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Information about Environment Pollution

Published on December 4, 2013

Author: ilyyda

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Environment pollutions

Environmental Pollution İlayda Guldursun

Pollution  Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into a natural environment that causes instability; disorder, harm or discomfort to the ecosystem, physical systems or living organisms.

Types of Pollution  Air Pollution  Water Pollution  Thermal Pollution  Soil Pollution  Radioactive Pollution

The Importance of Air  Other planets have sunlight, but the Earth is the only planet we know that has air and water. Without air and water, the Earth would be unable to sustain life. Sustain: to continue

Air Pollution  Air pollution occurs when the air contains gases, dust, fumes in harmful amounts. That is, amounts which could be harmful to the health or comfort of humans and animals or which could cause damage to plants and materials.

Causes of Air Pollution 1-Natural Sources  Volcanic eruptions  Forest fires  Pollen grains of flower 2-Man-made Sources • Increase in pollution • Deforestation • Burning of fossil fuels and fires • Wars • Emission from vehicles

Protecting Clean Water  Dirty water is the world's biggest health risk, and continues to threaten both quality of life and public health. When water from rain and melting snow runs off roofs and roads into our rivers, it picks up toxic chemicals, dirt, trash.

Sources of Water Pollution  Community waste waters  Industrial wastes  Agricultural sources  Under ground water pollution  Thermal pollution

Soil Pollution  Soil pollution results from the build up of contaminants, radioactive materials, salts, chemicals and cancer-causing agents.  Caused by dumping of wastes agrochemicals and as indirect result of air pollution.

Sources of Soil Pollution Salination Domestic wastes Agricultural wastes

Control of Soil Pollution  Proper disposal od industrial wastes  Recycling and recovery of materials  Minimize the manufacture and use od chemical fertilizers

Radioactive Pollution  It is the physical pollution of air, water and land through nuclear materials. Radioactive materials that cause pollution may be materials from commercial or laboratory processes.

Sources 1-Man made Sources  Nuclear weapons  Reactors and nuclear fuel  Waste waters containing these wastes  X-rays used in medical practices

Effects  Mutation  Cancer  Increases infant mortality rate

Noise Pollution  Unwanted high pitch sound that pollutes the environment.  Maximum tolerable intensity of sound is 85 decibels

Sources  The main sources are automobiles, aero planes, loudspeakers, industries and other electro mechanical devices.

Effects of Noise Pollution  Damage to ear drum and impairment to hearing.  Damages heart, liver and brain

Thermal Pollution  The term thermal pollution has been used to indicate the detrimental effects of heated effluents.

Causes of Thermal Pollution  Nuclear power plants  Coal fired power plants  Industrial effluents  Domestic sewage

Control Measures  Cooling towers  Cooling ponds  Artificial lakes

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