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Information about environmental pollution

Published on July 24, 2009

Author: ammanannaforever

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Is it cloud? : Is it cloud? Huge Fume : Huge Fume EFFECT OF AIR POLLUTION : EFFECT OF AIR POLLUTION Air pollution : Air pollution An air pollutant is known as a substance in the air that can cause harm to humans and the environment. Pollutants can be in the form of solid particles, liquid droplets, or gases. In addition, they may be natural or man-made. Various methods for Controlling of Air pollution1.Effluent Treatment Plant : Various methods for Controlling of Air pollution1.Effluent Treatment Plant 2. Mechanical Evaporator : 2. Mechanical Evaporator Water pollution : Water pollution Effect of water pollution : Effect of water pollution Soil pollution : Soil pollution Soil pollution Effects : Soil pollution Effects Graphical representation : Graphical representation Noise pollution : Noise pollution Noise pollution Effects : Noise pollution Effects Noise pollution : Noise pollution Thermal pollution : Thermal pollution Thermal pollution Effects : Thermal pollution Effects Thermal pollution : Thermal pollution Solid waste management : Solid waste management Solid waste management : Solid waste management Solid waste management : Solid waste management

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