR VAL M O CANYON BLV D DR RD Yankee Doodle Lake C C YO Cr ee k rk ks BO L Jenny Lake Eagle Rock dle MINERAL Foxhills Sandstone RD Sawhill Ponds T DS C re N 20 Y WA ld er B ou N Mid CA NY ON LD ER D A King Lake Middle 8 U BO OS S Fo rk # ek lch Gu th Sou ek Falls C re GR Woodland Lake Betty Lake Bo uld er erw o od ek th Nor le Cr e ek e Cr Skyscraper Res. Bob Lake idd H ic Gu M Fo 3 # # O AF An area especially unique and important to the natural heritage of the county that typifies native vegetation and associated biological and geological features and provides habitat for rare or endangered animal or plant species; or includes geologic or other natural features of scientific or educational value. RD Cr JAY Res. D OA C r e ek DR Red Rocks Profile Rock 19 S UG A RL 1 Twin Lakes 6 3R Owen BR r rt h No S PR INGS R D C OL D ek r k ek W oo ds G ulc h Sh J aspe B oulde C re e CA Jasper Lake Devils Thum b Lake C re # Boulder RD F INDEPENDENCE RD C A NY ON RD Mountain Y WA Car ib o u Storm Lake C re r 22 Glacier Lake BY Delo nde Fou # Sugarloaf nn sy ia an lv S C r ee k DR YO N CAN MILE lc N IC CE oe Wonderland Lake h Gu AK k er Cree r Ho se sh Diamond Lake R Natural Areas % 4 % LOOKOUT ek Weld County k ree Panama Res. No. 1 ST nd NI C K FO UR k SU G A RLOA Upper Diamond Lake Cr yo C N TO u ld Lake Dorothy Ca n Creek PKWY Dr y NIW OT N Pe Rainbow Lakes RU N F our m ile 26 C r ee k Boulder Res. N e C re o PE Bighorn Mountain Vrain PRATT Sixmile Res. R rth B H IL L t KEN A landscape feature designated solely for its visual and scenic prominence that distinguishes a specific locality in Boulder County. Gaynor Lake Dodd Res. Dry DR No 2 RD Mesa Res. e Cre k a nd Le ft H n Silver Lake Goose Lake # GO LD RD ILL Fourmile PE AK N SU RD NI WOT I LE Ridge Island Lake DR Left Hand Res. Haystack # Mountain M Frozen Lake GO LD YO N N 45TH ST Sain No. 1 Lagerman Res. North Grasslands FO U 6 % Niwot Lake Albion AN er H L P GO LD SH IN E k E Swede Lakes D Green Lakes Arikaree Glacier Arapaho Glacier 10 Creek Left LE F T HAND ek DR ON CAN Y Han d Grassy Top Navajo Glacier Triple Lakes # K LE ee k C re Gu lch Spring War d PEA Cr e e m ile Left Hand Valley Res. ROG ERS RD Dry Cr eek N a % RD DR Lake Isabelle Isabelle Glacier e ft 7 H IL L Left Hand Valley Res. No. 2 C Steele Lakes 11 NEVA Cr e e k Si x Bell G ulch 23 Joder Res. J a m es TO nd 4 r Long Lake ek EA Red Rock Lake ek re # Le ft AY ek BY DR Buckingham Park Hogback Ha Cre W Cre Hidden Lake Gold Lake Brainard Lake DR SC E Blue Lake Vrain S a in t So uth Mitchell Lake Cre N # FOO THILLS Continental Divide James Tumbleson Lake ek Bohn Lake 1 N Grand County CANYO J A M ES Upper Coney Lake N SO 63RD ee 6 # Jamestown RD # RD Clover Basin Res. 71ST ST 18 Porphyry Mountain RD Cre ek N YO Hygiene Plains Cottonwood Hygiene Hogback Table Mountain Allens Lake Cr # 12 Longmont Cree k T V R AIN ST J a mes Beaver Res. Coney Lake # Davis Res. 13 SA IN 65T H FO t k Beaver # 35 RD Trevarton Res. NEL tt le Li Stapp Lakes SA INT VRAIN Red Hill BROADWAY int Sa Cre ek HW 9 % Natural Landmarks RD WY d id M Miller Rock OV ERLAND IN T th So u 17 le in 2013 Update N # Vr ain SA H V ra in Sa Red Deer