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Information about Enterprise awareness networks

Published on July 9, 2009

Author: judell

Source: slideshare.net


Talk given at the Wharton School, Nov 2007

Enterprise awareness networks Jon Udell Microsoft Nov 2, 2007

What is this a picture of?

Premises • Enterprises are exploiting service-oriented architecture

Premises • Enterprises are exploiting service-oriented architecture • But are not yet exploiting syndication- oriented architecture


Examples of syndication • Combined GRL2020 feed • Phil’s birthday on Facebook • Jon’s keystroke and mouse feed

Global Research Library 2020

Mashing up GRL2020 feeds

Reading the combined feed

Phil’s birthday on Facebook

Jon’s keystroke and mouse feed

Services plus syndication • Service composition for business processes • People are the exception handlers! • Syndication connects people and processes

Lessons from the blogosophere • Contributions along a continuum of effort – Blog posting: heavyweight – Twitter “tweet”: lighter – Social bookmark: almost effortless

Lessons from the blogosphere • All contributions can be: – Syndicated – Filtered – Resyndicated

Lessons from Facebook • No effort required to make you aware: – That my birthday is upcoming – That I have begun using a new application • Delivers the effects of syndication while hiding the mechanics

Manufactured serendipity • Too important to leave to chance! • “It’s snowing in Boston” • Unlikely connections become less unlikely

Enablers of enterprise awareness networks • XML • RSS (and friends)

Thanks to XML… • Interprocess and interpersonal communication can share common workflow packets • Those packets can mix schematized and ad- hoc XML • Example: Word and Excel can preserve the full fidelity of a machine-to-machine message, while enabling people to annotate it.

Thanks to RSS… • Interprocess and interpersonal messages can participate equally in lightweight syndication • Which can be enhanced by enterprise-grade infrastructure • Example: The Internet Service Bus enables federation of RSS feeds across enterprises, with strong guarantees of privacy, reliability, auditing.

WS-Heavy? WS-Light? WS-JustRight!

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