Enjoying the Heat of Finnish Sauna with Diy Sauna Kits Powered by Wood

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Information about Enjoying the Heat of Finnish Sauna with Diy Sauna Kits Powered by Wood

Published on July 24, 2014

Author: heaters4saunas

Source: authorstream.com

PowerPoint Presentation: Enjoying the Heat of Finnish Sauna with Diy Sauna Kits Powered by Wood Sauna Stoves Did you know that Sauna is the only Finish word you will find in dictionary? For centuries people in Finland have used home Sauna for maintenance of health and to keep themselves away from disease and sickness. According to Finns, soothing warmth of löyly followed by a brisk plunge in an icy lake is not a luxury but the necessity of life. Anywhere around the world that you find hot rock sauna, it is following Finland home sauna tradition. Though not necessarily followed by a plunge in a ice water. PowerPoint Presentation: World sauna is a gift from Finland and has been known to exist for around 7000 years or more. Nearly every house in Finland has a sauna. Statically, the country with population of only 6 million has over 2 million home saunas. If you happen to visit Finland, you are surely going to find Sauna in all hotels and most of the private homes. It will not be wrong to say every Finn owns a sauna or at least have an access to one. To raise the temperature of the room, water is poured over hot rocks that create dry invisible steam. PowerPoint Presentation: Finns prefer using woods (the traditional way) over electric or gas to heat the rock. Wood Sauna Stoves are used to heat the sauna to desired temperature. Finnish people also prefer enjoying sauna bathing the old traditional way that is bathing in nude or naked. When the water is splashed over hot rocks it create löyly . Löyly is a dry vapor created when hot water is splattered over hot rock and it means spirit of life in Finnish. PowerPoint Presentation: Sauna bath is believed to have the power to drive away disease from the body through sweating and so they use Sauna to induce natural fever in the body. There is an old saying in the Finnish that Sauna is the poor man’s pharmacy. Löyly , which is a dry, is actually invisible, however this dry steam make sauna hotter so people can sweat more. PowerPoint Presentation: Wood Sauna Stoves imparts a distinct aroma that is produced only after burning wood. To enjoy the true essence of sauna, start your session by taking a fresh shower, then step into sauna and pour water over heated rock to heat the sauna with löyly . Sit back and relax, enjoy the radiant heat for next 10 minutes or as long as you are comfortable. Then step out of sauna and take a shower again to cool yourself. You can repeat the process, should you like, after 10 minutes. Sauna in Finland is best enjoyed by dipping yourself into in icy lake or rolling over snow bank after you step out of sauna session, after taking a dip into icy lake you can return back to the sauna. PowerPoint Presentation: http://www.heaters4saunas.com/ Country :- Canada State :- Manitoba City :- Winnipeg Zip :- R2G 0 N5 Email :- dan@cedartubs.com Contact Us

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