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Information about Entregar

Published on March 10, 2014

Author: isanzelias

Source: slideshare.net

Cod Chins in Pil-Pil sauce A) INGREDIENTS 2 lb. Cod chins, fresh or frozen (900 gr) 1 pt extra virgin olive oil (480 ml) 12 cloves garlic 3 dried red hot cayenne pepper A handful of parsley, optional B) UTENSILS Medium sized earthenware or steel dish Sauce pan Chopping board Scissors Paring knife Wooden spoon 1. DEFROST the chins and CLEAN them 2. DRY them very well 3. PEEL and SLICE the cloves of garlic 4. FRY the slices of garlic and the cayenne pepper 5. POUR the garlic and half of the oil into a sauce pan 6. REDUCE heat and SPREAD OUT the chins all over the dish 7. COOK the chins until they are not clear anymore 8. STIR the dish in circles on a slippery surface until reaching the desired texture. 9. TOP the chins with the slices of garlic. SPRINKLE with parsley (optional) Screwdriver A) INGREDIENTS 1 ½ oz vodka 1 ½ oz orange soda 1 ½ oz orange juice 1 orange wheel 2 straws 5 ice cubes B) UTENSILS Large tumbler / highball glass Tongs A chopping board A paring knife A bucket and tongs This cocktail is made directly in the glass. 1. SQUEEZE one orange 2. PREPARE a fantasy glass and cool it 3. PERFUME the edge of the glass 4. POUR the VODKA, the ORANGE JUICE and the SODA 5. STIR it twice 6. PUT the orange wheel CHEERS!!! Jon Ibáñez and Iñigo Sanz - 1ºDS-A - 2013-2014

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