Enterprise 2.0: Using inexpensive technology to increase business productivity

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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: Rob_Narejko

Source: slideshare.net


Using inexpensive web based tools to greatly increase your business productivity.

Examples of inexpensive web based tools, who is using them, myths and risks, the state of the world and why technology alone is not enough to succeed in transforming your business.

Enterprise  2.0   Using  Inexpensive  Technology  to     Increase  Produc<vity    

Take  away   •  Business  drives  IT  investment   •  How  low  cost,  readily  available  technologies  can   make  posi<ve  gains  for  your  business   2   hEp://www.base22.com  

Agenda   Enterprise  2.0  (E2.0)  defined     E2.0  Promise  of  Lower  Costs  and  Increased  Produc<vity     E2.0  Tools   E2.0  Myths  and  Risks   Innova<on  as  a  driver  of  produc<vity   Digital  Business  models  and  web-­‐based  delivery   Why  now  is  the  right  <me  to  invest  in  E2.0  and  the  future  of  your   company   "   Is  your  business  posi<oned  to  adopt  E2.0?   "   Why  technology  isn’t  enough  for  success   "   Sponsors     " " " " " " "                 3   hEp://www.base22.com  


Enterprise  2.0  Defini<on  and  Objec<ve   Enterprise  2.0  is  the  use  of  "Web  2.0"  technologies  within  an  organiza<on  to   enable  or  streamline  business  processes  while  enhancing  collabora<on.     Enterprise  2.0  aims  to  help  employees,  customers  and  suppliers  collaborate,   share,  and  organize  informa<on.   5   hEp://www.base22.com  

Which  means…   Increase  produc<vity  through  the  use  of  inexpensive   internet  based  technologies  such  as  Gmail,  Skype,  Cloud   Compu<ng,  So^ware  as  a  Service,  TwiEer,  facebook  and   many  many  more.   6   hEp://www.base22.com  

E2.0  Characteris<cs     " " " " "           The  Web  as  the  Pla_orm   Collabora<on  -­‐  Harnessing  Collec<ve  Intelligence   Device  independence   Rich  user  experience   Data  is  key     7   hEp://www.base22.com  

E2.0  Promise:  BeEer  outcomes  at  lower  cost   •  Leverage  /  harness  innova<on   •  Create  growth  through  innova<on   •  Transform  the  customer  rela<onship  to  drive   revenue   •  Improve  worker  produc<vity  /  collec<ve   intelligence   •  Incorporate  new  business  models  and  sources  of   revenue     8   hEp://www.base22.com  

E2.0  Promise:  Decrease  opera<onal  costs   So^ware  as  a  Service    (SaaS)     •  Fewer  servers  to  buy  and  maintain   •  No  so^ware  to  install  or  upgrade,  no  fixes  to   apply   •  Fewer  IT  staff  required  to  maintain  your   systems   9   hEp://www.base22.com  

Applies  to  Short  and  Long  Term   " " " "         Cut  costs   Ramp  up  skills   BeEer  outcomes  at  a  lower  cost   Transform  the  way  you  work  with  your   " Staff,  Customers,  Suppliers,  Shareholders     "   Open  new  markets       10   hEp://www.base22.com  

E2.0  TOOLS  

Frame  of  reference   Business  drives  IT     •  You  need  a  road  map   •  12   A  plan  of  what  you  want  to  accomplish  and   how  you  will  achieve  it   hEp://www.base22.com  

Framework   •  Business  Strategy   •  Aligning  IT  investments  to  support  Business  Strategy   •  Each  project  needs:   •  •  •  •  •  13   Charter   Scope     Business  Case  /  Return  on  Investment   Project  Plan  /  Implementa<on  Plan   Post  implementa<on  evalua<on   hEp://www.base22.com  

Tools  –  sample           14   hEp://www.base22.com  

E2.0  tools  –  Project  Management  So^ware  Plus  (Zoho)   15   hEp://www.base22.com  

Tools:     16   hEp://www.base22.com  

Tools  –  37  Signals,  Microso^  and  many,  many  more…   17   hEp://www.base22.com  

Wiki  –  External  facing  –  Base22   18   hEp://www.base22.com  

Portal  –  Global  -­‐  mul<-­‐lingual     19   hEp://www.base22.com  

Many  more  “So^ware  as  a  Service”  (SaaS)  pla_orms   20   hEp://www.base22.com  

Everybody  is  connected  ALL  THE  TIME   -­‐  on  ALL  KINDS  of  DEVICES!!   21   hEp://www.base22.com  

WHO  USES  E2.0?  

Who  uses  E2.0?  All  Companies  all  over  the  world   •  All  sizes   •  All  industries     23   hEp://www.base22.com  

Who  Uses  E2.0,  Where  and  Why   Who   Where   LA  Police  department  /   many  local  companies   Why   Costs  savings  by   outsourcing  email   infrastructure,  security   Canadian  Federal   Government      Census,  business                                            Cost  savings  through  self       registra<on,  e-­‐service  +++   service   Mount  Sinai  Hospital,   Toronto   Web-­‐based  training     All  Base22  clients  –  big  and   Wiki:  Project  history  /   small   knowledge  base   24   hEp://www.base22.com   Schedule  training  when   staff  had  <me,  staff  learn  at   different  rates,  less  invasive   to  core  purpose  of   delivering  care   Share  knowledge,  ideas,   exper<se,  share  &  edit   documents  

