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Published on July 16, 2008

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Customer Service and Retail : Customer Service and Retail Diya Belle Chain of Beauty Supplies and Finery Store Managers and Assistant Managers as Customer Service Agents : Store Managers and Assistant Managers as Customer Service Agents Learning Objectives : Learning Objectives To understand the financial impact of service on the company’s "bottom line" To determine how to assess customers' perspective of service To understand the customer's "Social Style" To learn to deal with Difficult Customers To understand the Consultative Sales Process To identify organizational dynamics underlying good or poor service To acquire new ways of creating real commitment to superior service Customer Service in Diya Belle : Customer Service in Diya Belle Merchandise Management Building and Fixture Management Promotion management Price Management Credit Management Time Management Enhanced Customer Service : Enhanced Customer Service Enhanced Customer Service is the type of service that meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations. Relationship Retailing comprises all the activities designed to attract, retain and enhance long-term relationships with customers. Enhanced Customer Service : Enhanced Customer Service Enhanced performance retailers can develop relationships with their customers by offering two benefits: Financial benefits that increase the customer’s satisfaction. Social benefits that increase the retailer’s social experience with the customers. Enhanced Customer Service : Enhanced Customer Service Merchandise Management: Keep in stock the merchandise a customer wants. Promotion Management: Provide customers with information that can make purchase decisions. Enhanced Customer Service : Enhanced Customer Service Building and Fixture Management: Heating and cooling in accordance with season, availability of parking spaces, ease of finding merchandise, layout and arrangement of fixtures, restrooms, location of checkout counters and complaint and return desks, lighting and length and width of aisles. Enhanced Customer Service : Enhanced Customer Service Price Management: Clearly marked and visible; fair, honest and straight forward, true price of credit. Credit management: Both in-house and bank card integrated into customer service program. Enhanced Customer Service : Enhanced Customer Service Three stages of Services Pre-transaction Services Transaction Services Post-transaction Services Enhanced Customer Service : Enhanced Customer Service Pre-transaction services are services provided prior to customer’s entering the store. Convenient hours Information Aids (Flyers, TV advertisements, Ads in local Magazines) Enhanced Customer Service : Enhanced Customer Service Transaction Services are provided to customers when they are in the store shopping and transacting business. Credit and Checkout Gift wrapping and packaging Personal Shopping Merchandise availability Personal selling Sales Transaction Enhanced Customer Service : Enhanced Customer Service Post transaction services are provided after customers have purchased merchandise or services. Complaint handling Merchandise returns Servicing and repair Delivery Enhanced Customer Service : Enhanced Customer Service Enhanced Customer Service : Enhanced Customer Service Retailer will: Promote the product Make the product very visible Be knowledgeable about its use Provide necessary service Retailer will Offer high quality for low prices Hire knowledgeable sales force Provide prompt service Provide service after sales Offer easy return policy Vendor’s Expectations Customer’s Expectations How the retailer’s sales force meets the expectations of both, vendor and customers Evaluation of sales people : Evaluation of sales people Performance standards Conversion rate: percentage of shoppers that enter the store that are converted to customers. Sales per hour Use of time Data requirement The retail sales process : The retail sales process Prospecting is the process of locating or identifying potential customers that have the ability and willingness to purchase our products. Approach Suggestion selling Closing the sale is the action a sales person takes to bring a potential sale to its natural course. Characteristics of a Retail Manager : Characteristics of a Retail Manager Believe in yourself. Have the self confidence to keep going even if everything goes wrong. Customers believe in you if you believe in yourself. Remember, even on a poor shooting night, Michael Jordan wanted the ball in the final seconds with the game on the line. Characteristics of a Retail Manager : Characteristics of a Retail Manager Be willing to work hard. Retail selling is a job demanding hard work. Don’t waste time. Learn about new merchandise, go over sales records, call your “key” customers on the phone to inform them about the new promotions. The harder you work, the luckier you get. Characteristics of a Retail Manager : Characteristics of a Retail Manager Be flexible. The ability to adjust to the needs of the situation calls for flexibility. If one approach or presentation doesn’t work, try another. Be decisive. No two selling situations are the same. The ability to make rapid decisions and to render judgments and take action until the sale is completed asks for decisiveness. Characteristics of a Retail Manager : Characteristics of a Retail Manager Handle stress. A retail manager must be able to perform consistently under pressure and to thrive on constant change and challenge. Have respect for the customer. Don’t try to trick a customer. You might win a deal but lose the customer. The Enhancement Audits : The Enhancement Audits Customer Service and Sales Enhancement Audits (CSSE) provides management with a detailed analysis of current sales activity by location and selling area. Identify service, salesmanship, and sales enhancement methods to produce more sales. Target methods by store and selling area to produce more significant improvements. Determine added sales by improving service level, salesmanship and sales enhancement programs. Most of all, : Most of all, Do well. You are the strong pillar the company stands proud on. The management of Diya Belle thanks you for your strong support.

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