Lake McCaslin Lake N Vrain Glaciers UT SO Cre ek Y WA BY Ironclads Saint 16 HYGIE NE ek # Boulder County Comprehensive Plan HW Y Vr ain N k RD Foothills Res. N ee Cr S NIC y Walker Res. McIntosh Lake HYGIENE DR AI N CE n Co Pear Res. Mountain CA Junco Lake AK Terry Lake Burch Lake VR PE Finch Lake UTE Independent Res. t TO 5 ain PEAK McCall Lake # Coffintop S Bluebird Lake Pipit Lake Divide Res. RD 75 TH North St. Vrain ND k W OO DLAND Clark Lake N % Willow Carr ee k l Cree 14 e Ou z e Ouzel Lake 5 Lyon s # Crystal Lake Knoth Res. ek FF Cr re r oc kR es . S TA n C tto n F LAG Vr ai 3 % Copeland Bu Vra in Sai nt L IA Eagle Lake Sai nt North 21 N Frigid Lake No rth Ridge Copeland Lake Highland Res. No.2 N Sandbeach Lake Indian Lookout Mountain Longm ont Res. 8 % # Natural Landmarks and Natural Areas Ish Res. Rabbit Mountain DR RT H R i v er N 7 Thunder Lake Moomaw Glacier NO # Deer Lion Lake No. 1 VR A I N NT Y ek 1 LS Cr e Steamboat Mountain # Th o mps o n le Litt 15 ST e Lion Lake No. 2 Big Elk Park Cr ee k # 28TH Fo rk OT HIL rs Ho r ing RD Keplinger Lake Snowbank Lake oa Creek O LD E S TAG E b in SA I Ca Green Lake LEF TH A R Chasm Lake Frozen Lake Indian Mountain Broomfield County Superior 0 0.75 ² 1.5 3 Miles The user agrees to all Terms of Use set forth by Boulder County For Terms of Use, please visit: www.bouldercounty.org/mapdisclaimer

Larimer County 6 Button Rock Mountain e k RTH NO Crystal Lake V r ai n t ! Lake Eldora # 25 Glen Res. av er Cr ee k CR E E K N NY O CA 95TH N COUNTY EAST ST MAIN ST 63RD SUNSET N 77TH ST N 83RD ST N 49 Winiger Gulch N 79TH ST 71ST ST NA L k DIA GO de r ul Bo N RD LINE ST 75TH ST ST N 63RD OR A E LD 95TH Lafayette SOUTH BOULDER RD Harper Lake Cr k ee ST Coal VE R-B OU LD ER TU RN P EMPIRE RD Louisville IKE R NO WE TH ST PK WY (Toll) uth DE N 120TH Creek 76TH ST Lake Waneka Louisville Res. N RD RD er ek CHERRYVALE Bo uld Cre COUNTY SPINE RD N 57TH ST 6 1 S T ST BOULD ER S HA LL DR BU Cowdrey Res. No. 2 GS RIN SP r ld e # S MA R DO # 8 Doudy Draw # DILLON RD FF HI G 13 Marshall Mesa HW Stearns Lake AY R M Bou Marshall Lake Eggleston Res. No. 4 ee Cr oc k k Hodgson-Harris Res. # ² 30 Coal Creek below Rocky Flats Cr e Autrey Res. Cre ek k Roc Gilpin County FILE: V:gispaBCCPArcMap_projectsBCCP Update MapsPCFinalDraft11x17BCCP_HBA.mxd ST ST Y L IA AG M # k Marfell Lakes Erie Lake RD So H HW Y O LD E e i le m Bo uld er NO DR C OA 95TH ST CA N D C h Be ee uth Los Lagos Res. South Opalair Res. Cr ARAPAHOE RD BASELINE Baseline Res. ek A Prince Lake No. 2 20 South Boulder Creek oa l R E LDO Erie Elwood Res. Teller Lake C ! 42 Middle Boulder Creek at Eldora Beaver Creek D ELD OR A S K I R . . Peterson Lake dle W i ni g e r So Yankee Doodle Lake id L Jenny Lake M 19 Shanahan Grassland ek HW Y 41 Lost Lake South FLAG STA FF Cr ee # Cre RD King Lake Lost Lake n DR lder RD ny o Fo rs yt he OLIA DR MAGN DA Bo u Ca ek SS Middle # B N e d e r l a nard h Fork r lde # es. lc u th ou Cre R ker RD Prince Lake No. 1 5 Boulder Foothills Kossler Lake Gu Cre Betty Lake ek B RD R DE RD I S ABELLE Hillcrest Lake SOUTH N Re s. 29 No r t h VALMONT O AL Woodland Lake Creek N dle An area that has