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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: Selardis

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WELLCOME TO THE MIRACLE OF ÉNOZONE® May we introduce you the most powerful form of oxygen!  Ozone (O3), or trioxygen, that made of three atoms of oxygen and occurs naturally in nature. It is formed when oxygen and ultraviolet light interact high in the stratosphere.  In nature ozone is created by waterfalls, the ocean’s surf, and during thunder and lightning storms. It is the fresh smell of laundry dried outside, the fresh air at the seashore, or the sweet smell after an electrical storm.

Daily Care Cream

Let Your Skin Is Satisfied With Oxygen  Oxygen plays a vital role in maintaining health in the body. Oxygen and sugar are the primary nutrients that each cell requires to generate energy for all its life functions. These functions include the transport of molecules, synthesis of all chemical compounds and mechanical work such as muscle contraction. Thousands of these reactions are occuring at all times. These reactions are what allow the heart to pump blood, the immune system to fight infection, the gastrointestinal tract to digest food, and the nervous system to process information.

Hair Care Lotion

Hair Care Lotion

What is ozonated oil?  Ozonated Oil is made by infusing highly concentrated ozone gas through pure organic oil. This process takes several weeks of process. The result is an effective strength oil that has the distinctive odor of ozone. The purpose of infusing the ozone (O3) into the oil is to allow ozone to enter the tissue and helps to heal cuts, wounds, burns, ulcers, lesions and infections quicker and more effective. Massage helps ozone penetrates the skin and oxidizes lactic acid and other toxins that may be present, alleviating soreness and pain.

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How ozonated oil is being process?  Ozonated oil is the oil that has gone through an ozonating process in which the ozone (O3) react with molecule in the oil when the ozonating process is taking place. The entire process for fully ozonated oil takes from 30 to 90 days untill the oil converting into a patroleum jelly-like consistency. The final product then will transform into a chemical chain C10H18O3 which is known as ozonated oil.

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OZONE THERAPY  Ozone therapy is one of the most powerful and versatile therapies known today. Extensive medical research on ozone therapy has been done primarily in Europe. Through its mechanism of action, ozone has beneficial effects on every part of the body.

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ABOUT US  More than 20 years, we have worked in the field of pharmaceutical crops, vegetal oils and their effects and efficiency on human body. We have only used pure and virgin kinds of plant from Mediterranean Cost and Aegean Cost.  After 5 years research with our R&I team for enriching oxygen, we are proud to compose high technological production of ozone and pure vegetal oils which are procured by cold press.  Our teams elaborate optimal quality product to produce New Ozonized Cosmetics. Discover SELARDIS® products: a range combining nature and oxygen.  ÉNOZONE® is a new revolutionary skin care product series in the cosmetic sector. ÉNOZONE® is developed in FRANCE and launched on the market in June 2013. This new generation cosmetic series offers not only beauty but also health for your skin.

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CERTIFICATES  We produce all our products according to GMP rules for your health and safety.  Selardis Natural Cosmetics Co., Inc. has ISO 9001:2008.  All our products have microbiological and dermatological tests by Chelab Laboratoires in Italy.

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