Enjoy Traveling To Tibet To Spend Your Holiday Leisurely

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Information about Enjoy Traveling To Tibet To Spend Your Holiday Leisurely

Published on July 17, 2018

Author: Tibettourtravel

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slide 2: Tibet is situated on the southwestern segment of China. It is placed 4000 meters on the top of sea level. Owing to the height of the locality it is famously called as ‘R o o f of the w o rld ’. Travelers from various parts of the world come to this place to enjoy Tibetan culture and sightseeing places. One can easily explore different places in this region. Plenty of visitors take a trip to Tibet from Lhasa to visit the autonomous region in a fabulous way. Tibet is known to be the dwelling for famous palaces temples and many other attractions. If you want to get rid of your daily schedule and want to lead a happy life then you can consider for tibet tour holidays by choosing the best package. The Tibet sightseeing option will surely make you to forget your tensions sorrows and ailments. slide 3: Massive Sightseeing Options Tibet is known as the Roof of the World seems to be highly unfamiliar for the world till the beginning of the 20 th century. The massive snowy land has presented an awe-inspiring draw for the adventure enthusiasts and tourists till today. Its striking and mystifying religious culture and splendid scenery as well as amazing people during the time of Tibetan travel will make you have an ineffaceable lifetime experience. During your Tibet travel you are sure to visit Nakchu Region which offers good impression to the sightseers because of its massive Qiangtang Grassland. This region has huge wildlife inexplicable land on the natural habitats which adds up some liveliness to the region. Besides from that you are also ensured to visit Lhasa region Potala Palace Jokhang Temple and Chamdo Region. slide 4: Exploring Tibetan Culture By booking the Tibet tour holidays you can able to get relief from your hassled life. Usually the people of Tibet are very strong adaptable to the harsh environment in which they survive and hence they are highly hospitable and warm. Every area of Tibetan region has its own style of clothing and the clothes are influenced greatly by the environment and religion. You can arrange for the holiday trip to Tibet with your family or friends to enjoy the lovely culture of the city. Furthermore you can also enjoy mouthwatering Tibetan food which offers you unforgettable pleasure. The Tibetan diet incorporates milk meat as well as high protein food items. If you are budgeted person then you can prefer for the budget Tibet tour by considering the tour packages available as per your need and preference. slide 5: Contact Us Tibet International Travels Tours Head Office: No.52west Dang Re Road 33-1 Lhasa Tibet China Tel : 0891 6826105 Email: tibet2011gmail.com Sales Office: Thamel Kathmandu Nepal Tel: 977-1-4444314 Cell: 977-9851025110Nabin 9851106298Lila Email: tibetexportgmail.com infotibetintl.com Website: www.tibetintl.com www.tibettours.travel

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