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Published on July 9, 2007

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Enter the 2007 ‘Art in Heaven’ Competition:  Enter the 2007 ‘Art in Heaven’ Competition This presentation invites to you make an art work on one of our five themes. The National Association of Teachers of RE will give some prizes to the winners. See more details on our web art gallery at www.natre.org.uk Slide2:  Like the ultimate puzzle, we are all connected. There are many religions throughout the world but there isn't one that’s against any race, age or colour joining their beliefs. I have shown this by colouring each hand in the picture different colours. There are 6 main religions, Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist, Islam, Sikh and Christian, all connected like a jigsaw. I have also drawn a hand entitled ‘religion’. This symbolises all the remaining religions that exist in our world. I have placed two doves at the top, a sign of peace and harmony; there should be peace between all religions. I am aware that some religions disagree with the views of others but I believe that if they simply set their differences aside, the world would be happier. I have placed a picture of what I believe is heaven in the centre of my piece. All the hands in the picture are touching heaven: everyone in the world has the right, if they so choose, to ascend to heaven. No matter what you did, who you are or what you look like, I believe there will be a place for you in heaven. These are my beliefs. Ceri, boy, age 14 (2003) What is ‘Art in Heaven’?:  What is ‘Art in Heaven’? ‘Art in Heaven is an annual competition for pupils in RE that gives you a chance to be creative and imaginative. It is all about spiritual ideas and your skills There is a wonderful web art gallery. If you enter this year, perhaps your picture will be on the gallery next time. Have a look, and choose some favourites of your own from the gallery. Teachers and pupils are warmly invited to join in with their own ‘Art in Heaven’. The closing date is 31st July 2007. 5 Themes to choose from:  5 Themes to choose from Art in Heaven has five themes for 2007. Your teacher will choose a theme with you for you to enter. Have a look at some work from each theme now. The themes are: A Just World ~ religion and charity My Spiritual Life ~ deep feelings and ideas Telling it my way ~ faith stories Celebrations ~ all about festivals and religions Where is God? ~ your thoughts about the Big One A just world:  A just world A Just World by Ailsa Bell Slide6:  Ellie, who is 11, used her ‘Just World’ collage to ask the question: what difference do religions make to justice? She found examples of charities from many different religions that work to help the victims of emergencies, disasters or injustice. Serving other people seems to be something all religions like to try and do. My Spiritual Life:  My Spiritual Life God is in prayer This is spiritual because the colours stand for all the good things the person is praying for. God loves everyone just as much as everyone else. Olivia and Hannah are 10, and go to school in Nottinghamshire Slide8:  'Based on the six main religions as subjects (Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, Sikhism, Christianity, Hinduism). All religions are the same but different so I moulded all the symbols into 1 in the very middle. Equality but also differences. I decided to make my piece of work a design that you had to look into hard to see things - just like religions. I think I have achieved this look by scattering related pictures around the six sections to create a collage effect. I used a Sun at the side of my design, as a light that everyone is aiming for, our goals in life. I created a border including things to do with religions. For each religions I chose two images: Sikhism: Kirpan and Khanda – among the five Ks and is sacred to Sikhs still today Judaism: Menorah - At special times (Seder Meal), Jews make sure they have one on display. Torah Scroll - a way of teaching and includes special Laws. Christianity Angel - spiritual beings that some people believe are messengers from God. Crown of thorns – worn by Jesus when he was crucified. Hinduism Lotus - A water Lily that Hindus believe are a sign of Purity. Fire - used a lot in Hindu worship of Siva, symbolising controlled destruction Buddhism Yin-Yan - This is the Chinese Buddhists symbol for peace Islam Globe - I used this to show that Islam was a world spread religion. Star and Moon - This was the main sign of Islam, as I mentioned earlier I used this as a sign of individuality. Fiona, girl, age 12 SPIRITUAL LIFE: A logo for RE Slide9:  MY SPIRITUAL LIFE This lovely ‘peace’ picture by Emily Fallon (7) is all about where Emily finds peace: 'My Peaceful place is under a tree in the garden' It’s a beautifully realised collage, very skilfully put together and very much in tune with the themes of peace and inspiration. Many – maybe most – people in the UK today are as likely to find inspiration in nature as in faith. Emily’s achievement is wonderful for a seven year old girl. Slide10:  'The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.' Slide11:  Spirituality: Discover the Power within You I believe that in each and every person, there are 7 key elements, represented by 7 colours. Red: being the boldest, coarsest colour with no subtlety, is for the physical aspect of a person; from the very obvious down to the molecular level of atoms and DNA. Orange: as a colour that is halfway between red and yellow, represents an aspect halfway between the physical and emotional; characteristics such as those which are pleasing to the senses: music, light, touch etc. Yellow: an emotional colour, symbolizes the emotions and feelings that we may experience, often without understanding them. Green: represents the need for balance in life. All aspects are just as valuable and important and all are necessary: just some have not yet been ‘discovered’ by each of us. Blue: a calming, soothing colour of thought and dreaming, takes emotions and reflection to a greater level: one of thought. Indigo: it takes awareness and thought to a higher level, towards the intellectual. Violet: much used throughout history to symbolize spirituality and royalty, and is often used as the symbolic colour for drapes and altar frontals in Churches, especially during Lent; I feel violet represents the spiritual part of a person. These are always present, whether or not they are identified, or their existence revealed, after all, in the words of Marcel Proust: 'The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.' This order is progressive: it is easiest for us to see the physical aspects of ourselves and hardest to discover our spiritual side, but