Enterprise Database Solutions With Interbase and Delphi

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Information about Enterprise Database Solutions With Interbase and Delphi

Published on March 24, 2009

Author: findling67

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Delphi with Interbase. The Challenges were to Deliver a high value solution with industry leading features at a lower price point than the competition. Provide an easy to use, intuitive software interface for medical practices. Respond quickly to industry regulations and customer requirements with new feature releases. Reduce or eliminate complex database administration requirements. The results were
ManagementPlus consistently beats the competition with better features at a better price. Customers give rave reviews to ManagementPlus for the user friendly graphical interface. Compared to other solutions, ManagementPlus enables customers to adapt much
more quickly and easily to new industry regulations. ManagementPlus stores customer records securely and reliably without the complexities of an “enterprise” database.

Success Story “Delphi significantly enhances our development productivity and provides us with a real advantage Delphi with InterBase over our competitors. Using Delphi, we can offer our ” customers more functionality at a lower price point. OrganizatiOn ManagementPlus Healthcare – Bryan thorell, Development Manager, ManagementPlus Information Systems ManagementPlus™ intrODUctiOn national provider ID numbers for doctors (one ID number for each provider that is used by ManagementPlus offers one of the fastest aPPlicatiOn all insurance companies). They were able to growing medical practice management software ManagementPlus Practice add this feature much more quickly than other packages available today. The company’s Management System vendors, resulting in a significant competitive solution is widely recognized as having one advantage in the market. of the most user-friendly interfaces available. tOOlS By using superior technology, ManagementPlus Delphi®, InterBase® aDvanceD gUi FeatUreS iMPrOve has created an easy to use, powerful solution cUStOMer SatiSFactiOn that can simplify administration and increase challengeS profitability for specialty practices. ManagementPlus takes advantage of Delphi • Deliver a high value solution add-on components to provide an intuitive, with industry leading features DevelOPMent FlexiBility anD SPeeD user-friendly interface that receives rave reviews at a lower price point than BeatS the cOMPetitiOn from customers. “Our customers are healthcare the competition providers whose focus is on delivering ManagementPlus takes advantage of Delphi’s • Provide an easy to use, excellent care to their patients – and not on advanced features to implement a flexible, intuitive software interface becoming software gurus,” explains Thorell. modular architecture, giving them the agility to for medical practices “ManagementPlus’s intuitive, graphical interface respond quickly to new customer requirements. allows our customers to manage their business • Respond quickly to industry As a result, the company can more effectively more effectively, without the need for extensive regulations and customer implement new, advanced features and improve training.” requirements with new feature customer satisfaction. releases The ability to customize the Delphi environment Leveraging the productivity features of Delphi, has proven a real benefit for ManagementPlus. • Reduce or eliminate complex ManagementPlus has implemented each module A variety of add on components enables the database administration of the company’s software as a DLL, so that company to implement sophisticated GUI requirements the development team can update one DLL features very quickly and cost-effectively. without rebuilding the entire application. “All of ManagementPlus uses third-party, off the shelf reSUltS the DLLs are OLE servers, and Delphi provides Delphi components and has also written some of • ManagementPlus consistently a great template wizard and other capabilities their own custom components for data access, beats the competition with to create the OLE servers,” says Bryan Thorell, forms processing, work flow, and reporting. better features at a better price Development Manager at ManagementPlus. These advanced capabilities provide a real “As a result, we can implement new features • Customers give rave reviews to differentiator for ManagementPlus. and capabilities quickly. This capability for rapid ManagementPlus for the user Delphi’s reporting capabilities provide another application development is by far the biggest friendly graphical interface important advantage for ManagementPlus. reason why we have standardized on Delphi for • Compared to other solutions, “We always get praise on reporting. Delphi all of our software.” ManagementPlus enables lets us offer lots of flexibility in aggregating For ManagementPlus, time to market is customers to adapt much and presenting the data. And we are looking another key advantage to using Delphi. The more quickly and easily to forward to updating our reporting with company’s solution must accommodate a new industry regulations added layout capabilities and charting using constantly evolving list of government and standard third-party components,” said Thorell. • ManagementPlus stores insurance regulations. And in response to these ManagementPlus includes a custom report customer records securely regulations, the company places a priority on generator that provides users with secure and reliably without timely, high quality software releases. Delphi access to any data in the system. Using Delphi the complexities of an helps them to achieve these goals. For example, components, ManagementPlus can easily output “enterprise” database ManagementPlus recently had to implement this data to various formats including HTML, PDF, text, and XLS.

A Delphi with InterBase Success Story eaSily enhance aPPlicatiOnS tO “we especially like interBase because the database SUPPOrt new weB ServiceS is self-tuning without the need for maintenance.” Delphi’s web capabilities have also allowed ManagementPlus to support new web – Bryan thorell, Development Manager, ManagementPlus services introduced by the insurance companies to system and get a response from the insurance company indicating whether the patient is covered and at what reliaBle anD SecUre window, and authentication with the level. The query uses the web services ManageMent OF Patient Data claims processing servers is handled features built into Delphi, which benefits our automatically by the application. ManagementPlus ships with the InterBase users by providing up to date information ManagementPlus users gain the advantage database for reliable data management from the insurance providers.” of faster and more accurate processing of confidential patient records. In a typical With Delphi, the developers at all within their existing ManagementPlus customer environment, office staff are ManagementPlus have added the capability application. And ManagementPlus responsible for entering and maintaining for online claims processing entirely benefits from reduced training and all of the patient records in the system. The within their application. Users do not support costs, as well as improved customers do not have an on-site database need to open a separate browser customer satisfaction. administrator to manage the system. “We especially like InterBase because the database is self-tuning without the need for maintenance,” explains Thorell. “InterBase Delphi’s advanced provides a robust, extensible data store that GUI development is incredibly fast. The database can handle tools provide millions of transactions without a problem. ManagementPlus Just about the only thing our customers a significant need to do is run the backup utility from competitive time to time.” advantage in delivering aBOUt ManageMentPlUS an intuitive, ManagementPlus is a privately owned compelling user company founded in 1995 with corporate interface for offices in Salt Lake City, UT. The company medical practice offers a fully integrated Windows-based, management. practice management and electronic medical records solution used by more than 2000 professionals nationwide, with installations ranging from solo practitioners to multi- provider networks supporting as many as 300 users. By using superior technology such as Delphi, ManagementPlus has created an easy to use, powerful solution that can simplify life and increase profitability for the company’s customers. Download Free Trials at www.embarcadero.com Corporate Headquarters | Embarcadero Technologies | 100 California Street, 12th Floor | San Francisco, CA 94111 | www.embarcadero.com | sales@embarcadero.com © 2009 Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. Embarcadero, the Embarcadero Technologies logos, and all other Embarcadero Technologies product or service names are trademarks or registered trademarks of Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. MANPL/SS/2009/02/12

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