state-wide importance. The area has a concentration of several biodiversity elements that are more common globally but are excellent or good for this ecoregion. JAY RD k DR GRO # h k h lc ee Bob Lake Nort # # North Beaver Creek 44 r Cr Skyscraper Res. ul de UL Mi d RD ek ro ss Bo DR Boulder Creek Burke Lake Cr e e RD JASPER Boulder CANYON ER 27 Valmont Res. Leggett- CANYON BLV D G le U LD NT # 6 3R Owen Boulder RD R IDGE e r Cre ek e av BO rt h BO e rw o od k r CA Cr eek B rk id d Chittenden Mountain Fo ks Gu M Hic No S PRINGS R D C re e Cre Sawhill Ponds VALM O DR YO k C re e k 26 Betasso F ee RD JAY Res. W oods Gul c h er # OA Cr AY DW Jasper Lake 15 Mount Sanitas Hogbacks OA BR Creek Sh Boulde Y WA # # RD SU G ARLOA F 10 Gordon Creek C OL D 34 Delonde Creek Delo nde Devils Thumb Lake Jasp # B3: High Biodiversity Significance Twin Lakes INDEPENDENCE RD RD NIC Carib ou Storm Lake 4 Bald Mountain CE Cr eek yo ek # AK oe ek ON RD LOOKOUT Sixmile Res. D ST e r Creek sh Diamond Lake So TO uld r se CANY S U G AR L BY Ho Upper Diamond Lake YO N S North Boulder 45 Creek at Caribou Ranch Lake Dorothy C AN r Glacier Lake PE # Rainbow Lakes sy ia an lv Pe 31 Como Creek o lc Boulder Res. Mesa Res. Wonderland Lake Cre Gu nn th B MIL E Fou An area that on a global scale is nearly irreplaceable and significance on a national scale. An area has a concentration of several biodiversity elements that are globally rare (G3) and/or species that are common globally (G4 or G5) but rare within Colorado. RD N # r FOUR AK C an RD MINERAL C ree k Dry R DR No Fourmile k An area that on a global scale is irreplaceable. The area has a concentration of four or more globally critically imperiled to globally imperiled (G1-G2) element occurrences that are in excellent or good (Aor B-ranked) condition. B2: Very High Biodiversity Significance (Nearly Irreplacable) Panama Res. No. 1 R DR ek C re Weld County k Gaynor Lake NIWOT N Silver Lake Fourm ile GOLD # I LL 26 r ee nd N PE Island Lake Goose Lake Cr RD H ILL C Dr y Dodd Res. LE MI LD Frozen Lake Arapaho Glacier N A a Le ft H 17 North Boulder Grasslands E FO U GO C re e SH I N E Gold Hill at 36 Switzerland Trail RD m ile DR RU N Lake Albion Triple Lakes SU Hand G O LD 39 Lake Albion Si x k Creek ek RD D # LEF THAN NIC SCE K P 16 Niwot Ridge Left # 40 Left Hand Canyon ek ON NY N 45TH ST n # # RD Left Hand Valley Res. NIWOT LE DR ON C AN Y L E F T H AN D NEVA Cr e e k Ha DR Ward C re Joder Res. SO U T H AY k ee W Cr H C L Cre Lagerman Res. Left Hand Res. DR ek Gulch Spring Swede Lakes N EA K ee Creek PKWY N C Green Lakes Arikaree Glacier k Bell Gulch Gold Lake TO PE A Cr e J a m es Lake Isabelle Isabelle Glacier James HILL Left Hand Valley Res. No. 2 ee CANYO N J AM E S 22 Springdale r Long Lake ef t Cr BY # ek d an # Hidden Lake 35 Duck Lake above Ward Red Rock Lake re ee Vrain Sa i n t South Mitchell Lake Brainard Lake Navajo Glacier Cr Tumbleson Lake 48 Tumblesom Lake Mount Audubon Jamestown 38 James Creek # 14 N Steele Lakes ST int # # DR B1: Outstanding Biodiversity Significance (Irreplacable) Vrain PRATT No. 1 Dry Creek AIRPORT RD Sa Coney Lake Blue Lake # Cre ek YO Bohn Lake 24 Table