Who  Uses  E2.0,  Where  and  Why   Who   Where   Why   Base22   External,  Internal   Costs  savings,  ability  to   communica<ons    &  instant   capture  threads  and  share   collabora<on   informa<on,  cost,  build   culture  over  a  diverse   geographic  area   Placemaking  –  Intrawest  – (owns  ski  resorts)   Employee  wiki   Replaced  intranet,   pervasive  use,  lower  cost,   aEract  and  retain  ‘the  right’   talent,  unite  work  force   across  geography   Burlington  &  Joint  Cycling   CommiEees   Base22   25   Central  repositories   discussions  and  documents   Time  tracking,  invoicing,   expense  tracking   hEp://www.base22.com  

Who  Uses  E2.0,  Where  and  Why   Who     Where   Why   FutureWorks  is  seeking   products  and  service   business  opportuni<es  and   especially  new  business   models  that  capitalize  on   emerging  consumer  needs   in  crea<ve  ways.   Disrup<ve  technologies  or   business  models  that   improve  the  lives  of  the   world's  consumers   BOLD!!     P&G  is  admiqng   THEY  DON’T  KNOW  EVERYTHING!!   26   hEp://www.base22.com  

Social  Media  Bandwagon  is  here  to  stay     27   Copyright  2011  Base22  Canada  


Myths  of  E2.0...     "   Fear  of  sharing  data  /  informa<on     "   Only  for   young people   "   My  clients  and  employees  aren’t  on  Social  Media     29   hEp://www.base22.com  

The  Perceived  Risks   " " " " " "             Misuse  of  blogs   The^  of  informa<on   Perceived  value  of  collabora<on   Ini<al  informa<on  seems  minimal   Projects  don’t  ‘take  off’     The  internet  is  ‘not  there’  yet   3 0  

E2.0  Needs  Promo<on  to  Succeed   "   Need  change  management  to  encourage  people  to   adopt   3 1  


Innova<on   “Innova<on  is  the  specific  instrument  of   entrepreneurship.  It  is  the  act  that  endows  resources   with  a  new  capacity  to  create  wealth.”       Peter  Drucker   Management  Expert  and  Author     33   hEp://www.base22.com  

Inven<on   •  Inven;on  is  the  crea<on  of  something  new   •  Usually  involving  patents     34   hEp://www.base22.com  

Innova<on     •  Innova;on  is  pulling  together  ideas  and/or  components     in  a  unique  way  to  solve  a  problem     •  Poten<al  for  wealth  crea<on     35   hEp://www.base22.com  

Where  does  Innova<on  rank  on  your  dashboard?   1.  2.  3.  4.  36   hEp://www.base22.com   Top  of  your  mind   One  of  the  top  3  items   One  of  the  top  10   Not  in  top  10  

Innova<on  Ranking  Among  Business  Leaders   37   hEp://www.base22.com  

Enterprise  2.0  Enables  People  to  be  Innova<ve   •  People  form  their  own  solu<on  groups,  based  on  need     •  They  share  informa<on  to  arrive  at  the  solu<on   •  The  best  ideas  compete  and  emerge  naturally     38   hEp://www.base22.com  


The  State  of  the  Business  World   •  What  is  your  view?     40   hEp://www.base22.com  

Our  View  of  the  State  of  the  Business  World   " " " " "           Highly  compe<<ve   Tougher  to  make  a  profit   Demand  for  more  results  with  less  resources     Innova<on  prized   Technology  moves  fast   " " Don’t  want  to  make  the  wrong  investment   Don’t  want  money  <ed  up  in  obsolete  technology     41   hEp://www.base22.com  

E2.0  Address  ALL  of  the  Concerns   "   Highly  compe<<ve   " Collabora<on  involves  all  your  stakeholders  to  create:   " BeEer  products   " BeEer  solu<ons  to  issues   "   Tougher  to  make  a  profit   " " " Improved  staff  moral,  reduced  staff  turnover   Reduced  <me  to  market   Reduced  <me  to  resolve  issues   "   Demand  for  more  results  with  less  resources     " " " Leverage  prior  experiences  stored  in  Corporate  knowledge  base   Improved  training  models   Collabora<ve  solu<ons     42   hEp://www.base22.com  

E2.0  Address  ALL  of  the  Concerns   "   Innova<on  prized   " That  is  what  this  is  about!   "   Technology  moves  fast   " " Don’t  want  to  make  the  wrong  investment   Don’t  want  money  <ed  up  in  obsolete  technology   " Minimal  upfront  investment  in  infrastructure   " Need  to  invest  in  people  –  people  will  stay  in  a  crea<ve,   empowered  work  environment   " Connect  with  trusted  advisors     43   hEp://www.base22.com  


Why  invest  in  E2.0  now?   •  •  •  •  •  •  45   Compe<<ve  advantage   Lower  risk   Economic  Climate   People  are  ready  for  change   Technology  is  ‘there’  and  ever  expanding   Investment  Incen<ves   hEp://www.base22.com  


Technology  by  itself  is  not  enough  to  move  you  to  E2.0   People     Technology   47   hEp://www.base22.com   Process  

Change  Management  is  a  requirement   •  You  and  your  staff  need  to:   •  •  •  Accept  the  new  work  model   Acquire  new,  useful  habits  and  methods  of  working  thru  training   Define  the  new  work  model  and  desired  behaviours   •  Open  /  sharing  /  suppor<ve     •  Failure  is  acceptable   •  You  need  to:   •  •  •  •  48   Get  buy-­‐in  from  your  team   Con<nually  communicate  the  vision   Walk  the  talk   Release  control   hEp://www.base22.com  


Take  away   •  Business  drives  IT  investment   •  How  low  cost,  readily  available  technologies  can   make  posi<ve  gains  for  your  business     50   hEp://www.base22.com  


Contact  Informa<on       "   Robert  Narejko   " " " 416  880-­‐4040   Robert.Narejko@Base22.com   Rob@Base22.com     "   Neil  Howie   " " 905  378-­‐1074   nhowie@microagets.com     5 2  

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