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Published on October 17, 2018

Author: digitalsuccessagency


slide 1: Enterprises are considering software development outsourcing to remain competitive and innovative IT Outsourcing has come a long way since the time when it started. When it started software development outsourcing implied that an enterprise identifies an offshore software development company for its non-core processes. The most common software development projects that were outsourced required an IT specialist in Application Development and maintenance services QA Automation Testing Product and Software Development Web Design and Development and Mobile Application Development. Most of the enterprises perceived outsourcing as a cost-cutting measure and there was nothing wrong with that. I remember speaking to clients who related IT outsourcing with ‘cheap services’. So basically enterprises interested to outsource their IT services engaged with an offshore software development firm for low-cost resources. Things changed. Enterprises interested in outsourcing started to see offshore software development companies as innovative. They realized that it is tough to find resources in emerging technologies. Therefore enterprises are considering IT outsourcing for both their long-term and short-term growth plans. slide 2: The dawn of emerging technologies Robotic Process Automation RPA Machine Learning ML Augmented Reality AR Internet of Things IoT Artificial Intelligence AI and Blockchain are the emerging technologies that enterprises are outsourcing to offshore software development companies to remain competitive innovative and prepare for the future. Therefore it became clear that outsourcing helps to: • Find global talent - The lack of resources in specialized areas has been a huge obstacle in an enterprise’s growth. With outsourcing enterprises can access a huge a large resource pool of resources who can work as an extension of your team. • Helps expand in new markets – if an enterprise is planning to explore new markets it might be a good idea to hire a local software development to operate as per the local market. • Innovation – It sure is tough to excel in a market that is both competitive and agile. Offshore IT software development companies invest in RD to help their clients innovate and lead in a competitive market. • Improve software UX – Consumer expectations has increased and they expect you to give a world- class user experience. You need an offshore software development provider to give your consumers wat they seek. • Stay relevant – Consumers always expect a better version of a product/ service. To remain ahead of the curve you need to lead rather than follow your competitors. Technology can help you stay connected with your consumers and be agile to their requirements. • Reduced time to market – If you engage with a professional IT outsourcing company they will bring a talent pool of resources and IT infrastructure established best practices proven methodologies and processes to help you reduce your time to market. • Improved quality and ROI – Experienced and established software outsourcing companies have defined quality methodologies quality metrics and parameters in place to ensure that they give you high-quality deliverables and even a high ROI. How does the future look The time is not far when there will be self-driving cars robots virtual assistants smart devices and smart cities. There will be no choice but to adopt the emerging technologies to drive growth and change slide 3: rather be driven by it. Enterprises must keep an eye for such trends and learn ways to leverage the next gen technologies to further their core competency. You must be able to find an innovative effective agile and productive offshore software development to achieve the objectives mentioned above. If you’re still searching for the perfect one you can perhaps stop worrying. Just give us a call to understand why we think we’re the best IT outsourcing partner for you. To read it online please visit: development-outsourcing-to-remain-competitive-and-innovative.htm

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