Mountain Allens Lake k 28 Ceran Saint Vrain N N 75TH ST d Beaver J a mes RD Beaver Res. Sain t KEN RD SO 28TH id # OVERLAND ROGERS RD N 73RD ST M # Stapp Lakes Grand County 12 Lykins Gulch NEL 9 Fairview Peak Cre ek 43 Middle Saint Vrain Creek at Peaceful Valley Upper Coney Lake # # ttle RD Davis Res. Clover Basin Res. le Li Cree k T V RAIN th Red Deer Lake Vrain SAIN EAST in RD SAINT VRAIN Trevarton Res. ST So u An area with a concentration of rare environmental resources that represents one of the greatest opportunities for preserving specific aspects of Boulder County’s natural heritage. These areas have been identified and ranked by the CSU Natural Heritage Program. Longmont N 119TH ST Sa 21 Saint Vrain Mountain in N 21 South Saint Vrain High Biodiversity Areas RD 35 ST Y WA # 2 Red Hill south of Lyons Cre ek # 47 The Ironclads # Vr a HW FOOTHILLS # 2013 Update 65TH S T HYGIENE McCaslin Lake LS SA IN TH OU HIL VR S k Foothills Res. AI N OT ee RD FO Cr BY Saint Vrain Glaciers y NI C 32 Coney Creek n Co CE # Pear Res. t in Junco Lake HWY Burch Lake McIntosh Lake HYGIENE DR AK UTE Independent Res. Boulder County Comprehensive Plan Sa PE Finch Lake McCall Lake 7 Coffintop Mountain TO PEAK ST # l Cree k Bluebird Lake Pipit Lake Clark Lake ek N eek re BROADWAY Cr Ouze Ouzel Lake # C RD Vra in es . 18 North Saint Vrain # 11 Indian Lookout Mountain STAG E nt kR nd S ai Eagle Lake roc ft Frigid Lake Sai nt on in Le No rth North 33 Copeland Willow Carr Moomaw Glacier Vr a Walker Res. N # Bu tt Copeland Lake Terry Lake N Sandbeach Lake Lyons N Longmont Res. 75TH Lion Lake No. 1 Thunder Lake Divide Res. RD WOODLAND 115TH Knoth Res. N 115TH ST ee NT 1 Rabbit Mountain DR High Biodiversity Areas Ish Res. Highland Res. No.2 ST Cr Lion Lake No. 2 # Steamboat Mountain VRAIN R i v er RD ee k Thom pson Little 23 I Cr LINE # Fo rk 107TH rs Ho # g Creek N Keplinger Lake Snowbank Lake a r in 46 Roaring Fork b in SA Ro Ca Green Lake 83RD ST # Chasm Lake Frozen Lake Jefferson County Superior Broomfield County 0 0.75 1.5 3 Miles The user agrees to all Terms of Use set forth by Boulder County For Terms of Use, please visit: www.bouldercounty.org/mapdisclaimer

! Larimer County Cr Clark Lake McCall Lake k Bluebird Lake HW LS V ra in Davis Res. t 63RD FILE: V:gispaBCCPArcMap_projectsBCCP Update MapsPCFinalDraft11x17BCCP_ECA.mxd ST SUNSET N 115TH ST N 79TH ST 71ST ST N 83RD ST er Bo uld ST ARAPAHO E Marfell Lakes Erie Lake RD Lafayette Lake Waneka Louisville Res. SOUTH BOULDER RD ER -BO U LD E ek Cre Co al EMPIRE RD RT UR 120TH DE NV ST RD Louisville NP IKE Hawkin Gulch/Walker Ranch/Upper !! ! ! Eldorado Canyon ! r de ek EL D L AL DR O R SP BU FF Marshall Lake 8 Boulder Mountain Park/South Boulder D OR A ! Jefferson County T ES WY PK ( Toll) S SH Cowdrey Res. No. 2 Eggleston Res. No. 4 DILLON RD H IG HW AY Stearns Lake Cr oc ee k k Hodgson-Harris Res. Cr e Autrey Res. l Boul C re S ING N W TH OR R 7 ! M Areas of wildlife movement adjacent to relative unfragmented waterways which provides connectivity among Environmental Conservation Areas RD Harper Lake ek ek LINE 95TH Prince Lake

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