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Published on October 12, 2016

Author: Anderspink

Source: slideshare.net

1. Enhance your Learning Platform Filter millions of articles. Deliver new and engaging content to your learners every day.

2. Learning platforms need to support continuous learning, micro- learning and collaborative learning. This means: • Fresh and interesting content, not just courses (ideally updated every day or every few hours) • Curated relevant content including short articles • Opportunity to discuss and share content Is your Learning Platform keeping people smart and engaged?

3. Most new developments, ideas, research, product launches, case studies, etc., take place outside the organisation. Learners need access to this industry news and external content to stay updated as part of the continuous learning process. The Role of External Content

4. How do your learners currently access external content?

5. How do your learners currently access external content? Takes time and effort Good stuff gets missed Most people won’t do it Most won’t share what they find

6. So maybe L&D should find and curate it?

7. Maybe L&D can review all the new external content from hundreds or thousands of sites, filter it, curate it and make it available. For every topic. Every few hours. Because you are not that busy…. And there were only 3 million articles published yesterday.

8. How Does Anders Pink help? We crawl millions of articles daily to deliver fresh, engaging and relevant external content to your learning platform every few hours. Use our sophisticated filters to support continuous learning, content curation and collaborative learning. Create a more richer, more engaging experience for your learners.

9. Anders Pink will crawl the whole of the web and filter the content you need. You set up sophisticated filters eg - Sites you want to track - Relevant keywords - RSS feeds - What influencers are sharing - Use a combination of filters Whitelist domains so only content from specific sites is shown or block domains or keywords you don’t want. Let us filter for you.

10. We deliver this filtered content to your learning platform via an API or widget. For example: Managers might see latest articles and tips on leadership from top blogs on an academy site. Sales staff might see competitor and client news on a sales portal. And let’s put content where learners need it and will find it.

11. Example Content displayed on a Moodle LMS One Column Large images Two Column Large images One Column Small images

12. A curator can review the AP filtered content and curate quality articles, deleting or adding to them. Saves them time as they get filtered content delivered to them, no searching or visiting multiple sites. Make Curators More Efficient. curator

13. 3 ways to access briefings 1. As an individual, your personal intelligence briefing 2. As a team: collaborative learning, desktop or app 3. In your platforms, e.g. LMS, CMS, newsletters

14. 1. Make or choose briefings In Anders Pink app 2 Use widget / API in your platform to pull in briefings 3. Display in your LMS or Platform In your platform:

15. 1. Moodle Plugin example

16. Daily digest email Latest from your briefings and team activity Use for internal newsletters Optional: Email/newsletters

17. Learners get latest content from briefings Teams stay smart by upvoting, commenting, flagging and saving content Notifications on most valuable content Login with unique ID Optional: Stay smart with native app

18. Chrome Browser Extension Clip and save any URL into briefings Coming soon Multi platform integration widgets Embed briefings in various platforms (or just use API)

19. • Enhance your platform Provides new, rich and engaging content to support continuous learning. • Fresh content in the right place Content is delivered alongside other learning content on your platform. No SSO/logins required. • Keep teams smart with continuous learning Content refreshed every few hours. Team stays smart in less time as no longer searching and visiting multiple sites. • Reduce curation effort Easier for L&D and curators to highlight relevant content. • Drive micro-learning Provide micro-learning opportunities through short articles. • Drive social learning Trigger collaboration– discussions around relevant content.

20. Thank You Steve Rayson steve@anderspink.com @steverayson

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