ENVI/IDL Tools for HDF

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Information about ENVI/IDL Tools for HDF

Published on February 18, 2014

Author: HDFEOS

Source: slideshare.net

ITT Visual Information Solutions November 08, 2007

Market Drivers • Quantity and size of data is increasing • New customers are using geospatial/scientific data • Software is no longer locked to the desktop Gap In Expectations Success ENVI/IDL Solution Functionality • Extensive functionality • Visualization & Analysis • Cross platform Usability Usability • Modern Abstraction & UI • Abstraction • Consistency • Interactive & Batch Scripting • Interactivity & Easy Workflows • Powerful Processing Today: Changing markets and evolving technologies have changed expectations www.ittvis.com

ENVI & IDL Product Goals • ENVI – Access Any Data, Any Time, Any Where – Extract information from diverse data types – Tools to share data and information • IDL – Improve Rapid Development functionality – Improve Usability – Make it easier to read data & interact with graphics – Easy-to-use modern, widget controls and behavior – Enhance Core functionality www.ittvis.com

ENVI and ENVI Zoom 4.4 Visualize • File Format Support – TFRD Access • Vegetation Suppression Analyze Customize – Suppresses vegetative component of reflectance • SPEAR Tools – Simplified workflow to apply existing ENVI advanced spatial and spectral analysis techniques • Vectors • Feature Extraction – Easy to use workflow for extracting features from images – Vehicles – Buildings – Transportation features – Natural Features www.ittvis.com Share

IDL 7.0 – The IDL Workbench • Looks and behaves like a native application – A single, cross-platform development environment – Robust, fully-integrated – Modern controls to edit, run and debug IDL code • Foundation for new functionality to improve the usability of IDL – Plug-in architecture makes it easier to add features www.ittvis.com

Recent Advances in HDF and HDFEOS Product Support Harold Cline Bill Okubo Devin White

New Toolkits and Enhancements for ENVI/IDL • The MODIS Conversion Toolkit (MCTK) • The ENVI Plugin for Ocean Color (EPOC) • Hyperion Tools • ASTER Level 2 RPC Orthorectification • NOAA CoastWatch AVHRR support • AIRS Level 1B Radiance support (prototype) www.ittvis.com

The MODIS Conversion Toolkit (MCTK) • The MODIS Conversion Toolkit (MCTK) is a plugin for ENVI that can ingest, process, and georeference every known MODIS product (currently 143) through your choice of an easy-to-use interactive widget interface or a fully-accessible programmatic interface. Supported products include: - Level 1A Uncalibrated Radiance - Level 1B Calibrated Radiance - Level 2 Swath - Level 2G, Level 3, and Level 4 Grid • Works with MODIS data from the Land, Cryosphere, Atmosphere, and Calibration groups. http://www.ittvis.com/codebank/search.asp?FID=485 www.ittvis.com

MCTK (continued) • The interface allows you to take a "cafeteria" approach to MODIS data by providing a list of all available datasets within a file, from which you can choose the ones to process. • The ENVI equivalents of MRT and MRTSwath are built in as well, which means that you can input a file, have its contents converted to scientifically meaningful values, and then project those contents into the coordinate system of your choice--all within one interface. • Bow tie correction is also available for all swath products. www.ittvis.com

Download Page www.ittvis.com

MCTK: Processing Flow www.ittvis.com

MCTK (continued) www.ittvis.com

MODIS in ENVIZoom www.ittvis.com

The ENVI Plugin for Ocean Color • The ENVI Plugin for Ocean Color (EPOC) is an HDF file conversion and georeferencing utility for data sets that are currently distributed through the OceanColor web site (http://oceancolor.gsfc.nasa.gov) or created using the SeaWiFS Data Analysis System (SeaDAS, http://oceancolor.gsfc.nasa.gov/seadas). • Level 1A, Level 2, and Level 3 SMI data sets are supported for five sensors: MODIS Aqua, MODIS Terra, SeaWiFS, CZCS, and OCTS. • The source code for this plugin is available and can be modified to suit an individual user’s needs. http://www.ittvis.com/codebank/search.asp?FID=529 www.ittvis.com

EPOC (continued) www.ittvis.com

Planned Toolkit Merger: MCTK+EPOC • MCTK and EPOC use completely different methods for converting and georeferencing HDFEOS data. MCTK, built more recently, uses more efficient and flexible methods that could be applied to Ocean Color data sets as well. • The plan is to fold EPOC’s current functionality into MCTK and offer one combined toolkit.* • Merger is planned for first quarter of 2008. *Source code for EPOC would no longer be available, but conversion and georeferencing performance would be significantly improved. www.ittvis.com

Hyperion Tools • The Hyperion Tools plugin is designed to facilitate the use of Hyperion data in ENVI. Its most basic functionality is to convert Level 1R HDF and Level 1G/1T HDF and GeoTIFF datasets into ENVI format files that contain wavelength, full width half maximum, and bad band information. Also included are options specific to each input dataset format that further aid in using Hyperion data within ENVI. • Options for Level 1R data include: Georeferencing, Flag Mask Correction, Mask Image Creation, Generation of FLAASH Scale Factors, and Interpolation to a Common Wavelength Set. Options for Level 1G/1T data include: Mask Image Creation, Conversion to BIP Interleave, and Generation of FLAASH Scale Factors. http://www.ittvis.com/codebank/search.asp?FID=467 www.ittvis.com

Hyperion Tools (continued) www.ittvis.com

ASTER Level 2 RPC Orthorectification • ENVI natively supports RPC orthorectification for ASTER Level 1A and Level 1B HDF products distributed by the LPDAAC. • This plugin allows for the RPC orthorectification of ASTER Level 2 products, including AST_04, AST_05, AST_06SD/TD/VD, AST_07V/VXT, AST_07S/SXT, AST_08, and AST_09V/S/T http://www.ittvis.com/codebank/search.asp?FID=481 www.ittvis.com

NOAA CoastWatch AVHRR Support • This plugin allows you to easily import NOAA CoastWatch AVHRR data into ENVI. All image datasets present in the user-supplied HDF file are transferred into one georeferenced multiband ENVI file, including: original AVHRR channels, cloud masks, graphics, zenith angle, and Sea Surface Temperature (SST). • Any scale and offset values present for individual datasets are automatically applied during the conversion process so that scientifically meaningful values are immediately available for visualization and analysis. This is particularly helpful for the SST dataset, which contains values in degrees Celsius after conversion. http://www.ittvis.com/codebank/search.asp?FID=513 www.ittvis.com

AIRS Level 1B Radiance Plugin • Still under development, but a functional prototype is complete. • Converts AIRS Level 1B Radiance data to a multiband ENVI format file and optionally georeferences it using the same methods found in MCTK. • Correctly handles custom ordered channel subset files and assignments of wavenumbers and FWHM values to each band. • Prototype is available upon request. www.ittvis.com

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