Enterprise Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD)

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Information about Enterprise Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD)

Published on March 11, 2014

Author: TataDocomo_Business

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An evolving messaging technology with a potential to reduce SMS dependency

Enterprise USSD An evolving messaging technology with a potential to reduce SMS dependency

Business Services Table of Contents • What is USSD ? • Need for USSD • Components of a USSD Solution • The Solution Architecture • Enterprise USSD Solutions from Tata Docomo • USSD Connectivity • USSD Applications • Tata Docomo Value Proposition

Business Services Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) • It is a GSM technology used to send text between a mobile & apps in the network. • Similar to SMS, but USSD transactions occur during the session only. • Enables session based communication between application server at the network side and the mobile user • USSD messages are up to 160* alphanumeric characters in length • The connection remains open, allowing a two-way exchange of a sequence of data • The messages sent over USSD are not defined by any standardization body *For Messages in English Have you ever typed a code starting with an asterisk (*), number set, and hash (#) on your mobile? If yes, then, knowingly or unknowingly, you have already been using USSD service. USSD is an evolving messaging technology which has the potential to reduce SMS dependency

Business Services Need for USSD in an Enterprise Easy Access Smoother info flow Responsiveness PEOPLE more PRODUCTIVE PROCESSES more INTELLIGENT CUSTOMERS more SATISFIED

Business Services Use cases USSD Apps for closing service calls USSD Apps for sales processes like order booking & lead updation VAS services – Balance check , service activation (CRBT etc.) Market research surveys conducted on real time basis over USSD Subscription Services – Cricket score , news etc. Social Media access over USSD – Facebook , Google etc. Tracking of important information over USSD by students/parents – Attendance etc. Mobile/Other Recharges over USSD

Business Services USSD can do a lot more ! • Access to subscribed information • Interactive Services • Market Research Surveys • Voting/Contests • Service Requests Customers • Real Time updation of operational information– delivery/service status • Task allocation Partners / Suppliers • Enable interactive employee communication • Access to imp. information – Salary etc. • Travel/Leave /Attendance Mgmt • Leads/Collections Mgmt Employees

Business Services Benefits of USSD • Unlike major challenge for most VAS services, USSD has no dependency on handset & OS types • Easy to navigate, no need to remember any keywords, URLs, etc • Real-time and instant messaging service capability - up to seven times faster than SMS for two-way transactions • Cost-effective and flexible mechanism for offering various interactive and non-interactive mobile services to a wide subscriber base. • Supports menu-based applications facilitating more user interactions. • USSD services available on the home network are also accessible while roaming. Unlike SMS, there are no charges for this.

Business Services Components of any USSD solution ConnectivityApplication/Menu Workflow SIM Card • Multiple components and multiple entities to deal with – no one stop shop solution • Multiple Mobile Platforms and the costs associated with mobile apps development across Platforms • Application development costs and the ongoing updates and modifications • Remember keyword , mobile number etc. in case of SMS makes it inconvenient for users to have interactive communication Challenges in current interactive Communication Solutions GSM Mobile Phone Reporting /MIS

Business Services The Construct of a USSD Solution • Customizable Applications/Workflows – Employee Mgmt , Recharge Mgmt , Service Ticket Mgmt etc. • Web Based GUI • Reports & Analytics • GSM network only• Interactive Menu based services • Mobile initiated via dialing of codes like *717# Network InfrastructureMobile Phone Enterprise Application Server (Menu/Workflow)

Business Services USSD solutions from Tata Docomo USSD Connectivity Service USSD Applications • Get Customized applications/menu based workflows created for your existing processes • API Integration • Run interactive services using USSD apps – menu/workflow based • Reports & Analytics • Interactive Communication -USSR/PSSR • Access to USSD network infrastructure • Run interactive services using your existing applications • SMPP/HTTP connectivity • Interactive Communication • USSR – Application initiated • PSSR – Mobile initiated Offering 1 Offering 2

Business Services USSD Connectivity • USSD connectivity offering enables you to integrate your USSD based applications/menu workflows with our network using SMPP or HTTP connectivity options • Run interactive services • USSR – Application initiated • PSSR – Mobile initiated •You need an application along with an internet enabled PC to get started. No additional investments in hardware Interactive communication plays vital role across various business processes and is used by most organizations . Tata Docomo' USSD connectivity services allows Enterprises to USSD enable their applications and hence run interactive services with employees/customers/affiliates

Business Services USSD Applications • USSD applications allows you to define your existing workflows/processes in the form of USSD menus • Tata Docomo also offers APIs that enable integration with your existing applications for information exchange over USSD • Applications can be enabled to run interactive services • USSR – Application initiated • PSSR – Mobile initiated • You just need an internet enabled PC to get started. No additional investments in hardware

Business Services A few Use Cases – USSD Applications • Interactive employee communication • Access to Salary/imp. info • Travel Mgmt • Leave Mgmt • Attendance Mgmt Run services for farmers regarding important information – • Farming tips • Mandi prices • Weather • Automate dealer recharge process for mobiles/DTH subs over USSD • Attendance Mgmt •Tracking of efforts & achievements •Sports performance • School Fee status Employee Management Subscription Services Recharge Mgmt Education  FY 2014    With this offering Tata Docomo can create workflow/menu based customized USSD applications as per your existing processes. While there could be numerous processes/activities which you can mobilize using USSD applications , a few indicative ones are listed below Most simple Business Processes can be mobilized using USSD workflows ; • Collections • Delivery • Tracking • Support • Lead Mgmt • Feedback • Surveys • Customer Services • Employee Services • Vendor Services

Business Services How USSD works?

Business Services The Application

Business Services Illustration 1 – Recharge app snapshot

Business Services Illustration 2 – Service app snapshot

Business Services Reporting/MIS

Business Services MIS Reports • Daily mobile number wise transaction reports (standard) over automated emails sent EOD. Captures customer specific all transactions in a day • Customized reports can be developed – surveys , questionaires etc. One of the sample survey report is depicted below MSISDN DATE QUESTION ANSWER REQUEST_ID STARCODE KEYWORD 919623794053 26-07-2013 Do you or anyone in your household work in any trade related to consumer products or research /advertising agency? No 1622407929 8898 NOQ1 919623794053 26-07-2013 Have you received any XYZ Creams Sachet from the Beauty Parlour you visited recently in April,or May 2013? Yes 1622407931 8898 YESQ2 919623794053 26-07-2013 What brand of Skin Cream were you usually using beforeyou received XYZ the Beauty Parlour? ABC 1622407933 8898 FLQ3 919623794053 26-07-2013 What was the pack size of the <ANSWER> that you usually purchased? Tube 21-50gm/ml 1622407935 8898 T50Q4 Survey Report

Business Services Key features • SMPP / HTTP connectivity options • Initiate multiple sessions in one go • Exclusive user account with secured authentication • Dedicated Capacity • 2-way communication support via USSR and PSSR services • Customized applications/menu based workflows created on your existing processes • API integration • Reports and Analytics

Business Services Value proposition PricingEnd to end ownership • Integrated solution • Single point of contact – sales to service delivery • Connectivity + Application + back end integration Servicing capability • Ability to diagnose the problem – application or connectivity • Platform based approach Technology • Flexibility in terms of offering different pricing models • Integrated Application and Connectivity charges • Session based Billing One stop shop • Ability to integrate telecom technologies with applications – Location information, SMS, voice

Business Services Thank You For further details, please contact us at mktg@tatatel.co.in

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