all aspects are always present. Symbols have been chosen to signify each of the seven key aspects. The clouded nature of the prism, which represents our ability to see ourselves and acknowledge who we truly are, reflects the sky which is rarely cloudless and clear. Much like the sky, there are rare occasions when light can fully pass through the prism to be revealed on the other side. This concept symbolizes the occasions when aspects of ourselves suddenly become clear to us. The grey newspaper background represents the surrounding world – irrelevant in our quest for a spiritual life. We should be looking within us, not around us. The overall meaning of my piece is that we can all be religious or have some other part of our lives that makes us feel spiritual but real spirituality comes through the journey of discovering ourselves, finding who we truly are, becoming more aware of ourselves on a deeper, more philosophical level. Marielle is 15. Telling it my wayFaith stories for today:  Telling it my way Faith stories for today Samantha is 13, and here she expresses her ideas about the stories of Moses. Egyptian princess, small boy child, bulrushes and basket and burning bush are all woven together in her beautifully drawn and coloured image. Slide13:  12 year old Sam has used the story of Jacob’s ladder from Genesis as a starting point for his reflection. The ladder between earth and heaven is shown in his picture with rungs of sincerity, faith and love. So the story takes on a fresh meaning in his interpretation, he expresses big ideas in relation to an ancient story – this is how it’s meant to work! The faith story carries a message for today. Slide14:  Chidi, in Year Nine, has created an image of the gift of the holy Qur’an to the Prophet. Using Islamic rules, he created a box of scrunched paper that shows the presence of the holy as little shards of light. These came about by drawing light around a human figure and then cutting out the beams of light and rearranging them, his own idea. He said he was thinking about God when he did it. Chidi, boy, age 14 This piece comes from a selection of work achieved by children with a range of difficulties including autism, speech and communication difficulties, behavioural difficulties, dyslexia, cerebral palsy and Downs' syndrome. Some are among the least able children in their school. Slide15:  Reiss, boy, age 13 I chose this design because the flames represent the energy the Buddha had when he was enlightened. The eye shows that when he became enlightened he saw everything clearly - the whole nature of the universe. Judge’s comment: 'the idea of the flame in the eye, and the eye in the flame has a paradoxical feel to it which connects with some Buddhist teachings about the puzzling nature of enlightenment and discernment. We liked this.' Slide16:  This piece shows my soul. I have drawn my soul using colour and shapes. The different shapes represent different aspects of my personality. The plants singing my youth because they are small and have no flowers because they haven't reached oldness yet and have buds. John is 16 Celebrations!The place of festivals and special times in religion and life:  Celebrations! The place of festivals and special times in religion and life 12 year old Zanna has created a memorable celebratory image of her own baptism. Candle, flame and font are important here -but the wide eyed individual who volunteers for God’s service is more significant than the ritual objects. Slide18:  Victoria and Bethan are both 9. They made this image of a day to remember and celebrate Inspiring Moment After my visit to St Alban’s Abbey I was inspired to make this picture. I remember one cross because Jesus died on it. The dove is for peace. The rose is for St Alban. The rainbow is for God’s promise for no more floods. The fish is a secret sign for Christians. Where is God?Alix, Annabel and Olivia have used Islamic rules to create this image of the Islamic understanding of Allah. They think God, for muslims, was in the words of the revelation of the Holy Qur’an.:  Where is God? Alix, Annabel and Olivia have used Islamic rules to create this image of the Islamic understanding of Allah. They think God, for muslims, was in the words of the revelation of the Holy Qur’an. Slide20:  Where is God?   The reason I chose this title is because God is everywhere; in shells, in animals and in your mind. You might not see God but God is everywhere and constantly looking over all the people and animals in the world, from when you wake up in the morning to when you fall asleep at night. Chloe, age 10 Slide21:  Is God in the footprints? I thought of the story called ‘Footprints in the Sand’. This story is represented in my art work by a man. All the bad things that could go wrong in life have happened to him. The grim reaper stands for death. The lady is his wife, shouting, as they go through a divorce. The boy is his son. He is a heroin addict, slowly killing himself. The starving anorexic girl is the man’s daughter. The broken credit card stands for his gambling debts. God, a figure in shining light, holds on to the man in all his troubles, the colour of hope. 14 year old Florence’s picture shows that spirited art is about doubt as well as faith. Atheists can make spirited art just as well as believers of many kinds. Slide22:  The Lord is with you always This picture shows objects from different areas of my life: God is in all my life. The picture’s a mess: life is not tidy. CDs and my MP3 represent music. When I’m depressed, I listen to music, and this is a place that God is. School tie and books represent work. God is with me in everything. A scrap of paper from my notebook (which I use to help me make decisions) is in the bottom left hand corner. God is with me in the choices I make. Photos of my friends and family, my dad, the people I love. My cuddly toy, that I have with me when I sleep, shows that God looks after me when I’m vulnerable. My open diary shows that God knows everything about me. It also represents prayer: I sometimes use the diary to talk to God, to help straighten out things in my life. In the centre, the cross necklace represents religion. This is God amongst all my clutter. It shines like God shines through my life, a shining light. The Bible verse ‘’The Lord is with you always’ is the point of my picture. And what about you?:  And what about you? You have seen a lot of examples of the brilliant entries to the Art in Heaven competition. Now think over your own idea, beliefs and skills Plan to make a super entry of your own. Write a note about how good it is All the best! www.natre.org.uk/spiritedarts Don’t forget - you can see hundreds of interesting entries and winners on the web gallery

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